Ever because the video game was released, the number one score in Pokémon has constantly been to complete the Pokédex. By trading through your friends, this ultimate score could come to be a reality with a fair amount of effort put in, and also in RBY, only Mew was remaining as the sole unobtainable Pokémon. And also since the didn"t count in the direction of the Pokédex completion, as lengthy as we obtained our Diploma, that cared?

But what if you don"t have a friend who owns a copy the the different game? What if girlfriend don"t have friends in ~ all? exactly how are we claimed to lug ourselves to with the ultimate score of "catching "em all" if we recognize from the begin it"s absolutely meaningless to try? You might spend an ext money top top the alternating copy that the video game (buy Blue if you already had Red, and also vise versa), however that feeling a little pay come win, doesn"t it? (Maybe not, ns don"t really care.)

For all those negative people out there, choose me, that won"t be spending $80+ on one more Gameboy + Pokémon video game if you"re ~ above cartridge, or don"t desire to salary for one more copy the the game on the virtual Console + a subscription come Pokémon Bank, ns have good news because that you. There"s a way to catch every one of the unobtainable Pokémon in your game, without having to trade. The only method to execute this is through a glitch: The Ditto Glitch. I"ll be mirroring you in this blog exactly how to to fill up the staying holes in your Pokédex because that Pokémon Red, Blue and also Yellow, and also bring you in the direction of the final goal the "catching "em all".

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(If you"re play Pokémon Yellow favor I did, "catching "em all" is even more an overwhelming to execute legitimately since you"ll need to trade through BOTH Red and also Blue in order to finish the Pokédex. Also, because this needs a glitch to pull off, it"s a bit of a touchy topic to say whether or no you truly did complete the Pokédex. In mine opinion, this is in reality harder to pull off 보다 going through a various game to catch and also trade end a certain Pokémon, so I, personally, would count it. Ns don"t know, though, it"s all pretty subjective.)


Every man and also his dog have actually heard around the Mew Glitch in Gen I. One method or another, the glitch appears to popular music up a few times ~ above this Amino nearly every day because of just how handy that is to know. I mean, you can gain a Lv 100 god-damn Mew prior to the second gym. Who wouldn"t want one?

If you actually haven"t heard around the Mew Glitch, I"m surprised, but I"ll be going over it below anyway so you won"t miss out on out top top anything. Because that those of you who do know about the Mew Glitch, this overview is still precious a read, since I"ll be going over just how to change and manipulate it to offer you any type of Pokémon in the game.

There is only 1 problem you"ll require to have met in order because that you to be able to even think around using this glitch, and also that is to have left a "Long-Range Trainer" unbattled. This is a trainer who initiates a fight with you and shows the "!" the 2nd they show up on screen. One together example, and also the one I"ll be utilizing in this guide, is the trainer come the left of Nugget Bridge, located one step below the bottom of this picture:


There"s a fair few of them in the game, therefore if you have actually beaten this guy, but haven"t beaten everyone in the game, have a hover around and see if friend can find one hanging roughly somewhere. If not, over there is another means of law things, but it"s a bit an ext tedious.

You"ll likewise need a technique of immediately leaving the area through the Long-Range Trainer, such as a Pokémon that knows Fly/Teleport, or an escape Rope/Dig if it"s in a dungeon like Viridian forest or a cave or something.

The Glitch

So, to absent this whole thing off, walk to the course with a Long-Range Trainer, and also stand precisely one an are outside their variety in the direction they"re facing, so that they"re only simply out of view. Take it a step towards them, and pause the game. If you controlled to stop in the split second between when you protect against walking and also when the person"s "!" normally pops up, the menu will open, even though you should have actually just been tested to a battle.


If you have absolutely no Long-Range Trainers left in her game, however have a couple of unbattled regular trainers lying about in high grass, girlfriend can likewise initiate this glitch through encountering a wild Pokémon immediately in prior of the unbattled trainer"s heat of sight, and also pausing in ~ the same time. This is really daunting to do, and also requires a same amount the luck and also restarting, so it isn"t recommended.

Anyway, when the menu is open, leaving the area making use of Fly or Teleport, which"ll reason the Long-Range Trainer to present their "!" before you flee. Then, you must battle any kind of trainer that isn"t in that exact same area that you were just in. This trainer can be anywhere in the game, as long as you are standing at the very least one room away native them once they notification you. This is due to the fact that the video game thinks that the Long-Range Trainer from previously is still difficult you to a battle, so girlfriend can"t open up the food selection anymore or interact with anything making use of the A Button, due to the fact that being able to perform that when a trainer is walking in the direction of you isn"t allowed. By having actually a trainer walk towards you and also then start talking, this speak the game that you"re no much longer being "challenged" and that it need to go ago to common mode, allowing the usage of the Start and A Buttons again.

From here, fly to Cinnabar Island and head to the Pokémon Mansion"s bottom floor in Pokémon Yellow, or head end to course 13, 14, 15 or 23 in Red/Blue. Indigenous there, you have to encounter a wild Ditto and also have it transform right into one of your Pokémon.


When the Ditto transforms, it"ll copy every little thing other 보다 it"s name from the Pokémon you right now have out, consisting of (the most necessary part) your Pokémon"s special stat.

Basically, the instant you return to the route/dungeon that the Long-Range Trainer to be on, the menu will automatically open. As soon as you close it, a Pokémon fight with start. Now, depending on what the unique stat to be of the Pokémon you last battled prior to returning to this route/dungeon, including the Pokémon native the trainer girlfriend just battled to gain the video game to go back to common mode, the Pokémon that appears in the path you return to will it is in different. For instance, if you many recently battled against a Pokémon with a distinct stat the 21, the game will have actually you conference a Mew once you re-enter the Long-Range Trainer route, due to the fact that Mew to be the 21st Pokémon integrated into the game. This Mew is fully functional, catchable, and will show up at Lv 7.


A quite extra cheat you deserve to do here is to lower the assault stat of the many recent Pokémon you battled to it"s lowest level. Once you usage Growl, the Pokémon"s assault stage is lowered from 7 come 6, v 7 gift the typical state for any Pokémon at the start of the battle. If it"s assault stage is lowered to 1, the lowest stage, the level that the Pokémon girlfriend encounter through this glitch will additionally be 1.

In situation you hadn"t noticed, before Gen IV, there were no Pokémon you can get at Lv 1. This is because of a serious glitch with exactly how the video game works out XP in the Medium-Slow levelling group, bring about Pokémon at Lv 1 to in reality have an unfavorable XP. The game is composed in a password which doesn"t assistance negatives, therefore if you were to have actually a Lv 1 Pokémon in the Medium-Slow levelling group acquire less than 54 XP, the game will interprete the negative XP together being an incredibly high number, and also will "roll back" the Pokémon"s level to 100 when updating the Pokémon"s level follow to just how much XP the has. Basically, this means your Pokémon have the right to instantly with Lv 100 if it"s in the Medium-Slow levelling group.

Here"s a perform of Pokémon that deserve to be insta-levelled like this:















Version Exclusives

Each game in the collection has it"s own Pokémon you can"t acquire without trading. Not only does this encompass Pokémon unobtainable in the video game in general, but additionally as Pokémon you have actually to select from, favor the Eeveelutions, whereby you can only gain one per game. This means, in bespeak to have every single Pokémon in the game without trading, you"ll need to do this glitch many, many times to gain each remaining Pokémon one by one. Each time you perform the glitch, have actually the Ditto transform right into a Pokémon through a various Special stat before returning come the Long-Range Trainer route, and a various Pokémon will certainly appear. Because that example, if the Ditto I battle in the wild shortly before returning come the Long-Range Trainer course turned right into my Pidgey v a one-of-a-kind stat the 9, the Pokémon I would encounter ~ above returning would certainly be Ivysaur, due to the fact that Ivysaur has an identifier of 9 (being the 9th Pokémon incorporated into the game).

Here is a list of every Pokémon that you can only select one of the end of a group in the game, and the special stat required to get them making use of the Ditto Glitch:

Bulbasaur - 153

Charmander - 176

Squirtle - 177

Hitmonlee - 43

Hitmonchan - 44

Vaporeon - 105

Jolteon - 104

Flareon - 103

Omanyte - 98

Kabuto - 90

Obviously, if you"re playing Pokémon Yellow, you don"t have to worry around the starters, because you finish up gaining them all legitimately anyway. Together a bonus reminder for getting to the greater Special stats, utilizing some Calcium helps out quite a lot come reach specific numbers. Conserving constantly is constantly a great idea, simply in instance you end up going end the amount needed.

There are likewise the four Pokémon you deserve to only get with trade development that you"ll have to take treatment of together well:

Alakazam - 149

Gengar - 14

Golem - 49

Machamp - 126

As well together all those Pokémon above, over there are likewise the variation exclusives, which are just normally unavailable in each specific game no matter how countless different choices you make. Here"s a perform of the extra Pokémon you"ll must glitch in because that each game and their corresponding Special stats.

Pokémon Red:

Sandshrew - 96

Vulpix - 82

Meowth - 77

Bellsprout - 188

Magmar - 51

Pinsir - 29

Pokémon Blue:

Ekans - 108

Oddish - 185

Mankey - 57

Growlite - 33

Scyther - 26

Electabuzz - 53

Pokémon Yellow:

Weedle - 112

Ekans - 108

Raichu - 85

Meowth - 77

Koffing - 55

Jynx - 72

Electabuzz - 53

Magmar - 51


With this guide, ns hope this helps anyone out who desires to try and complete the Pokédex in their video game of Red, Blue or Yellow, either on the 3DS or not. Looking in ~ the quantity of time you need to pull this glitch off in order to complete the Pokédex, the does seem a bit intimidating. But if friend can discover the time and effort come stick through with it, simply like any type of other Pokédex completion, you"ll be rewarded.

...with a piece of paper.

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Yeah, the prize kinda sucks, however it"s the expertise that you"ve important beaten the video game (somewhat illegitimately relying on who you ask) is what makes it worth it.

(This is just a fast repost through some minor transforms btw. Simply making that a part of a small collection of posts)