This is how to knife Gralats in Graal virtual (Classic, Era, Zone) there is no cheating or hacking. There space so numerous gem “creators” or “generators” the end there, both together apps and also websites, and all of them space scams. If you use these generators, girlfriend risk shedding your account and all achievements.

Gift Cards deserve on iPhone

Here i will present you the fast and easy way to knife Gralats the legit method on iOS and also Android!

The most efficient an approach that i recommend the most – 100% legit – is to use FreeMyApps:

I will additionally discuss other techniques of earning Gralats in game, but these techniques are lot slower, and also not as efficient.

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With FreeMyApps, you deserve to earn points because that installing various apps, make the efforts offers, doing brief surveys and also inviting friends.

Once you acquire 3000 points, you deserve to redeem them for $10 gift map for play Store/iTunes to obtain Gralats (or Amazon/Prepaid VISA, and many various other Gift Cards).

Use $10 in app Store or Play save credit because that 27500 Gralats!

This only works on iOS and also Android devices! friend cannot use this on desktop computer / Chromebook / etc.Please visit this web page from a Smartphone or tablet to get complimentary Gralats.

How come get complimentary Gralats:

In this guide, i will show you just how to sign up for FreeMyApps ~ above Android and iOS devices, and how to earn much more credits faster. I will additionally discuss alternatives for FreeMyApps.

Step 1) sign up for FreeMyApps

First ns will present you how to get started through FreeMyApps ~ above iOS Devices, together this is a little much more complex.

To sign up, you will need to affix to your facebook account (just to verify your identity). The application will not short article anything to you publicly profile. You will not need to have actually FB application installed, due to the fact that connection deserve to be done v browser.

How to download FreeMyApps top top iPhone/iPad

On iOS you will certainly not have to install a FreeMyApps app. Rather you will install a mechanism profile so that FreeMyApps website have the right to verify when you try apps or do various other offers. You then store track of your points from a web internet browser (works just on Safari).

Next you will be asked to install a device profile. Click correctly / install and also then verify with your admin pin.

Earning point out by installation apps: click the app that provides you many points for install. Most of the time, you will certainly be taken straight to application Store listing to download and shot the app. Sometimes you will require to find the needed application in search results.

Next, walk to application Store app, role to the bottom of main screen and tap Redeem button, wherein you will usage the gift card password to get application store credit.


Paste your code and get the credit. It all takes less than a minute.

Now the you have the app Store credit you have the right to buy Gralats fro video game store! Again $10 is enough to purchase 27500 Gralats, and there is for sure no cheating / hacking, and also no danger for her account!

You deserve to really rise your Gralats earning really fast if you invite countless friends (and they begin using the app). ~ above a good day I gain 1200-1800 points (on negative days 400-800). Here are the gift cards I’ve redeemed in Dec 2016 – view below:

Installing FreeMyApps on Android

On Android phones and tablets whatever is very straight front – you download the app, and earn points within the app.

Here is a good video the walks you with installing FreeMyApps ~ above Android, earning points, redeeming them because that Play keep credit, and also using credit for in-app / in-game purchases.

Start installation apps, do the efforts offers and also inviting friend to knife points.Again, inviting girlfriend is the fastest way to earn numerous points.

Alternative techniques to earn Gralats

I have tried end 20 different apps and websites, to find the best option because that players who’d favor to get Gralats without spending genuine money. Many of them are either really slow, or never ever pay out. Girlfriend can uncover the best choices below.

Most different apps comparable to FreeMyApps need you to register v your name, email, address, and also often require that friend live in the US. I uncovered that strictly “survey” apps never ever pay you and also are simply a garbage of time.

Earning Gralats in game:

You can check our finish guide on how to do gralats in game here.

In few words, you can do the following:

Catch bug, butterflies and sell them to the Witch for 50 gralats each – an extremely slow!Farming – you have the right to farm unique lands, to find gems precious 5+ gralats. Again pretty sluggish method, but much more efficient that capturing butterflies.Hunt and also kill pirates, to earn gralats. Similar to agriculture in earning speed.

The in-game Gralats earning deserve to take you several days to do 27500 Gralats. In ~ the very same time v FreeMyApps, you have the right to do the in simply 2-3 hours! If you begin inviting your fiends, you can make much more that 50000 Gralats quite fast!

Also, examine out these mystery Graal places: mystery gralats 1, an enig gralats 2, an enig gralats 3 and secret gralats 4.

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Note: You gain credit automatically as a redeem password – no waiting or obtaining cards in the mail. You have the right to redeem 2 gift cards in a 24 hour period (2x 3000 points = $20 or 2x 4500 point out = $30, and so on). Most people will not have this issue, as it will certainly be relatively hard to earn 3000+ clues in one day.