Are the “Pretty Boys” pissed off or happy the they have found a celebrity Greek imposer in kris Brown?

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As homecoming season draws come an end, with Spelman, Morehouse and also Hampton hosting their annual party this weekend, many are looking to the Kappas to describe why end the last 3 months chris Brown has actually been able to shimmy there is no reprimand?

In his hit song “Heat” featuring Gunna, Breezy is checked out perfectly coiffed dressed come the nines together he stepped best out that GQ. And also STEPPED would certainly be the operative word. In the video, he borrows moves from 2 fraternities, Phi Beta Sigma and Kappa Alpha Psi for his silky smooth choreography. While girlfriend can clearly see a slowed under Sigma go in the video, what has accomplished the most attention (as The Nupes have tendency to do) is the Shimmy. Why?

Because plainly in this fashion-forward video most civilization can associate the groove and also look v those smooth Crimson and also Cream brothers. Also… maybe due to the fact that concert after ~ concert, power after performance you see Brown shimmying his shoulders (Oh he want to be honorary therefore bad!!!!).

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Here go kris Brown through this Kappa shit again ????.

— Pyramids and also Diamonds (
1911_1913_BakUp) September 8, 2019

The man have been accurate running roughly like he’s among our neos because that the critical 2 weeks since this track dropped. #Songbate

— Pyramids and also Diamonds (
1911_1913_BakUp) September 8, 2019

While kris is a celebrity faking the funk, there are some celebrities that room members of the fraternity.

Colin Kaepernick, GQ’s citizen of the Year, attract the diamond proudly. Movie/ tv director and Philly native, Stan Lathan (also Sanaa Lathan’s pop) is a playboy. Christian rapper Lecrae it s okay his shimmy on. Megachurch pastor, Rev. Jamal Bryant is not just dipped in the crimson blood the Jesus however loves the crimson and cream the represents his frat. There space plenty more in all elements of life. And maybe Brown desires to do a bid to join the ranks. Or maybe, the is just jacking and also thinks appropriating this culture is cool.

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What is exciting is the while kris Brown has actually been bopping every over, dipping and doing the spiritual dance prefer it is the brand-new Milly Rock, some human being have feel the wrath of black Greek letter establishments for appropriating and also encouraging human being to execute the stroll.

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