If you’re ready to give your mane a makeover however don’t desire to make a huge commitment with permanent hair dye, grab some Kool-Aid to adjust up the color. This sweet, fruity childhood drink is a quick and also inexpensive means to experiment with different hair colors. You deserve to dye your totality head the hair through Kool-Aid and expect that to last for around four weeks, and you have the right to can mix and also match colors to create your very own distinctive hair color.

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Pour the contents of the Kool-Aid packets into a bowl. Include 2 tablespoons the cold water to the powder and also stir to create a special paste. If the paste is too thick to spread, stir in more water, a couple of drops at a time, till it’s spreadable.

Put 3 drops of special conditioner right into the bowl. Stir that up well to blend.

Put top top a pair that rubber gloves. Massage the mixture right into your hair so it’s evenly distributed. Begin at the peak of her head close to the roots and also work the dough down through the tips.

Pile her hair loose on height of your head. Pave plastic wrap around your hair to hold it in place and lock in the color.

Put a shower cap on over the plastic wrap. Leave the Kool-Aid mixture in her hair overnight if you’re coloring that right before bed, or about eight hours if you’re law it during the day.

Remove the shower head cap and plastic wrap. Rinse your hair well v cool water, climate shampoo and also condition it together usual.

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spread out a thin layer of petroleum jelly about your hair line and also ears to keep the shade from staining her skin. You might need to twin or triple this recipe -- or more -- depending on the length and thickness of her hair. Girlfriend need sufficient paste to totally cover every one of your hair in a special coating. Drape a towel about your neck while using the Kool-Aid dye to her hair to protect against it from staining your neck. If you’re unhappy v the outcomes of her hair color, wash her hair number of times in a heat to fade or remove all of the color. See sources for info on dyeing your hair a particular color. This colors may look different depending upon your natural hair color.
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