I set up Overboard native Cydia and also after respring all my Cydia apps room gone!

There is no Cydia ar in Settings. I have reinstalled Cydia Substrate and PreferenceLoader, yet nothing happened.

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Go right into Safe mode using a tweak or through rebooting whilst holding volume up. When booted, open Cydia and also uninstall Overboard, then respring. If the icons still don"t show, ssh into your machine as mobile and run uicache then respring.


I had this difficulty recently. Uninstalling "libhide" indigenous cydia go the trick (they were every there, simply the hiding role had gained a small excited...)


I uncovered a way to gain my apps back.

I download ifile.ipa and Cydia ImpactorI opened up the Cydia Impactor and also then dragged & to reduce the ifile.ipa top top it, waited because that it to be mounted on mine phoneOnce it perfect I opened up iFile on mine phone. In iFile I saw var/mobile/library/caches/com.saurik.cydiaand then ns deleted the folder (com.saurik.cydia)I exited iFile and all the absent apps appeared ago on my home screen.

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I expect this helps!


removing Appsync fixed it top top 10.2 Yalu/b6. In addition SSH to be not functioning over wifi for this reason I supplied the python script
http://www.hackthatphone.com/5x/open_ssh_usb.shtml to ssh over USB, then offered dselect (you deserve to just use an "apt" command) to eliminate the troublesome tweak. Forgot exactly how to restring over ssh so restarted and also issue resolved. Re-jailbroke and also a ok.

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