Cheat! was a TV display on G4 (formerly G4techTV) that listed cheat codes, strategies, and also other hidden functions for video games. The present was organized by Kristin Adams (née Holt), who replaced original organize Cory Rouse in January 2005. Cheat! critical aired February 19, 2009 ~ above G4.

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The Cory Rouse years

Cheat! was among the very first shows to be on G4 as soon as it introduced in feather 2002. Organize Cory Rouse would offer tips and also cheats on a couple of gamings from the studio in the beforehand episodes. In fall 2002, G4 make a resolve Pringles to have them sponsor the show. Cheat was currently officially recognized as "Cheat, Pringles Gamer"s Guides". Cheat was one of G4"s most shows. In details episodes Rouse would leave the studio and also film on location based upon the game he was reviewing. Significant episodes of these years encompass Rouse acquiring advice from the staff at Tips and also Tricks magazine, looking at Knights that the Old Republic as a Jedi Knight and Sith Lord, and looking in ~ The Matrix.

Following the merger of G4 and also TechTV


Cheating is the obtaining of a prize for ability or recognize an easy means out of one unpleasant case by dishonest means. It is typically used for the break of rules to acquire unfair benefit in a competitive situation. This broad definition will necessarily incorporate acts that bribery, cronyism, sleaze, nepotism and any instance where people are provided preference making use of inappropriate criteria. The rules infringed may be explicit, or they might be from an unwritten password of conduct based on morality, values or custom, make the to know of cheating command a possibly subjective process. Cheating can refer specifically to marital infidelity. Someone who is recognized for cheating is described as a cheat in brother English, and also a cheater in American English. A person described as a "cheat" doesn"t have to cheat all the time, but rather, counts on unfair methods to the allude of getting a reputation for it.


The Clash (album)

The Clash is the eponymous debut studio album by English punk rock band the Clash. It to be released on 8 April 1977, through CBS Records.


Most that the album to be conceived on the 18th floor of a the supervisory board high increase on London"s Harrow Road, in a flat that to be rented by Mick Jones"s grandmother, who commonly went to watch their live concerts. The album was videotaped over three weekend sessions in ~ CBS Studio 3 in February 1977. By the third of this sessions the album was recorded and mixed to completion, v the tapes being yielded to CBS in ~ the start of March. It price £4000 come produce.

Album sheathe

The cover artwork to be designed by polish artist Rosław Szaybo. The album"s front cover photo, shooting by Kate Simon, to be taken in the alleyway straight opposite the prior door of the band"s "Rehearsal Rehearsals" building in Camden Market. Drummer terrycloth Chimes, though a full member that the Clash at the time, go not show up in the photo as he had already decided to leaving the group. Another snapshot from the very same Kate Simon photoshoot appears on the UK unique Edition DVD the Rude Boy, exit in 2003. The snapshot of the charging police officers on the rear, shot by Rocco Macauly, was taken throughout the 1976 riot at the Notting Hill Carnival—the impetus for the track "White Riot".

Coin (disambiguation)

A coin is a item of hard material supplied as money.

Coin or Coins may likewise refer to:



Science and also technology

Coin (digital card), a digital an equipment that stores the magnetic stripe and also other data of a user"s credit, debit or other cards; the startup agency behind it.


2 pounds (British coin)

The british two pound (£2) coin is a denomination the the lb sterling. The obverse has featured the profile of Queen Elizabeth II because the coin’s introduction. Two various portraits that the Queen have been used, with the latest design by Jody Clark being presented in 2015. The reverse functions an abstract architecture symbolising the history of technical achievement. A new reverse architecture featuring Britannia started to get in circulation throughout 2015.

The coin was introduced on 15 June 1998 (coins minted 1997) after a testimonial of the unified Kingdom"s coinage decided that a general-circulation £2 coin was needed. The brand-new bi-metallic style replaced a series of commemorative, uni-metallic coins which to be issued in between 1986 and 1996 to celebrate one-of-a-kind occasions. Although legitimate tender, these coins have never been usual in day-to-day circulation.

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As of in march 2014 there to be an estimated 417 million £2 coins in circulation v an estimated challenge value of £831.756 million.

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