Fallout 3: complying with in His Footsteps Walkthrough (Main Quest) - overview by Carl

Fallout 3 Walkthrough - key Quest Walkthrough by Mission:Following in his Footsteps | Galaxy News Radio | Scientific pursuits | Tranquility roadway | The Waters of Life | choose up the trace | Rescue from Paradise | detect the Garden of Eden | The American Dream | take it Back!Quest Start: after exiting Vault 101:Find DadTo find Dad, you"ll require to first make your method to Megaton. Inside, discover Moriarty"s Saloon. Speak come the owner and, for 100 caps, he"ll tell you the location of Dad, who was heading because that the Galaxy News Radio Building.

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How to gain to Galaxy News Radio indigenous Megaton

This is compelled for the key quest, and accessing this area is additionally useful to civilization who just want to play and also level up as the D.C. Damages have numerous supermutants the drop an excellent items and give terrific experience. Begin your journey to GNR Plaza by heading eastern of the at sight Duper Mart. You can cross the leg to the phibìc of the supermarket, then travel south as soon as you"re on that side the the river. Find Farragut West metro Station and also go through it. There is some an excellent ammo come be found here if friend feel favor searching. Many notable is a computer that is close to a locked chain fence. If you hack this terminal, you have the right to unlock a safe. Making use of the gas main circulation test choice creates a cloud the gas top top the various other side that the chain attach fence that you can use a laser weapon or other incendiary kind weapon come ignite, which will kill the ghouls that are waiting on the various other side. Continue through the gate through the vital that is uncovered in the safe (you can likewise lockpick this and also kill every the ghouls if girlfriend want). This will lead you to Tenleytown/Friendship subway Station.

Hang a left once you go into this area, and you"ll check out a turn you have the right to make to the best with a Nuka Cola machine and graffiti saying "GNR Outpost". That is the direction girlfriend need, and seeing this will let you know you"re ~ above the ideal path. Head come the subway tunnel and turn come the appropriate toward the southbound line. Once you reach the big terminal area rise the escalator and proceed come the east. Over there is a brief tunnel here that leader to a gate that goes come Chevy Chase.

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Galaxy News Radio

Once you room at Chevy Chase, you"re set. Head a little way south to find some Brotherhood of stole Paladins fighting Supermutants. Assist them out, and after the battle their leader will offer for you to tag along. Appears GNR has had actually some serious supermutant troubles lately. Monitor on their heels, and also push for the GNR buiding as it it s okay closer. Try to steal as plenty of last access time from the brotherhood together you can, so the you can gain the experience. As soon as you reach the really plaza, friend won"t be able to get in until all the super mutants are dead. Look because that fallen brotherhood paladins and also take their items, but be mindful not to obtain overencumbered. A brother might die and also leave behind a Fat man for you, which is a mini nuke launcher. If you can uncover it prior to the complying with events, great!

A at sight mutant behemoth will certainly bust through and also start attacking everyone, including you. Discover a safe distance (or the fat guy first) so the you can fire off the mini nuke. Remember, you have the right to kill yourself! It might take 2 shots to lug down the baddie. Be certain to try and get the critical shot!

When the behemoth is down, you can finally enter the GNR structure (use the intercom come the right of the key door). 3 Dog, the disc Jockey because that Galaxy News Radio, is wait on an top level. It"s not tough to uncover him. Listen to his tale and also learn a bit, then hound that a bit more about the whereabouts of Dad. He claims he"ll tell you if you discover a new dish for GNR to assist boost its broadcast range. Through that, this part of the key Quest of fallout 3 is done.