I’m having actually a problem with my carburetor on my Honda 350 so ns took the carburetor the end rebuilt it cleaned the spotless placed it earlier in it’s still leaking. I did this 3 or 4 times check the float confirm the rise pin. Tho leaking. After acquisition it the end cleaning it five or six times I chose to buy a brand brand-new carburetor that a Honda OEM carburetor. Placed it back in and also guess what it’s quiet leaks. So ns took the brand-new carburetor out confirm it out cleaned the up placed it ago together placed it earlier in and it stopped leaking because that a day. So take it the carburetor out cleaned the again examine the float checked everything. Now it’s leaking prefer a sieve. I am in ~ a loss i have tried tapping ~ above the carburetor to watch if the float stuck I have taken the gas cap off to check out if there to be venting. Now I’m really at a lose we have actually a camping expedition in two weeks and I can’t get it to avoid leaking gas it even leaks gas once it’s running. Any kind of thoughts anything ns didn’t do. You re welcome help

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Fishfiles 10,713


Fishfiles 10,713

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Posted July 18, 2020

I would certainly think , girlfriend didn"t clean the tank , petcock , fuel lines an reintroduced rubbish into into the carb you just cleaned

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Johnwing5 5

Johnwing5 5

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Posted July 18, 2020

Thank you I’ll shot that. I will let you know 

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Posted July 18, 2020(edited)

I would favor to second Fish"s answer on this, as I just walk thru the very same thing critical April-

I had an 02 TRX350 Rancher the was dumping fuel out the overflow and I had cleaned the carb and also blew the end fuel inlet a pair times and it would clear up for awhile -then begin doing it again

I would save finding little bits of sandy kind sediment in the bowl and also around needle seat

Ended increase flushing tank and also and check the filter display screens on petcock and they to be OK, but when i disassembled petcock, it had actually ALL type of sediment bits and also crud in it

After i cleaned that out, I placed a clear glass jug under the finish of hose that goes come carb, and with gas in the tank, I placed a little of compressed air in thru the gas cap vent hole

(which i assumed was just a one way) and also then cycled the petcock indigenous off- to on- come reserve a couple times and gas and also even more crud shot the end under pressure right into the jar

I scrubbed out the fuel line through coat hanger with a little bit of cloth about the tip-LOTS that crud in over there too...

I did that a few times till that all come out clean and also have not had actually a difficulty since and its to be over 3 months

I would think that the slight little of water in the tank that comes from condensation, fueling in the rain etc...settles under bottom and also gets under into and also sits in petcock end winter etc and also mineralizes in the petcock and hose lines and causes problems with buildup everyone who has seen every the white calcified mineralization in a carbohydrate float key knows what I mean -same stuff

Good factor to drain lines and bowl at finish of Season or once not used for lengthy periods

I know these Rancher 350s have been well-known to have actually leaking worries with the needles, but what I have discovered on the ones i have looked at has pretty much been like the the above in every cases

Also, ~ above that keep in mind -be sure to rotate your fuel off if you placed it in garage etc-

I returned to my attached garage after pulling wheeler in to uncover the totality floor under the ATV soaked with gas as result of a needle valve/ leaking out overflow and also dreaded the assumed if I had gone in because that the night and the furnace kicked on.............it.would have actually kicked on v a vengence one last time..

Thankfully gift Winter i save the garage in ~ 40 degrees and that assisted a bit with fumes and also volatility the time. -So be careful with that

I got to the suggest of even clamping off lines top top the vacuum controlled petcocks when i carry them in simply in case