Before you take it a look at this cheats be sure to examine out our Dragonvale breeding tips and also how to acquire your hand on 2 most famous dragons: Dragonvale rainbow dragon and also Dragonvale reindeer dragon.

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How come get totally free gems.Cheats

Sign the end of game center before entering Dragon Vale. Click cancel when prompted and connect come game facility to begin a new game. Climate go ago to game center, authorize in, and also click on your level once you go ago to the game. You need to be provided with a couple of more diamonds and also coins.

If you don"t attach your Twitter account, the game will asking if you want to share the game on the service. Fight cancel yet look because that a inspect mark alongside the Twitter button. You need to still gain one complimentary gem regardless of not connecting a Twitter account.

Log into a brand-new Game center ID when your very first account has actually reached level 20. Obtain to level 10 ~ above your new account and then insert the friend password of your initial account. Currently you have the right to send gems to the original account.

If friend tap purchase on three separate tools in quick sequence when girlfriend buy a reproduction cave on a brand-new Game center account, friend can gain three at when right beside each other.

When you begin a dragon race, look at the one closest to the crowd. Now quick the race and choose that particular dragon or one with comparable elements. Now your dragon will certainly win the race.


Here they are below. The dragons:

Fire+Air - wait dragon

Fire+Life - Flower Dragon

Cold+Life - Lichen Dragon

Lichen+Cold - might be Bloom Dragon

Storm+Plant - might be Bloom (Very slight chance of Moon or Sun, so i heard)

Fire+Air - Blazing Dragon

Flower+Cold - could be Bluefire

Metal+fire - Brass Dragon (Availible Level 17)

Plant+Lightning - Cactus Dragon

Metal+Air - Chrome Dragon

Lightning+Earth - decision Dragon

Plant+Earth - Tree Dragon

Earth+Lightning - Quake Dragon

Dragon Racing

At the start of a race, wait because that the countdown number (3, 2, 1) come vanish. The instant the critical number disappears, insanity the accelerator because that a nice an increase that allows you start the race ahead the the other dragons.

New update bloom dragon

It is plant cold and also lightning type; breed this with a panlong dragon to raise your opportunities of getting a rainbow or leap year dragon.

plant and also storm - can come out through bloom dragon

lichen and also lightning - might come out v bloom dragon

Getting gems with your dragons and eggs

Babysitting her dragons is a way to earn you part cash the you deserve to in revolve use to purchase germs. Girlfriend can also place your dragons on revenue so as to earn jewel from them particularly when they space from the rarer each other such together the rainbow dragon.

The methods that girlfriend can gain Gems

You may not earn much from do friends and also visiting your parks yet what you will certainly earn will certainly be worth much an ext than nothing. Once every job there will be little party hats on her friend’s island as soon as you visit your park and also by poignant the party hats, girlfriend will be able to get part rewards, despite the quantity of money to be received depends top top the size of her park at the moment of her visit.

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Gems and also Transactions

Sometimes, you deserve to use her germs to buy rarely dragons and also eggs. Because that instance, a rainbow dragon is worth 2500 jewel while a fog dragon is worth 1,000 gems. Virus can likewise be used to purchase essentials in the market.

Speed up the game

Sometimes, without sufficient money and also gems, the game can become slow. Gems play one instrumental role in accelerating the hatching time of eggs, the development of dragons and also even the acquisition of other islands for development purposes.

For Tending the Park

Your park is a floating island that has actually bushes, trees and also rocks. Jewel are valuable for clearing bushes, make nurseries and also breeding areas in this island. Remember that the bigger the bushes, trees and also rocks, the an ext gems castle will need so as to remove them.


How to gain a Bone Dragon

This is completed by reproduction a level 10 planet Dragon with a level 10 Fire Dragon. Ar the planet Dragon on the left and also the Fire Dragon top top the right. You should patiently wait for the total incubation duration of 10 hours to hatch the Dragonvale Bone Dragon. To successfully raise the Bone Dragon you need to keep the in a fire or earth habitat. It evolves at levels 4 and 7.

How to each other moon dragon

Place sonic dragon level 10 on left side and also storm dragon level 10 on ideal side in breeding cave. Have to be excellent at 6:30-6:42 am east time, will gain 48 hour time.

How to each other a lava dragon

You have to breed a fire dragon with a planet dragon.

How to breed a Seaweed Dragon

Breed/Buy a wetland dragon. To buy a Water dragon. Feed till both room juvenile. Breed the two, probably put swamp on the plant next (check in market, see the little flags). And also obviously, the water ~ above the water side. CHECK: the turnout egg have to be green and also blue, striped. If not, it"s probably another marsh dragon.

How to each other a rainbow dragon

To get a rainbow dragon, each other an ice cream dragon and a blazing dragon!! (a blazing dragon is air and fire, and ice is water and also cold). The levels carry out not matter.

How to each other a hill dragon

To gain a mountain dragon, usage cold (left) and plant (right).Guides


To unlock the complying with Apple Game facility achievements, complete the adhering to tasks:

Air competitor (10 points) - get a gold Trophy indigenous the Colosseum for an air dragon event.

Breeder (5 points) - Breed any kind of two dragons.

Cold challenger (10 points) - receive a gold Trophy indigenous the Colosseum because that a cold dragon event.

Double Rainbow (50 points) - Acquire and also hatch 2 rainbow dragons.

Earth contender (10 points) - get a yellow Trophy from the Colosseum for an planet dragon event.

Every critical One (25 points) - possess every form of dragon in DragonVale...all at once.

Fire challenger (10 points) - receive a gold Trophy indigenous the Colosseum for a fire dragon event.

Level 10 Dragon (25 points) - Level a dragon to full maturity.

Level 10 Park (10 points) - get your park come level 10.

Level 15 Park (15 points) - obtain your park to level 15.

Level 20 Park (50 points) - acquire your park come level 20.

Level 5 Park (5 points) - gain your park come level 5.

Lightning challenger (10 points) - obtain a gold Trophy native the Colosseum because that a lightning dragon event.

Metal contender (10 points) - get a yellow Trophy indigenous the Colosseum because that a metal dragon event.

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Plant contender (10 points) - get a yellow Trophy indigenous the Colosseum because that a tree dragon event.

Water challenger (10 points) - receive a yellow Trophy native the Colosseum for a water dragon event.