Twilight: 10 surprise Details around Edward’s Costume You never Noticed some think that Edward Cullen as just a brooding vampire, but the romantic Twilight hero is more than that. Here are 10 secrets about his outfits.

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A many time has passed because Robert Pattinson an initial powdered his face and quaffed his hair for the role of Edward Cullen in the first Twilight movie. Since then, the brothers actor put his vampire days firmly behind him, namely with taking on more diverse roles in niche films.

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There"s nothing niche, however, about the following iconic role he"s around to step into: the cape and cowl of the titular character in Matt Reeves" The Batman. Though both the Dark Knight and Edward Cullen are equally mysterious and brooding, the Batsuit is a much cry indigenous the chino pants and also ruffled jackets of Bella Swan"s beau. Below are ten points you never ever noticed around Edward Cullen"s costume.

If you review the Twilight books, you"ll recognize that author Stephenie Meyer love going into lavish information in relenten Edward"s appearance, native his tousled hair come his marble-like "Adonis" physique. Together it transforms out, the films likewise went into similar levels of detail to obtain Edward"s look simply right.

In the DVD commentary for Eclipse, Pattinson revealed: "<...> i remember I had a piece of wire inside the collar, so it can look rumpled yet you want it. The many intense form of pretentious dishevelment I"ve ever before seen in my life."

Edward"s many recognizable wardrobe items is his gray pea coat — the one that wore throughout lot of the an initial film throughout some that the series" most memorable scenes. However, Pattinson revealed in his DVD commentary that he had a solid dislike because that the item.

"He wasn"t a fan of the pea coat," New Moon costume designer, Tish Monaghan confirms. "He wore the in virtually every scene, and also I think possibly he just got tired of it. I"m guessing. He just wanted a more mature look."

regardless of his effortless appearance, Edward"s hair was carefully-constructed, together head hairstylist mar Ann Valdes reveals. "The manufacturing notes specified Edward as an certain stunning and also heart-stopping young guy <...>

"We produced this hair color masterpiece through advanced highlighting techniques and also a brand new an approach that I dubbed "twilights," which uses lighter and darker herbal colors to include maximum contrast."


Robert Pattinson"s perfect, bed-head format is something the both brought and took away from his time ~ above the Twilight movies. The color was do by stylist mar Ann Valdes and also Beverly Hills" finest: copper highlights "that would match the golden contacts he wore," according to Valdes.

As because that the products? Those to be Pattinson"s idea ⁠— best down come the details pomade and surf spray brand to offer Edward his signature tousled look, products Pattinson is no stranger come in bespeak to achieve his very own trademark hairstyle.

Behind the scenes on Breaking Dawn: part I, no expense was spared once it came to Bella and also Edward"s highly-anticipated nuptials. If Bella was decked out in a one-of-a-kind Carolina Herrera dress, costume designer Michael Wilkinson functioned with Italian continue Brioni for Edward"s outfit.

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"We wanted to have a vintage feel, that sort of Edwardian turn-of-the-century vibe. <...> yet at the same time, we didn"t want it to look theatrical, we want contemporary, young and fresh."


aside from that very notable scene near the finish of New Moon, Edward isn"t fairly as flashy v his flesh together the shirt-adverse werewolves that the Twilight world. However, we do gain a an excellent glimpse that leg once he and also Bella go on your Brazilian honeymoon in Breaking Dawn: component I.

"It"s a an obstacle to placed an brother in shorts," costume designer Michael Wilkinson says. "My references were the Kennedys on summer vacation. <...> more often 보다 not, us went v a rolled-up chino however we didn"t think we might get away v not law a brief for a Brazilian scorching honeymoon so over there you go."

The Cullens have actually used their prolonged time on planet to build up a substantial fortune but, in the interest of living a quiet life blended right into the fabric of person society, they don"t flaunt their wide range that much. (Expensive sporting activities cars aside.)

Taking this on board, Twilight costume designer Wendy Chuck sourced Edward"s wardrobe from Loehmann"s, Nordstrom Rack and local Portland retailers. For unique occasions, however, Edward go splash out a little: "The only high-end item to be Edward"s Gucci jacket because that the prom," she says.


adhering to on from Twilight, costume designer Tish Monaghan wanted to upgrade Edward"s style a bit. When the Cullens do the efforts to blend in through other adolescents with the usual hoodies and also jeans, Monaghan want Edward"s New Moon wardrobe to reflect his growth.

"<...> I want to portray the as much more as a gentleman, more elegant and also classic." She additionally wanted his clothing to harken ago to his initial era. "With ours vampire characters, I constantly went back to the time duration in i beg your pardon they were turned to see if there"s any type of element I can to simulate in modern clothing."

other as an easy as a different color shirt can seem inconsequential, yet in filmmaking, every tiny information can make a difference in just how audiences interpret a scene. Naturally, miscellaneous as necessary as that shirtless step in New Moon required every oz of scrutiny, too.

"We originally tested Edward in a level white shirt, together a forlorn-looking option," designer Tish Monaghan explains. "This is also what Robert wanted ⁠— <...> other that would certainly wash that out. However you need to have actually a color that provides you pop, and so we actually dyed the towel this beautiful octopus blue."

1 HIS do not wear shirts SCENE"S SHIRT represented HEARTBREAK

Not just was the color of the shirt supplied in Edward"s New Moon public exposure step important, yet the manner in which he removed the item to be too, together designer Tish Monaghan reveals: "<...> when he goes to sacrifice himself, he"s in disrepair.

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"Robert and Chris want his shirt to have a rip throughout the chest, therefore that"s what we provided him. It"s type of catastrophic to clock him take turn off his shirt due to the fact that he yes, really is sacrificing himself. <...> ns don"t really find it a beefcake moment."

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