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As winter drags on, you can be tempted to continue to be indoors and have a few beers to save the chill out. The course, we’re no the only pets searching because that warmth and protection from the harsher weather, but we’re also not the only pets to appreciate a little bit of beer. In fact, you can use cheap or leftover beer come trap numerous different bugs and pests.


Cockroaches are amongst the most disturbing of family members pests, however you can stop them v some points you probably have approximately the residence already.

Take a jam jar v a rounded within lip. Coat the within lip v Vaseline, then placed a slice of beer-soaked bread at the bottom. The cockroaches will be attractive by the odor of beer, however the Vaseline-coated lip will certainly make it difficult for them to escape. You deserve to then dispose the them but you see fit.

Another an approach to catch cockroaches entails less glass in between you and the bugs. If you leave a rag that is soaking in beer out overnight, roaches will certainly again be attractive to the beer and also will most likely throw the roach equivalent of a rave. However in the morning, they will still be drunk and also won’t have the ability to scurry away as soon as you come in to remove them.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies can likewise easily be trapped with a little of beer. They are attracted to rotting and also fermented food, essentially what alcoholic beverages are. Therefore although this is an article around using beer to eliminate pests, you can use just around any alcoholic beverage to trap fruit flies.

In this method, simply place a paper of file with a tiny hole in it over the height of one open have the right to or bottle of beer. The fruit flies will fly in to feed on the beer, however will be can not to figure out exactly how to gain out of the opening. Climate you deserve to just eliminate the have the right to of beer and also the flies all at one time.


Mice love a little of beer, and also you can create a humane catch by pouring some beer right into the bottom the a bucket. Location a piece of wood or something similar to act together a ramp, so the mice deserve to climb up the ramp to get at the beer. Once they leap in to acquire the beer, they won’t have the ability to climb ago out.

You deserve to then take it the bucket (carefully, since you don’t desire to traumatize them or ache them) and release the mice outside.

Slugs and Earwigs

Once springtime comes around, you have the right to still use beer to repel bugs and also other creepy crawlies in her yard.

Slugs, and also to a lesser extent earwigs, can reason a lot of of damages to plants and also your lawn. Having actually a couple isn’t a problem, however if there room too plenty of (or if you just hate the slime slugs leave everywhere), you can treat the trouble without having actually to worry about putting the end dangerous chemicals.

There are plenty of ways of trapping slugs and also earwigs, however the principle is the same. Placed a shallow dish through stale beer close come the floor (either dig a hole to put a can or jar lid in, or just pop it on the ground), for this reason the slugs and also earwigs deserve to crawl in. They will certainly then drown in the beer, and also you can throw the entirety thing out.

Make Your own Insect Repellent

You can likewise make your own insect repellent for your yard utilizing beer, and a few other family members products: Epsom salt, mouthwash (the sort that doesn’t death germs), and also dry yeast.

Open a can of beer, and let it walk flat. Mix together one cup of every of the following:The level beerEpsom saltMouthwash pour the contents into a large spray bottle, then add half a package of dry yeast. Put on the lid that the spray bottle and shake intensely to dissolve the yeast and also the rest of the salt. Spray the on her grass and also around tree to save insects from crossing any type of perimeters. Repeat this every 20-30 job from feather to fall.

The an excellent thing about this insect repellent is that it is likewise a fertilizer: The magnesium in the salt and also carbohydrates in the beer feed your plants, while the alcohol in the mouthwash repels insects.

You should take care not come spray this on flowering plants, however, together it could kill them!

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Disclaimer: This site contains affiliate links from which we receive a compensation (like Amazon because that example). But they carry out not impact the opinions and also recommendations that the authors.

Wise Bread is an independent, award-winning consumer publication developed in 2006. Ours finance columns have been reprinted ~ above MSN, Yahoo Finance, us News, business Insider, Money Magazine, and also Time Magazine.

Like plenty of news outlets our publication is supported by advertisement revenue from providers whose products show up on ours site. This revenue may affect the location and also order in which commodities appear. Yet revenue considerations do not affect the objectivity of our content. While ours team has devoted thousands of hours to research, us aren"t able come cover every product in the marketplace.

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For example, way Bread has actually partnerships with brands including, but not restricted to, American Express, financial institution of America, funding One, Chase, Citi, Discover, and also Amazon.