I finally got my best Pokémon in Y and also now i wanna know exactly how to do it the finest it deserve to be.

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I"m going for a Curse/Annoyer set so

CurseToxicConfuse Ray/MoonlightPayback

I"ve additionally Super Trained the in Def SDef and also HP come the max and I"m planning come train Atk together well.

I wanna know where I deserve to teach Umbreon Curse, Toxic and Payback.

Also, I require 2 love Scales for this, i only have one. Where have the right to I discover another?

Please help me! =>

askedJan 10, 2014by COBRAGON

Curse - This is an egg move. Breed an Eevee or Eeveelution with a Numel, Camerupt, Torkoal, Bidoof or Bibarel that knows Curse. Higher chance of happen down once Eevee is female.

Toxic - TM. Almost every Pokemon have the right to learn Toxic. You deserve to either breed an Eevee or Eeveelution v a Pokemon in the egg team that to know Toxic, or acquire the TM for it at path 14 from the Hex Maniac and also teach the to her Eevee/Umbreon.

Confuse Ray/Moonlight - Both of these space in Umbreon"s moveset. Confuse ray is Level 17, Moonlight Level 33.

Payback - TM. Teach it to Eevee/Umbreon through TM by obtaining it native the Monseur in Geosenge"s Pokemon Center.

Also, don"t maximize every stat. Stick through 252 HP EVs, 128 Def EVs, and 128 SpDef EVs.

You actually only require one love Scale, due to the fact that you room split between Moonlight and also Confuse Ray. If you want another, fish with the old rod to discover Luvdisc. They have a 50% possibility of hold it.

Source: endure with Stalleons

answeredJan 10, 2014by Le ScrafselectedJan 10, 2014by COBRAGON
THANKS therefore MUCH!!! That"s really valuable thanks!
commentedJan 10, 2014by COBRAGON

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Curse is only obtainable as an egg move (best I can tell), so you"ll need to breed a female Eevee through male bidoof, numel, or torqoal because that that. Toxic and also Payback space both TMs, here"s the page for X/Y TMshttp://www.serebii.net/xy/tmhm.shtmlAnd together for love scales, fish through the old rod at route 8. It"s only luvdisc, and also they have actually a 50% possibility of stop a love scale, so just use thief top top them, you"ll acquire one eventually

answeredJan 10, 2014by hyper beam
Neat! thanks I wonder why i couldn"t acquire curse...Anyway where perform I get much more happiness stuff?! due to the fact that now I have to go a Bidoof and also evolve one more Eevee...
commentedJan 10, 2014by COBRAGON
sorry, ns haven"t really looked into happiness top top X/Y yet
commentedJan 10, 2014by hyper beam

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