Fashion Story cheats & Hack because that Cash, Coins & gems

Hello everyone! If you room a fashionista and you dreamy of opened up your own boutique, then now you have the chance through this brand-new design by Storm8 Studios! Storm8 Studios is the mobile firm behind many successful and hit fashion dearteassociazione.orgs in today’s mobile market. They have actually a wide range of dearteassociazione.orgs consisting of Restaurant Story: Summer Camp, Bakery Story: Yoga Café, syndicate Bingo! Jewel Mania, candy Blast Mania, and also much more.

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Fashion Story is a all about you! You are a successful organization woman that is preparing to open up up she hot new clothing boutique. Just prior to you open up your brand brand-new store, there are heaps the fashion hungry consumers who space waiting on the sidewalk for your promising boutique to open. You will have to be in continuous contact v the recent fashion together you will should stock up the latest fashions and also design and adjust the layout of the keep so your customers can be at lull while to buy at her store. You need to be ready to have the ideal customer organization for the shopping rush in your save in Fashion Story.

In Fashion Story you can unlock trendy designer garments line, fix up stylish accessories, showcase your very own style and also creativity v the style of your keep layout and décor, visit other people’s boutiques and also like your items so girlfriend can provide them a cost-free gift. Fashion Story is update every main with new clothing, accessories, and also boutique so you i will not ~ be bored! Fashion Story is a complimentary to pat but it does sell in purchases, wherein you can acquire upgrades and special item in exchange with actual money. Friend can likewise delete this function on her device.

To delete this function on your advice top top the android, you have the right to go to the Google play Store and tap the food selection button, then pick the settings, and also select the use PIN because that purchases. From there you can set up a four digit pen on the option presented on the screen. If you space a parental who room worried that your child might accidentally buy item in Fashion Story, this is the perfect precaution to your solution. Fashion Story likewise exposes players to your social Medias communication such as Facebook and also twitter.

Fashion Story takes around 20mb of room to be set up on her mobile maker or tablet. It to be last to update on march 5, 2015 to enhance the as whole performance and fix the bugs present. Fashion Story is available for both the Android and iOS platform. Because that the Android, it needs an Android version of 2.2 and up. Its present version is The in application purchases for Fashion Story prices from together low as $0.99 to as high together $149.99 every item. Fashion Story is only accessible in the language English and the optimal in app purchases are all for the in premium currency, gems. Come date, Fashion Story has in between 10 million to 50 million installs and on the Google Play store platform, it has actually the as whole rating of 4.2 stars out of a 5 allude star rating. While on the iOS iTunes store, it has a rating that a 4 point star rating out of a 5 point star rating, combined with the 2 platforms, Google play Store and iOS iTunes store, it to be rated by end 300 thousand people. Fashion Story is also rated E because that everyone, so anyone of any kind of age have the right to play this and also parents have the right to be relieved the there will certainly be no bad influence from playing this

In Fashion Story girlfriend will be able to show off her own style by designing and also dressing up your own character. Her character will certainly be the symbol of her store. Once stocking increase the recent fashion for your well-known fashion boutique, you gain to choose from a wide variety of styles. Some of these layouts include: casual, formal, nightlife, runaway and much more! once you click the social menu up, girlfriend will have three options: community, neighbors, and also invite friends in Fashion Story. The community and also neighbors room basically civilization who girlfriend have included as her friends. The invite friend’s option is to add friends from twitter or Facebook. Once you invite them over, castle will be able to play with you also in Fashion Story. As well as running your own fashion boutique, friend will likewise be may be to acquire inspiration and ideas from her friend’s boutiques when you visit them end at their very own boutique in Fashion Story.

Overall if you gain virtual dearteassociazione.orgs and also fashion dearteassociazione.orgs, girlfriend will gain Fashion Story by Storm8 Studios. This is full of interactive activities and you get to present off to your friends and check out other boutiques. Fashion Story is additionally an combine of several other genres, such together virtual world, fashion, and also business keep running If you have played the “Dinner Dash” climate this is a great alternative because that you.

Fashion Story Hack because that Cash, Coins & Gems

Fashion Story is a an extremely fun, but you will certainly quickly uncover out you need a many coins, cash, and also gems in this in order come unlock items and also progress with the You can acquire these items through the app store, but this costs real money, and also this is something the gets high-quality quickly.

Due to the popular of this, us have determined to add Fashion Story to our hack database, which means you can get unlimited quantities of cash, coins, and also gems simply by downloading our hack tool.

Check out the image below to see just exactly how easy our hack tool is to use, v a simple options menu that enables you come input how countless of every item you want to include to her account.


The first thing you have to do is download our Fashion Story hack tool, i beg your pardon takes around 20 seconds. The hack will automatically install after ~ downloading, which takes about 30 secs to complete, although the times of the downloads count on your web connection. Girlfriend then need to select Android or iOS relying on which machine you space using. At the point, simply input how countless coins, cash, and also gems you want to add to your account.

Click “Start” to operation the hack tool, which will take around 45 secs or less to finish. When that has completed, you have the right to open increase the together usual and also you will notification the coins, gems, and cash are already in your account. Through downloading and also installing our complimentary Fashion Story hack tool, you will certainly never need to buy anything indigenous the app store again, and you get more enjoyment out of the due to the fact that you can upgrade and get all the items you need for free.

Cheats & Tips

There are several tips because that players who are interested in Fashion Story.

The very first tip is to conserve all her in currencies. this are comparable to real life money where if you would desire to broaden your fashion boutique once you get more customers, you need a big amount of coins to expand it. Each time girlfriend further broaden it, you will certainly need much more money and also it will soon become an extremely expensive to increase your fashion boutique.


The second tip because that players in Fashion Story is the make certain you understand which maker you want to play that on. you cannot carry the data come another an equipment and as soon as you download Fashion Story on an additional mobile machine or platform, all your development will be lost and also you will need to start all over.

Another guideline for this is that if you can avoid to buy the gems. there is a glitch in Fashion Story that reasons players jewel to disappear after ~ buying them. Storm8 Studios doesn’t exactly have a good customer service so you space taking a opportunity with them through your actual money once you purchase the premium currency in there.

The last pointer for Fashion Story is that as soon as you acquisition a brand-new fashion style or line, make certain you are easily accessible to unwrap it. when you leaving it and it expires the moment to clearly your new fashion apparel or fashion line, it will certainly be marked as expired and also you won’t acquire your money earlier from Fashion Story.



While Fashion Story is a that marinates between two different genres, virtual reality and casual, does that really host up to player’s expectations of this Fashion Story appears to it is in a the is light, basic going, and fun, but once you with a details level things will acquire really complex and you will be forced to buy the premium money to settle your problems. For people who perform not desire to spend any type of real life money in Fashion Story, this is a significant deal breaker since Storm8 Studios have actually put an impossible amount of coins to acquire when us reach the higher levels.

Another disappointment with this is that you can not switch tools or transport data. Oftentimes once a player renders a practice account with one developer, they mean the agency to have the ability to transfer and also save their when they room transferring or reinstalling the However, together we have the right to see in Fashion Store, us can’t execute this and one might wonder why would Storm8 Studios do us develop an account with them then? producing an account with Fashion Story doesn’t serve any real duty and its quite a useless feature.

In Fashion Story, many players have detailed that they have both the Android and iOS communication mobile machine or tablet. However when they download them on both, the high quality on the Android an equipment is significantly and also obviously lesser quality in the various other platform. This is the 2nd deal breaker because that Fashion Story players due to the fact that who would desire to pat a who has actually a poor graphic and also quality? return the graphics aren’t extremely high quality, that is doable and playable. One would enjoy Fashion Story as soon as they very first start out due to its an easy character designs. The ideal feature around Fashion Story is that with so lot to do in this, it doesn’t take it up together much space as other comparable dearteassociazione.orgs do. However, the room size can be reflective upon exactly how the activities are mediocre and also quite simple, so the is doing not have in that area.


While Fashion Story is a mixture the a virtual people and likewise a business, that is quite simple so it no live up to its full potential. The virtual civilization feature is quite doing not have as there are just a restricted amount of tasks that you can do once you visit another person or among your girlfriend fashion boutique in Fashion Story. This way that it is an extremely easily to acquire bored due to the fact that you won’t be able to do anything rather within the feature. If the redesigning and also dressing up her character is quite fun, it doesn’t do as it was promised. Storm8 Studios promised brand-new fashion garments and new boutiques every week. However, the last update for Fashion Story indigenous Storm8 Studios to be on march 5, 2015, virtually 3 months that they have actually not update this Fashion Story also lacks in client service, whereby when world report come them about bugs and glitches, they do not fix it top top a timely manner and also they carry out not have rapid customer organization either.

In conclusion, ns think that Fashion Story is a relatively average that might do much better. If they deal with the customer business problem as well as the premium currency, gems, disappearing and also lower the quantity of coins required to expand the boutique shop and also more, it would be a much far better to play.

Fashion Story Ratings

Artwork: The artwork because that Fashion Story receive a rating the 7/10. The graphics wasn’t stunning yet it wasn’t bad either. It was just relatively average and nothing special, that someone who would see the graphics contrasted to one more would instantly know that ‘Fashion Story’ by Storm8 Studios. The high quality of the images also depends on which device you space running the at and also it is a disappointment since all devices and also platforms should have the same high quality in artwork no matter what.


Music & SFX: The music and also SFX that Fashion Story obtain a rating the 5/10. The music was nothing special, it just seemed like any type of other music that you would uncover in any type of dearteassociazione.orgs.

Story & Originality: The story and originality obtain a rating of 5/10. There was a minimum storyline in Fashion Story and also it no show any kind of originality due to the fact that you can discover several other dearteassociazione.orgs that functions you gift the owner of your very own fashion store. This provided nothing brand-new to the genre, which is why it obtained such a low rating.

General dearteassociazione.orgplay: The basic dearteassociazione.orgplay the Fashion Story receives a rating that 5/10. Fashion Story general dearteassociazione.orgplay really counts on which platform of machine you are using and also if the likes you. Although many human being have reported that the lags or the graphic high quality is considerably lower than on the apple call or device, there was likewise people who said the exact same for the to apologize device. For this reason if Fashion Story enhanced their stability for every mobile and tablet computer devices, the basic dearteassociazione.orgplay rating would be lot higher.

Addictiveness: The addictiveness aspect of Fashion Story receive a rating that 4/10. Back this is quite fun at first, that gets quite mediocre and also boring once you reach a greater level in Fashion Story. There just isn’t together much tasks to do to store the audience involved throughout the dearteassociazione.orgplay that Fashion Story.

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The overall rating for Fashion Story is 5/10. The can do so much far better if they resolved the stability problems and including more features to do in Fashion Story.