Tina Turner to be a wigless and also weaveless Anna Mae Bullock when she was born November 26, 1939. Yet when she thrived up, hooked up with Ike and also hit the road as Tina Turner, sightings of her actual hair was history. A couple of years back I wrote about Tina’s relationship with her hair that appears in mine book, “Nappyisms: Affirmations for Nappy-Headed People and Wannabes.” I’d prefer to re-superstructure those musings with you:

I have always admired Tina Turner.

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I excellent Tina for her uninhibited stage presence and for having the sexiest set of foot on the planet.

I admire she for lastly finding the ship to leave Ike.

But what i have discovered most intriguing about Tina to be the special bond she had actually with her wigs.No matter what wild gyrations my favourite rock diva executed during her high-octane performances, her wigs constantly held tight.


Tina was among those sisters who wasn’t around to allow anyone view what was really going on through her roots. I regularly wondered even if it is she supplied some kind of one-of-a-kind adhesive to keep her favored hair in place.

During television interviews, she was constantly fond of flipping and also tossing she false tresses. Ns was a teenager as soon as I watched those interviews and also worried that she would accidentally hit a snag and also expose what she didn’t desire anyone come see.

Back in those days, among the many mortifying things that can happen to black color women who wore a wig was to have it autumn off by chance or be snatched off throughout a fight. Ago then, we wore wigs not only to make a fashion statement but to cover increase our naps. We were crazy like that.

I am persuaded that fear of “wig shift” and nap exposure is what kept the Supremes, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Aretha Franklin and other soul divas that those days indigenous moving around too much when castle performed.

But Tina never worried about wig shift. She wig had such a grip that it even endured the Proud mar test.

For those too young to remember, “Proud Mary” is the rock-and-roll track that Tina started by to sing the words, “nice and easy.” toward the end of the song, she would certainly lead her backup singers in a wild, rough and also frenzied dance. However through every one of Tina’s wailing, flailing and also strutting almost everywhere the stage, she hair continued to be firmly anchored.

A reporter for the Swiss News interviewed Tina, who resides in Europe, about her hair. According to the article, Tina defined her wigs together being a part of her. She said that she purchases she hair native Spain and has the cut, colored and also shaped to she specifications.

Tina is for this reason attached to she wigs the she also wears them once she is puttering approximately her residences in Zurich, Switzerland and also the south of France.

But Tina doesn’t put her hair through the grueling workout that she provided to once she to be on the road.

She is currently in her 60s, and after doing numerous concert tours and also selling an ext than 180 million records, she is acquisition it “nice and also easy.”

To note her retirement, Tina make some transforms in she lifestyle. Instead of “rolling ~ above the river,” she spends much more time relaxing through the Riviera. She has provided up the flashy attire that suited her rock queen phase persona and also replaced it with a wardrobe the is an ext low-keyed and also comfortable.

But Tina there is no let retirement walk to she head. She still there is no let walk of her wigs.

That is certainly her choice.

But even though the former Anna Mae Bullock of Nutbush, Tenn. Would rather flaunt her mane indigenous Spain, the Swiss News revealed other that suggests that she has actually not strayed too far away from her roots.

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According to the article, the actual hair under Tina’s wig is styled into a bunch of small baby locks!

That’s right. Tina is a closet dread head!

Maybe we deserve to convince her to come the end of retirement long sufficient to perform Proud mary one an ext time and also rock her natural locks.

That may never happen. However we have the right to only hope that at some point she"ll allow the poor babies come the end long sufficient to gain some air!