Yo-Yo Maintenance

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Choosing a Yo-Yo

To many people, a yo-yo is a yo-yo. There was a time not as well long earlier when this was mainly true. However in the past few years, yo-yos have been design with technology and physics in mind, creating different yo-yos for different skill levels and also styles of play.

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So what provides one yo-yo different from another?

There are many features which collection one yo-yo except the next. Body material (wood, plastic, rubber, aluminum), weight, axle design and also material, body shape, and also size all play a function in determining just how a yo-yo will certainly perform. The these, shape and axle have the greatest effect on the yo-yo"s performance.

Yo-Yo Shapes

Although yo-yos deserve to come in any balanced shape, the bulk of them autumn into three categories: traditional, flared gap, or modified.

The traditional architecture is the classic and most usual shape because that a yo-yo. That is a good all-around shape for most tricks and also is an excellent for looping. Most beginners will do well ~ above a yo-yo with a traditional shape like the Brain.

The flared gap style is basically the 2 halves of the traditional architecture reversed. Due to the fact that of its extra vast string gap, it is an excellent shape for tricks which require the yo-yo to land top top its own string, such together Trapeze and Split the Atom. Offstring tricks, whereby the yo-yo is not attached come the string, are additionally best carry out on a flared void yo-yo. The is a difficult shape for looping, however. Yomega Saber wing yo-yos are an instance of this shape.

The modified architecture is the newest of the 3 shapes. The bulk of the yo-yo"s massive is distributed roughly the rim of the yo-yo, permitting for the longest spin, or sleep, time possible. The is additionally capable of gift a an excellent looper. Countless modified yo-yos favor Bumblebees and ProYos covering the hole inside with a lightweight record or plastic lid to offer it the more familiar feel of a traditional yo-yo while maintaining the power of a modified. Modification flared void yo-yos are additionally gaining popularity because that their long spin times during long, complicated string tricks.

Yo-Yo Axles

There room two an easy types of axle: fixed axle and also transaxle.

A fixed axle has actually the string of the yo-yo looped about the axle itself. These yo-yos sleep (spin) because the string is enclosed loosely enough for the axle of the rotate yo-yo to on slide in the loop in ~ the bottom the the string. The axle itself does not move.

Fixed axles may be do from plastic, wood, or metals such together steel or brass. Many players choose wood axles for performance, however metal axles for strength. Some modern-day yo-yos such together the Technic and also ProYo have combined the ideal of both civilizations by placing a wood sleeve over a steel axle, and many players usage these for their blend of strength and also performance in tournaments where fixed axles room required.

Fixed axle yo-yos perform not sleep as lengthy as transaxle yo-yos, yet can make better loopers. Return you can unscrew the 2 halves the some fixed axle yo-yos to remove string tangles, countless cannot it is in taken apart, so make certain you know your solved axle yo-yo have the right to come apart prior to you try!

String tension, or just how tightly twisted the cable is, is really important on addressed axle yo-yos. If the wire is twisted too tightly, the yo-yo cannot spin in the loop at the end and also will not sleep. However if the string is no twisted strict enough, the yo-yo will not return. Experiment to find the perfect basic sleep - easy return wire tension.

A transaxle is a item which spins top top the metal axle of a yo-yo. The string is attached come this piece. The yo-yo sleeps because the transaxle spins freely. String anxiety is less important on transaxle yo-yos, return a loosely twisted wire does record inside the yo-yo much better for simple returns.

Transaxles may be one of two people a plastic or nylon bearing, or a steel roller bearing. The nylon bearing, such as is uncovered in the brain and Fireball yo-yos, is inexpensive, however will not sleep as long or together smoothly as the much more expensive roller bearing. Yo-yos through nylon bearings call for lubrication such as a Teflon oil. Many roller bearings room sealed and also require tiny or no lubrication.

Transaxle yo-yos sleep much longer than resolved axle yo-yos, yet can be an overwhelming to use in looping as result of their propensity to sleep. However, transaxle yo-yos with brake pads or friction stickers, or with flexible gaps set narrow, deserve to be very great loopers.

A yo-yo cable is merely one long string urgent in fifty percent and twisted up. Eliminate the old string by untwisting it till you have the right to slip the yo-yo out.

To put one loop ~ above a yo-yo, untwist the new string at the bottom (the end without the knot) until you have actually opened increase a loop big enough come slip end the yo-yo. Slip this loop over the yo-yo and into the cable gap. Now permit the string to retwist while maintaining tension on that to prevent kinks, and also you"re done!

For two loops, start with one loop but continue to hold the string open after slipping it into the string gap. Give it a one-half twist and also slip the loop over the yo-yo again. For three loops, provide it one more half-twist and slip it over the yo-yo again. Retwist the string after ~ you have actually installed the proper variety of loops.


Stringing Guidelines

This should give you one idea how plenty of loops to placed on her yo-yo. If you"re no sure, begin with one loop and also add an ext until your yo-yo both sleeps and comes ago easily.All fixed axle yo-yos: One loop. Two are desired by some for looping, and three have the right to be provided for very young kids so the yo-yo doesn"t sleep, making it simpler to gain it ago to the hand.Nylon transaxle yo-yos, such together the Yomega Brain: 3 loops; two for an ext advanced players.Roller bearing yo-yos: One or 2 loops.Yo-yos through an flexible string gap: commonly one loop, occasionally two.

Trimming the String and also Making a Slipknot

The string must be waist to navel high ~ above the yo-yo player. If it is as well long, cut it about four inches above the waist.

To retie the loop, wrinkles the peak of the cable over about an inch and tie a knot near the cut end of the string. Now, pull the string through the loop you simply made and also you will have a slipknot.

String Placement

many yo-yo players wear the string on their center finger in between the very first and 2nd knuckles. This gives a good mix of leverage for an effective throws and also balance for improved regulate during tricks.

Winding the String

With the exemption of the Brain, the string have the right to be challenging for beginners to wind, especially with transaxle and also roller bearing yo-yos. One easy way to wind her yo-yo is to location your table of contents finger end the string gap and wind the string when over her finger. Following wind the cable twice an ext around, this time under her finger and inside the string gap. Currently slip her finger out and also finish winding her yo-yo.


Oiling your Yo-Yo

Yo-yos with nylon transaxles (such together Brains and Fireballs) require lubrication when they are difficult to get ago to the hand or make a screeching noise. To oil her yo-yo, unscrew it and also remove the transaxle. Location a autumn of Teflon oil top top the smooth part of the metal axle, being cautious to protect against getting any kind of on the threading of the axle (the yo-yo will not continue to be together if there is). Replace the transaxle and screw the yo-yo earlier together, being very careful no to damages it through overtightening.

Roller bearing yo-yos hardly ever require lubrication, if in ~ all, together some usage sealed bearings (such together Bumblebees). If you carry out feel that your bearing yo-yo needs lubrication, place a very tiny drop the Teflon oil in the groove ~ above the next of the bearing. Typical play will work-related the oil right into the bearing.

My brain won"t come earlier automatically

String: Make certain the cable is triple looped and tightly twisted approximately the transaxle so the it is no slipping.O-ring: After enough use, the o-ring will certainly wear down from the closeup of the door of the clutch around it. If the o-ring seems flat around the edges rather than rounded, change it. Wipe any oil off the o-ring and also clutch.Clutch: The clutch might be damaged so the it can not close strictly on the o-ring. This can take place if the yo-yo hits the ground hard.

My resolved axle yo-yo won"t come back

Twist the wire so that the loop is a tiny tighter approximately the axle. Replace an old, thin string through a new, fluffy one.

My Fireball/Powerspin/Raider/RBII won"t come back

Oil: The yo-yo demands oil to fill the wait gap between the axle and transaxle.String: check to be certain the wire is looped three times ~ above the Fireball or Powerspin. Also, old, thin strings do not work as well as new, fluffy ones.String Gap: The string space may be as well wide. Be certain your yo-yo is screwed with each other all the way. That is additionally sometimes feasible to knock or traction the axle nut from that is plastic real estate inside the yo-yo. If this has happened, it have the right to sometimes be solved by firmly pushing the two yo-halves together to popular music it ago into place.Skill: these aren"t beginning of the person yo-yos. If girlfriend haven"t however mastered a strong throw, you might simply have to practice or start out v a mind yo-yo to develop your skills.

My yo-yo won"t sleep

String: Be sure the wire is looped, no tied approximately the axle. Look because that knots in the string. Untwist the wire a small so the axle have the right to spin easily within the loop in ~ the end. Inspect to watch if the cable is tangled inside the yo-yo or screwed into the axle threading. If the wire is tangled inside a non take-apart yo-yo and you usage a file clip, scissors, or various other sharp or metallic thing to eliminate it, be very careful not to scrape the axle or inside of the yo-yo as this will quickly cut through your string.String Gap: If the yo-yo axle threading has actually been stripped or a spacer has been lost, the yo-yo may be screwed too far together, not leaving a broad enough room for the free spinning the the bearing or string.

Axle:Transaxle yo-yo: It might need to it is in oiled. There may be dust on the axle. The axle might be scratched, staying clear of the complimentary spinning the the transaxle or string.Brain: The transaxle may be in backwards. Put the o-ring next of the transaxle right into the "smart" half of the Brain.
flexible Gap yo-yo: The string space may be adjusted to too narrow a setting. Widen the space and shot again.Roller bearing yo-yo: The pieces might be in the wrong order. Spacers go on both sides of the bearing, cupping roughly it. Small o-rings, if there are any, go on either next of the spacers.

My wire keeps breaking

It is typical for a yo-yo wire to rest after six to eight hrs of beat (or much less for more advanced players or yo-yos through wood axles), yet if your string is break after just minutes of play and also the yo-yo is a solved axle yo-yo, the axle might be scratched. A scratched axle will buzzsaw its means through a string very rapidly.A take-apart yo-yo"s wire may have actually gotten captured in the axle threading. If a string drops off a bearing, it will certainly be reduced quickly. Inspect to watch that you have all the parts inside the yo-yo and also that they are in the correct order. If the yo-yo has actually an flexible gap, the gap may have actually been widened past the broad of the bearing.

My yo-yo keeps comes apart or won"t screw back together

Threading: it is normal for all take-apart yo-yos to work their way apart over time and also should be confirm for tightness throughout play. Wipe any oil turn off the axle threading and screw the yo-yo back together until it is snug, taking treatment not to piece the threading or cracked the plastic housing.Stripped: If the axle threading or nut is stripped, or the plastic housing roughly the nut is cracked, the yo-yo might not screw with each other or continue to be together. Don"t use also much force when screwing her yo-yo earlier together and trim your string so girlfriend don"t struggle the soil to protect against this native happening.

My yo-yo won"t come apart

Fixed axle: addressed axle yo-yos like older Duncan models and most hardwood yo-yos space not made come come apart. Closely remove string tangles v a record clip, taking care not to scrape the inside of the yo-yo or the axle.Stripped/cracked: Yo-yos which have been stripped or cracked may not come apart. Don"t use also much force when screwing your yo-yo earlier together and also trim her string so you don"t struggle the ground to avoid this from happening.

My brand-new yo-yo has actually a mark/knob top top the edge

This is the mold mark current on plenty of popular models that yo-yo and also is perfectly normal.

My cap dropped off

Usually this happens once the yo-yo hits the ground too hard. You deserve to have one adult help you adhesive it earlier on v super glue.

I should take out my axle there is no scratching it

Although that doesn"t work-related every time, we"ve had good luck wrapping something like a heavy rubber band approximately the axle to protect it prior to using pliers to unscrew the axle indigenous the yo-yo.

Yo-Yo Tricks

Don"t understand where to start with that yo-yo? below are some basic tricks to gain you started!


This is one of the many basic, but toughest to understand yo-yo tricks the end there. Make sure you litter the yo-yo hard! girlfriend will need to throw the "yo" overhanded, which method you host your hand palm up. Do a "muscle" with your arm, and put the yo-yo on her shoulder. Now, lift your elbow increase to face level, and throw the yo-yo through a hard snap of her wrist. This should carry out you v ample sleep time to finish other yo-yo tricks.NOTE: If you room using the Yomega X-Brain, or standard Brain, you may need to litter the yo-yo also harder: this way, the centrifugal clutch will be disengaged, and also the yo-yo have the right to sleep.

Forward Pass

The forward pass is a an useful trick come know, because it can help you to discover looping together you development to advanced yoing maneuvers. In order to forward pass, organize the yo-yo by your waist. Now, through the top of her hand encountering the same way you space looking, you must do two points at once: fall the yo-yo, and swing your arm outward.NOTE: Make certain to swing your arm from the shoulder. It requirements to be a "sweeping" motion, which uses your whole arm. Also, avoid relocating your hand towards your face: the yo is fastened to her hand, and also that"s where it"s comes back!

Walk the Dog

For this trick, you must throw a tough sleeper. Throw the sleeper, and very gently, touch the yo-yo come the ground. The "yo" will then roll throughout the floor, and also you space walking the dog!NOTE: Don"t collection the yo-yo on the ground also hard, or it will certainly jump ago up to your hand.

Around the World

You will should throw a tough forward pass in order come successfully finish an approximately the world. Throw the front pass, and also let it sleep in ~ the end of the string, as it swings roughly your body. As it passes in former of girlfriend again, offer the yo-yo a little tug, and the yo will go back to your hand.

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NOTE: Make sure to look around you before you execute this trick. About the world can it is in dangerous, because the yo-yo is moving fast, and also is spanning a huge area.