The playstation Vita might not it is in the most portable tool out there, but with a solid music app and support for custom game soundtracks, there are plenty of reasons to save the handheld stocked increase with all of your favourite music. The procedure of carrying music come the Vita is actually fairly involved, so we've do things easy for you with a step-by-step guide that'll help you acquire some tunes onto your fancy brand-new handheld.

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Before you get started, make sure that the songs you want to transfer are compatible. The playstations Vita will only play MP3, MP4, and also WAV files, and also it won't be able to use any files the contain copy-protection, which can rule out few of your larger iTunes purchases.

If it's your first time transporting anything to or from your Vita, you'll should plug in her Vita's USB cable to your pc or Mac, then start up the content Manager app.


Select pc to PS Vita System, and it should inform you that you'll need to install an applications first. Select that option, then head to your computer and also follow the indict to install the software.

Be certain to pay special attention to the folders contents Manager will use for paper transfers to and from the Vita. You'll should put every the songs you desire to transfer right into this folder in order for them to display up later on on. By default, the music folder will certainly be C:\Users\\Music on PC, however you can change this during the installation process.


If friend forgot where the folder is or would as with to change it after the install is complete, you have the right to right click the contents Manager Assistant icon in the taskbar and also then click Settings.


Once the install is complete, you have the right to head back to your Vita. You should now be able to select Music indigenous the list of options, and also it'll instantly open the Music application for the following step of the transfer.


You must now watch a list of all the songs you deserve to transfer to her PC. Just examine the box of the records you'd like on the Vita (or the pick All button, if you'd favor to send every one of them) climate hit the Copy button.


A progression bar will certainly pop up. As soon as it's completed, you're every done. You have the right to now unplug the Vita from her computer and also listen to her music.

In the future, you have the right to save yourself part time by simply plugging the Vita in to her computer and also going straight into the Music app. Indigenous here, you can select PC in ~ the bottom of the menu, choose a category, and tap the "…" in the lower righthand edge of the screen to bring up an action menu. Just choose Copy, tick whatever you desire to transfer, and also hit Copy as soon as more.

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While this guide only focuses on music, it's precious noting that the procedure is identical for gaining videos and also photos onto your Vita. Simply drop the documents you want to transfer into the folders ~ above your pc Content Manager is collection up come use, climate send them end to the Vita making use of the appropriate application.