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Acetone is a straightforward ingredient in most nail polishing removers, and it will take the end up off wood as easily as it will clean your nails. The clear lacquer coating on plenty of pieces of furniture is similar to nail polish, and acetone will eat with it quickly. Young exposure might only affect the lacquer coating, but lengthy exposure penetrates all the method through and discolors wood. As soon as this happens, girlfriend can"t clean the stain, yet you can refinish the surface and also restore the wood to its previous condition.

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Step 1

Spray the area over the stain v an all-purpose cleaner and wipe that dry through a rag. Put a drop cloth on the floor beneath the wood or relocate the item come a well-ventilated job-related area.

Step 2

Examine the damage. If the damage is minor, color the area through a wood stain pen and permit to dry. If only the lacquer is affected, apply a thin coating of spray lacquer end the stain. Allow it to dry according to package directions. Repeat if necessary, adding a really thin coat until the sheen matches the bordering wood.

Step 3

Sand the whole panel wherein the stain originated through a piece of good grit sandpaper till you with bare timber if the damage requires an ext extensive repair. Use an electric sander if the stain is large, you wish to refinish the whole piece of timber or if you desire to readjust the shade of the finish. Sand only the damaged ar if you are able to complement the stain color exactly.

Step 4

Vacuum all sawdust indigenous the wood. Apply stain come the entire surface of the wood through a paintbrush or rag. Enable the item to dry according to package directions. Use a 2nd coat and enable it to dry.

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Step 5

Apply a coat of clear lacquer end the stain and permit the lacquer to dry according to package directions. Apply a second coat and allow to dry.

lumber cleaner Rags hardwood stain pen Drop fabric Spray lacquer well grit sandpaper electrical sander (optional) Vacuum cleaner timber stain Paintbrush clean lacquer


Alan Vryhof, Licensed basic Contractor; A.V. Contracting; Syracuse, NY

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