How to make Helen Keller’s Costume

1White BlouseGet this white blouse to begin the look.

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2White SkirtThen pair that off v a white skirt.
3Vintage DressYou have the right to opt for a full white dress, too!
4BootsKeep the look at comfy with your pair that dark boots.
5WigGet a brown wig and also curl it into your selection volume the waves.
6RibbonWear a ribbon on your hair to finish the costume…

Helen Keller’s costume is pretty straightforward to recreate. You can simply undertake a vintage white dress through boots. Because that more contemporary pieces, you have the right to throw in a vintage blouse and also white skirt to match. Acquire a brown wig and also tie that in a half up-do through a ribbon.

About Helen Keller

Helen Keller was an American author and beloved impairment rights icon and activist. She shed her sight and hearing when she battled disease when she to be a baby. Keller wrote 14 books and many essays. She and her governess ann Sullivan were well-known to have actually been companions for almost 50 years.


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