Riddle school 5

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Riddle institution 5 is the fifth and also final (?) installment in the Riddle college series.

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JonBro, the author, said that “this is the longest, craziest, and also best game of the whole series”.

It is additionally the biggest video game of the series: the document size is 14MB, so go grab a coffee when the game loads!

Also remember that after girlfriend beat the game and also see her time, you deserve to view the game’s special Features.

Have fun!

Riddle institution 5 walkthrough(thanks LKBrianz and kudoz come Trisana!)Riddle college 5 video walkhtrough!

By Eric

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mmr says:
April 3, 2010 at 7:28 am

i tot phil passed away in riddle college 4?

Nowe says:
April 4, 2010 at 12:48 am

Well therefore did everyone else.

hello(: says:
June 21, 2010 in ~ 1:01 pm


Well, no, Phil passed away in his dream, which was Riddle institution 4. That looked like it was real, but he was only dreaming. And also the other youngsters died after that in their lives, but Riddle college 5 occured when they to be still young.

LKBrianz says:
April 3, 2010 at 8:31 am

Stuck on the 9 brick panel.

Vivi68 says:
April 3, 2010 in ~ 8:38 am

try come reproduce the number from the 4 little square in ~ the bottom of the device when you are zooming on it

baily says:
July 21, 2010 in ~ 4:33 pm

it’s easy,just keep concentrating and have patience and also you will obtain it. Take advice from me, i’ve won it

Apanathi says:
April 3, 2010 in ~ 8:50 am


I now obtained it… yet stuck again, cause I don’t recognize what to execute next.Got:Show

Coin, Box with dirt in it, tree in pot, crucial card

…I currently discovered the Show

there is a door at the back of the gigantic fish thingy

but don’t know how to get there :/help?!

danay says:
May 30, 2010 at 7:35 pm

go to smileys room and also click top top the wall far from she its a an enig door ok gained meat alive now exactly how do u do it odor good??

LKBrianz says:
April 3, 2010 at 8:53 am

Walkthrough by TrisanaShow

1) inspect under the bed – grab COIN. Usage COIN to unscrew grate over air shaft. Take three SCREWS.

2) Go through the wait shaft. Click on the panel through 9 tiles to begin a brick puzzle. You have actually to gain the four numbers. (see my post at 07:20 because that solution) This activates a invisibility cloak generator (try it).

3) Go through the green door. Walk in the an initial door you see (but keep in mind the subject number first). There is a hidden door on the appropriate wall. Go with it, take the MEAT, and also leave.

4) go left, then enter the Flower Room. Seize the TRAY and fill the TRAY through SOIL. Placed the MEAT in the TRAY. Choose up POTTED DIRTFLOWER. Then leave.

5) walk left as soon as more. Keep in mind the subject number, then enter the room. Pick up i would CARD, then leave the room. Go back to the key room (with the tile puzzle).

6) walk right. View the guard BEAST. We’ll gain him the end of the means in a minute. Because that now, go with the reduced door, check out the escape pods, go back out, then enter the upper door. Ignore the “ACID ROOM,” and go two displays right. Keep in mind the subject number, then enter. Examine under the bed because that a fourth SCREW. Review the note on the wall. Leave the room.

7) walk left one time. Get in the LIFE transport ROOM. Click on the strength PANEL, and also insert your four SCREWS. The strength will rotate on. Put the POTTED DIRTFLOWER on the left side and also the MEAT in the TRAY on the appropriate side. Click the big arrow. Take the uh, lover LIVE STEAK IN TRAY. Leave the room, and return to the tile puzzle/invisibility cloak.

8) usage the ID map on the CARD an essential SCANNER. Go in the room, ar the LIVE STEAK through the waiting SHAFT, then leave the room and also use the invisibility cloak. When the safety BEAST start the room, usage the ID map to lock him in.

9) Go right twice. See that you should kill her friends in their dreams, then click the NUMBER PAD. Go into the topic numbers, (One at a time, yet order doesn’t matter) (I’ll use 7272 first).

PHRED’S DREAM (7272): Go through the dialogue, feel a tiny guilty because that lying to her friend for this reason you have the right to kill him, then click on the damaged TILE.

SMILEY’S DREAM (1831): grab the RULER. Click the world twice, take it CHEWING GUM. Put GUM on RULER. Usage the leader on the AIRVENT, obtain RUBBER BAND. Shoot the RUBBER tape at Mr. Soggy, knocking off his glasses. Click Smiley, then click on her again to press her top top the GLOBE. Sorry, Smiley!

ZACK’S DREAM (6553): collection 4 quarters (on music stand, in front of xylophone, on drum set, next to Phred). Offer QUARTERS to Phred for WHISTLE. Click on WHISTLE come play it. Zack will freeze – push him over.

10) Go earlier to your friends’ rooms, talk to them, send them to the escape pods. Then use the last one yourself.

What, friend didn’t think it was over, walk you? Yeah, ns did too. Guess we were wrong. Time for much more puzzles. ~ this really lengthy dialogue. (wake me once it’s over. Zzzzzzzzzzz) Oh, he’s done? where was i . . . Oh, yeah, action 11.

11) an additional tile puzzle. REALLY? Ugh. Well, it’s resolved in my write-up at 07:53. Great luck.

12) after the tile puzzle, go to the password DESK. It’s an easy code, each digit matches the one directly over it. (the lights revolve on). Take the KEY.

13) use the anti-gravity statue ~ above the left. Inspect the glow dots – input that pattern right into the irradiate SCREEN, only turn the 180 degrees. (so ,if numbered left to right, top to bottom, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11 have to be lit). Ago out the the display screen – a mug will shoot out.

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14) walk come the red BUTTON, push it. Seize TOOTH-ULTRA-PASTE, then usage it on damaged MUG. Solve the “jigsaw puzzle” to obtain MUG.

15) click on VANITY AREA. Use COIN ~ above SCREWS to obtain FAUCET. Combine MUG and FAUCET, use in LAVA. Then click on the right anti-grav statue, use hot LAVA JAVA on tough WOODEN BOARD. Put key in OPEN accessibility panel, then back out of the screen. Press BUTTON, then grab ship WHEE