Once top top a time, brick weed was the most popular type of cannabis on Earth. This may sound shocking come millennial tokers. But veteran three users understand brick weed all also well. We take a closer look in ~ brick weed and also some killer strains the deserve far better than to be bricked.

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In plain decent stoner terms, brick weed is merely compressed three in the shape of a brick. That course, brick weed is a loose an interpretation of compacted marijuana in all shapes and sizes. Frequently a typical street brick of weed weighed around 500g or 1lb; 1kg bricks were common too.

The heyday of brick weed was during the 1970’s and also 80’s, return it to be still well-known right up till the early on 2000’s in some parts. Prohibition produced the cannabis black market. Before the home growing revolution, brick weed was the world’s many widely consumed form of cannabis. Brick weed was anywhere the US and also Europe throughout the poor old days.



Ok, so you’ve gained a little chunk the brick weed and want to at least shot to reap it. A simple and effective way to rehydrate a smaller piece of brick weed is to placed it within a clean sock and carefully vapor it end a boil kettle because that 30-45 seconds. Don’t over-do it. Also be cautious removing indigenous the sock, turn it within out and you will lose less. Let the air-dry on a kitchen towel because that 4-6 hours prior to toking up.



Similar to the above an approach steam have the right to be supplied to fluff increase a bigger stash the brick weed too. That still help to break it under some, for this reason if you have actually 28g or 1Oz rest it right into quarters approximately. You really need to eyeball this as really dried pieces can take 2 mins+.

Generally, 60-90 secs is sufficient. Ar your chunks of broken brick weed into the strainer and also hold it over a boil pot. Again it is in careful. Place the steamed slabs on kitchen towels to absorb any excess moisture and enable to air dried overnight before blazing.


Here are several of the reasons brick weed has largely disappeared from cannabis culture.

1. Modern-day Cultivation Methods

During the late 1980’s demand for brick weed started its downward spiral. Together indoor cannabis cultivation exploded a whole new breed of three user to be born. Three connoisseurs inquiry Sinsemilla. The arrival of dependable feminised seeds during the 90’s took house growers to the following level. Breakthroughs in fabricated lights, techniques from the SOG come the ScrOG methods, and hybridisation make it feasible for the three user to grow and become self-sufficient in 20%+ THC marijuana.

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2. Legalisation

As three legalisation proceeds to spread from country to nation and perceptions proceed to change, with time medicinal usage of cannabis has actually crept right into the mainstream. Recreational use no much longer carries the stigma it as soon as did. Three clubs, coffeeshops, and also dispensaries provide legal high-grade marijuana and concentrates the are much superior to any type of brick weed - lessening the need for the black market.