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No, i don"t think so. The closestly you"re walk to get to a girl friend in this video game is a hooker... And also based top top experience, the only good hookers serve in this video game is mugging targets.

YES you deserve to I discovered out that if you see a cute girl/boy and also compliment lock 15 time they will give you your #, or questioning you come come v them, or friend will have s3x on the road! not a lie i hated gift lonely so have fun! Ow not so "hard."

Yeh find a hooker and also compliment them they start dancing and also you would gain the best wank of a lifetime it will certainly be everywhere the sheets

Sigh. You CANNOT acquire A GIRL/BOYFRIEND ~ above SAINTS ROW: THE THIRD! You can if friend really want to, make among your gang members look favor what girlfriend want and also take them where you go.

Unfortunately, you can`t acquire a girlfriend. But I imply you ask the to put it in SR4. Because there a the majority of you males asking because that one. Since you can`t gain one in real life, lock should give you one, right here in the Matrix.!!...

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