Powerful Shadows are a special kind of enemy found in Persona 5 Strikers’ Jails and once you loss one, you gain the capability to fuse that in the Velvet Room and also once friend defeat every one of them, you obtain the capability to challenge the game’s very first super boss: The Reaper. Even the weakest of these powerful Shadows unlocks a fairly an effective Persona combination so they’re relatively worth the problem of seeking lock out. This overview is walk to assist you find, defeat, and also fuse King Frost.

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How come Find, Beat, and Fuse King Frost

Finding King Frost

You can discover King Frost in the Southwest-most edge of the Arboretum ar in the Sapporo Jail. King Frost will certainly be a bigger Shadow v a bazooka and, like all powerful Shadows, will certainly be glowing with a blue lightning aura. It will not relocate in a patrol path so you’re cost-free to method it exactly how you want and when you want. You’ll also want come be specific you have actually the inquiry “Make the way for the Frozen King” checked off prior to you go to take it King Frost on.

Beating King Frost

King Frost, as you could expect, resists ice cream attacks and also is weak versus Fire assaults but the one point you can want come watch out for is the truth that it’s also solid against Bless assaults so store that in mind as soon as you’re assaulting it. It’s likewise able to buff its own defense as well as debuff the defense of an AOE as well so you might want to safeguard yourself versus that or be ready to respond to both of those abilities. For this battle, you’re going to need to have actually Joker be, together usual, the many flexible member of her party as you’ll want to protect yourself versus Ice attacks while being able to chip away at King’s guard easily enough to obtain off as plenty of All-Out assaults as possible.

As because that the rest of her party, you’re more than likely going to want to have actually Morgana, Panther, and also Queen in her party: Panther for she Fire attacks and the remainder for their capability to cure well and not fall easily to ice cream attacks. Together always, you’ll want to make certain you’re stocked up with the recent equipment and plenty the items for the hit specifically. This will be a battle of attrition, favor most an effective Shadow battles, so save pegging away and know the this fight isn’t going to it is in a landslide.

Fusing King Frost

Once you beat King Frost in battle, you obtain a vital item referred to as the huge Snow Crystal. Having this article unlocks your capacity to fuse King Frost in the Velvet Room. In order to fuse King Frost, Joker will should be level 63 and have accessibility to Jack-o’-Lantern and Jack Frost, both at the very least level 40. Gaining a King Frost is quite great, especially when you’re up versus an enemy with a weakness against Ice, therefore be certain to take benefit of this blend when you gain the chance.

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