Find and equip your favourite sci-fi influenced weapon in die Maschine v this Cold war Ray total guide.

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Looking to get your hand on the CoD: Cold war Ray Gun? The high powered beam Gun is an excellent for act serious damages while you"re fighting your means through hordes of zombies flooding with the dice Maschine map. That course, finding together a handy device is tricky, and also there"s no guarantee the you"ll stumble across it on your own. No to worry, we can help you obtain geared up.

There space a a few different ways to discover the beam Gun as you"re shooting through waves that undead in black Ops - Cold War. We can"t promise you"ll be fortunate sufficient to snag one during your zombie run, yet we deserve to tell you whereby to look. Here"s where to save your eye peeled if you"re yes, really hoping to grab the Cold battle Ray gun in dice Maschine.

How to get the CoD: Cold war Ray Gun

Open an enig Boxes

Ray weapons can be discovered in secret Boxes, which are dotted around the die Maschine map. Look because that long, wooden crates in areas like the Yard, Pond, medical Bay, and also Weapons Lab, and also expect to component with 950 points to open up one. The drop rates aren"t exactly promising, yet you can be lucky and also discover one after that in her zombies session, once you have much more points to spare.

Once you have the Wonder Weapon, make the most of your trips right into the Dark Aether by in search of purple crystals. Players case that ruining these will leave friend with an useful items like perks and armor. However they"ve likewise mentioned that it"s feasible to discover a ray Gun by mining this crystals, too.

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Watch the Coffin Dance

This an approach requires part work, however it shows up to be precious it. Before searching because that the beam Gun, you require to construct the Pack-A-Punch machine, so take a look in ~ my contact of Duty: Cold battle Zombies Easter egg guide for a complete walkthrough on exactly how to with that component of the dice Maschine mission.

Once her Pack-A-Punch machine is up and running, you"ll be transported earlier to the common version that the world. We"re now about to take it a brief detour native the main mission to examine out the bizarre zombie "coffin dance". NoahJ456 controlled to finish this by looking for 5 blue lights, and also shooting at them in stimulate I"ve laid out below.

Starting at the Pack-A-Punch machine, turn around and also run increase the stairs. Then turn ideal to operation up another flight of stairs. Go forward, and stand in prior of the gap between the two terminals, wherein the orange chair is on its side. You should be able to see a blue light behind the chair, i beg your pardon you have to shoot till it disappears. You can find the following one by running under the same trip of stairs, and crouching alongside the steel grate on your right. Take out the orb of irradiate tucked far behind the grate.

Now it"s time to operation down some much more steps, acquisition the next set of stairs come the left of the Pack-A-Punch machine. Head past the blue hare toy and also look for an electrical box top top the wall surface with a faded yellow sticker. Stand together close together you have the right to to this box and aim-down-sights into the opened to the left the it to shoot one more blue light.

Next up, walk towards the staircase top top the opposite next of the room, but don"t operation up the steps simply yet. Instead, jump onto the boxes on the ideal side, and also crouch to uncover the following blue irradiate behind the cylindrical tank. Hop back onto the staircase and head increase the flight on the left. Rise onto the terminals in the centre of the room, and spin roughly to shooting the last light close to the air duct on the ceiling.

After dispersing every blue light, the video game will transport you right into the Dark Aether wherein you"ll watch zombies partying approximately the Pack-A-Punch machine. Some of them are even carrying a crate. You"ve obtained some time to death as the zombies will slowly edge across the platform through the crate.

Once the crate is positioned on the floor, bust it open for several items and a perk. It"s possible to acquire the Juggernog perk indigenous this box, which rises your health. Understandably, you"re no guaranteed a ray Gun fall every time, but hardcore zombie setting players room claiming that this is the many reliable way to uncover this rarely item.

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