For most of us our entire human being is on our smartphone. Everything from ours appointments, to driving directions, these devices have reinvented our lives. Memorizing phone numbers is become less prominent and also we often take solace understanding we can contact for help at a moments notice. The is no surprised the scare that ensues as soon as we loosened this all crucial device. Sometimes visual investigate alone is not sufficient to uncover what we room looking for, but can a metal detector find a lost phone?

Almost any type of metal detector in appropriate working order can be offered to situate a shed cell phone. Android and also iPhones alike have actually metal materials to them that are quickly detected v a metal detector. We have some tips and also strategies to aid locate a lost phone using a metal detector.

Will the Detector damages the Phone?

This is a valid problem when searching such a beneficial piece of our lives. It would be respond to productive come use methods that damage the call in the finding and retrieval process.

Thankfully, metal detectors usage a radio frequency in your operations. We, and also our phones, conference radio frequencies ~ above a day-to-day bases and also are completely oblivious to them. This radio operation will not damage the phone nor its components, making lock perfect to use when needed.

Choosing the right Detector

There are countless different types, models, and brands that detectors easily accessible today. Us have currently established that nearly any detector can discover a shed phone, but some detectors can be better suited for the job depending upon circumstances.

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These compact handheld devices are a clip to understanding hunters. They are reasonably inexpensive when compared to a usual metal detector. These small detectors emit a beeping sound that speeds up as the pinpointer it s okay closer to the steel object. A solid ton indicates exceptionally close proximity, wherein no ton denotes a an excellent distance.

Pinpointers are ideal when the basic area wherein the phone call was shed is known and also not an extremely large. These devices require one come be at ground level as soon as using and also would not job-related well with medium to large search areas. If your search area is more than a couple of square feet a usual metal detector may be a much better option.


It is straightforward to slip and fall on eye or ice, occasionally sending her phone airborne. In fresh snow finding it should not be a problem, just look for the disruption! but if the eye is disturbed a steel detector might be your ideal option.

Metal Detectors will work-related in the snow however the detection depth may be limited based ~ above the problem of the snow, thickness, ice cream composition, etc. The cold weather will additionally deplete the battery a small quicker than ideal condition.

Most entry level detectors execute not have actually waterproof control boxes. The search coil and shaft etc are commonly not damaged by water. If the eye is melting or there is a chance snow/water will acquire into the manage box or its relations use a fully waterproof detector. Some location plastic bags end these components yet this is not fool proof and also could an outcome in a damaged or damaged detector.

For more information top top waterproof detectors see our other short article here:


Many beach tasks could result in a shed cellphone and also there room a couple of things to take into consideration when selecting the ideal detector for this environment.

Saltwater beaches have a most minerals in them, particularly in the wet and underwater sands. This provides a the majority of feedback to metal detectors making targets daunting to identify.

If her lifeline has been lost at a saltwater beach pick a detector v a good ground balance adjustment. This can assist minimize the false signals. An additional option is a Pulse Induction type detector, this are good for the beach but are considerably more expensive 보다 an entry level machine.

Water is likewise a worry here together there is undoubtedly water pool around and also the ocean have the right to be unpredictable in ~ times. No to cite hyped up children with water guns!

Other Areas

For many other areas such as fresh water beaches, sand boxes, high grass, etc any entry level detector should be all that is essential to find your item. Considerations because that water have to be taken once applicable when looking in these locations for your shed phone. The last point you want is to ruin the detector on her hunt, especially if her phone is however to be discovered.

Alternatives come Purchasing a Detector


If you room not interested in the hobby and also only require or desire the detector to uncover your lost phone then there are a couple of alternatives to purchasing one.

The very first is the most obvious. Ask her friends/family if anyone has actually one they will certainly loan you. Inevitably among your cousins, nieces, nephews, uncle, or grandparent will have one lying about somewhere. If you strike out within your immediate circle, try expanding through your social media contacts!

an additional option is to rental one. Over there are many metal detecting stores roughly that not only sell these phone detect machines, but also rent or lease lock to local customers. This additionally a good resource for you together these local shops can assist point girlfriend in the appropriate direction regarding which detector friend need based upon your find conditions.

Where come Buy

There are plenty of places to purchase steel detectors. Many sports and outdoor stores sell them and also there is the evident online retailers who have actually them together well. If friend are in search of advise along with your purchase, consult a local shop or provide these males a shot: https://highplainsprospectors.com/?ref=gphawd1mbxi!

Another option is neighborhood pawn shops. One have the right to usually find a good, contempt used version inexpensively.

How come Search

Now the we have actually the ideal detector because that the job, the is time to get searching. Head to the area that interest and turn ~ above the machine. Gently tide the coil side to side as you slowly walk, listening because that the sound that a hit.

It is important when in search of something as vital as a phone to grid her search. Begin at one end and also walk a right line to the finish of your find area. Turn around, move over a bit and walk back. Repeat till your whole search area is covered or her phone is found! that is income to overlap your courses so regarding ensure there space no gaps in your search area.

If water is around and you did not spring for the waterproof design be certain to collection the detector ~ above a dried area if you inspection targets.

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It is additionally important come remember the detectors detect metal in both directions, down and up. So pay attention to surroundings such as vehicles, steel landscaping, and even the shovel you can be carrying. This will save a most frustration.

Other Items

If your choose me, you have actually lost an ext than your cell phone. Most steel detectors have the right to be used to find lost keys, necklaces, wedding rings, metal tools, screws, coins, etc. Some equipments are designed to detect yellow in the ground, this detectors are expensive and are not crucial for lost jewelry. Also gold jewelry together these items contain other steels that will certainly be detect by nearly any detector.

A few Last Considerations

Be mindful of her surroundings. Acquire permission to hunt exclusive land if necessary. Always fill in any kind of holes you destruction to uncover your shed items. That is additionally a great idea to remove any kind of debris or rubbish you discover when searching. If you occur to uncover something that potential sentimental value to who else, look for out the owner if possible.

Metal detecting is a fun and addicting hobby, specifically once you discover something of importance or value. Don’t it is in surprised if during your hunt for your phone, you fall in love with the thrill that the unknown. Have fun, it is in safe, and good luck!