Learn more about the tasting experience as soon as you reap cognac practiced or ~ above the rocks, and how the glass kind also affect it.

uncover cognac neat OR ~ above THE ROCKS?

As one aperitif, cognac is usually consumed neat. Including a fall of water will certainly reveal much more fruity, floral and spicy aromas, make the tasting endure smoother.


To enjoy cognac neat, we indicate a tulip glass. The long and narrow form helps record the wealth of the cognac over the alcohol. We also recommend utilizing this glass if girlfriend are adding a drop of water.

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For cognac ~ above the rocks, offer in a huge tumbler glass v room for two ice cubes. This have the right to be organized in your hand, help to melt the ice and also making it easier to evaluate the aromas and the taste of the cognac.

We imply a snifter glass for traditional tasting moments, such as after dinner as a digestif, where the cognac is served neat, warmed through the heat of her hands.

Over dinner, us recommend enjoy it cognac neat.

neat or ~ above the rocks A overview TO TASTING

Tips for the really best RémyMartin cognac experience, using all your senses.



“The signature style of RÉMYMARTIN COGNAC good CHAMPAGNE is: HARMONY – aromatic RICHNESS – SMOOTH & lengthy FINISH”
TO START 1. choose a clean glass. 2. add a little cognac to a tumbler or rocks glass and also swirl it around to totally coat the inside. 3. Pour you yourself 1 oz that cognac and also prepare your senses.

TASTING practiced ON THE NOSE follow these three steps and discover the complex aroma facets the cognac, similar to a perfume. From optimal to base, girlfriend will gain a myriad of aromatic notes such as fruits, flowers and spices. Organize the glass under your nose at heart height: here, friend can currently begin come detect the first aromas. Fruity, floral notes, or possibly slight traces that spice and oak? carry the glass approximately your chin to discover a new wave the aromas.

Gradually, carry the glass as much as your nose and experience the fragrances up close.

ON THE PALATE take a sip and also focus ~ above the experience. Let the liquid progressively move approximately your mouth and also see if you deserve to detect the subtlety of flavors. The guideline of your tongue should detect sweetness, when the political parties detect saltiness and sourness, and also finally bitterness in ~ the back. A few seconds later, you deserve to appreciate the smooth texture across the palate and enjoy the lingering finish. Do you feel the balance and harmony of flavors?

The signature layout of RÉMY young name COGNAC good CHAMPAGNE is: HARMONY – aromatic RICHNESS – SMOOTH & long FINISH


“Cognac on the rocks is a light and smooth exploration of sensations and also flavors, revealing intensified freshness and wealth of fruits.”
TASTING ~ above THE ROCKS add 2–3 ice cubes to her glass the cognac.

ON THE NOSE Swirl the glass a few times, host it under your sleep level through your chin and also inhale the aromas. The ice will reveal notes and also facets you wouldn’t have found in the neat tasting. Girlfriend may, because that example, notification a fresher aspect to the fruit notes, where they would certainly have had a much more candied feel in the practiced tasting.

ON THE PALATE take a sip of the cooled cognac and see how it differs to the succinct tasting. Cognac top top the rocks is a light and also smooth exploration of sensations and also flavors, revealing amplified freshness and wealth of fruits.

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The expression of our COGNAC fine CHAMPAGNE remains the same: HARMONY – fragrant RICHNESS – SMOOTH & lengthy FINISH.


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