From below you deserve to either download the routine for totally free onto her computer and then on to your calculator. (don’t worry we’ll go you with it). Or you deserve to use an approach 2 and type the code right into your calculator by hand. ~ that, keep scrolling on this web page for accuse on what the regime does and how to usage it.

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Cube root Simplifier routine Code

Method 1 (Download)

1. To download the routine click the attach below.

Download Program

2. Click here> for a indict on just how to obtain the regimen on to your calculator after ~ you have actually downloaded the file.

3. Keep scrolling to see exactly how the routine works and also how to usage it (optional).

4. The program is right now stored in your calculator’s ram. Click here> to check out a accuse on just how to conserve the program permanently.

Method 2 (Type)

1. See exactly how to start a regime on your calculator here> (optional).

2. start typing in the code presented in the image shown below.

Do no individually type in the colons, or the “PROGRAM:EXAMPLE” name, the colons will display up immediately when you start a new line by pressing The “PROGRAM:EXAMPLE” will currently be in ~ the top.

Having trouble finding the personality or duty you watch in the code? watch how to form any function/character/symbol on her TI-84 Plus>>.


*WARNING*: If you clean the ram on her calculator the program will be lost. To see how to conserve your work-related permanently click here>.

How To usage the Cube root Simplifier

First, push the  key to take you to her list that programs. Then, scroll to “CUBEROOT”, or whatever you called your program, and press 


After you have actually done that the program will start to run and also you need to be at the display screen below.


From here, simply form in the number that you would prefer to simplify. For example, if you would favor to simplify the cube root of 192, you would just type in 192. When you type in her number, press .


In the an initial line the program reflects you what you room simplifying (cube root of 192) and also then it shows the type that the answer is in, climate it shows the number to plug in. So, we got X=4 and N=3 thus our last answer would certainly be 43√3.

Any concerns may be left in the comment ar below, they will be answered within 24 hours.

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