In Pokémon heart Silver version, I"ve alredy offered the understand Ball Prof. Elm gave to me, however I need one more one to catch Suicune and also Ho-Oh. How have the right to I obtain another?

You can get one indigenous black and white.If you trade 50 pokemons Geonet provides you prices.That"s the pricesNumber the Pokemon required Item Received5 pokemon broad Lens10 pokemon Everstone20 pokemon Zoom Lens30 pokemon an option Scarf40 pokemon PP Max50 pokemon grasp BallGeonet is a guy in the Pokemon center in Castelia City will give the player items depending on the variety of pokemon they have actually traded.He is wearing black color .

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Firstly, it"s very feasible to capture the legendary pokemon there is no a masterball. Just gain their HP under low and inflict a status condition (sleep, paralysis etc)

Then keep chucking Ultra Balls in ~ them. If friend play at night, usage Dusk Balls since you"re 3 or 4 times much more likely to record it.

As speed freak says, friend can acquire a masterball in the lottery however it is really unlikely. You rise your opportunities by trading more since it"s based on the trainer numbers of your pokemon. The an ext OT numbers you have in full the greater chance of winning prizes.

answeredMay 15, 2010by Pokemaster

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the only method to get an ext is to success the lottery in goldenrod city sorry

answeredMay 15, 2010by rate freak
Thanks you for answering. Ns will shot my best!
commentedMay 15, 2010by anapipasv

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Though you can acquire it in the lottery, I would just get it by trading because that a pokemon ~ above the gts holding one. Girlfriend can additionally migrate a pokemon hold one and then restart the game and also repeat yourself, however that would take a long time. Otherwise you can use the activity replay, however those deserve to mess up her game, so I would certainly refrain from using one.

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answeredMay 28, 2010by ohioscyther

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Another technique of getting much more Master Balls (or any type of other article for that matter!) is v the "Cloning glitch" in Pokemon Emerald. Girlfriend go through a process to clone five Pokemon each time at the fight Tower in the battle Frontier. When provided items, the cloned Pokemon will also bring duplicated items together well!

It is rather a process, and I expect you deserve to do it appropriately if you"d prefer to, but here are the steps:

Requirements- Pokemon Emerald- access to the fight Frontier- three Pokemon standard for open up Level war - five Pokemon to it is in cloned into your party.

Process1. Fly to the fight Frontier, and go within the fight Tower.2. Gather five Pokemon to be cloned, together with items (in her case, a Masterball!) and have the five Pokemon organize them, together with one extra Pokemon 3. Save those 5 Pokemon in any box in your computer (an empty box is desired so friend don"t acquire mixed up).*4. Exit the PC and also save your game.5. ~ you are done saving your game, open up the PC and also move those five Pokemon to your party.~ now be sure to have your 5 Pokemon that space to be copy in your party. ~6. Speak to the NPC lady closest come the computer where girlfriend are, to get involved in the Link fight option.7. Speak to her, pick Open Level select your Pokemon, and also until she asks to conserve the game, push Yes, and also when she asks come overwrite the game, press No. Afterwards, soft reset your game.8. Now fill your game normally, and if girlfriend did the correctly, you will show up in front of the lady you spoke to. 9. Check the crate that you stored the Pokemon in, and your party, where if excellent correctly, should have both Pokemon in your computer box and party along with the items!

**Note that only the five Pokemon stored in your computer will be cloned, and not the sixth one in her party. Likewise be sure to have actually three the the 5 Pokemon eligible for participation in battle, back you will certainly not have to battle.*