The parental Trap, a Walt Disney classic, to be recreated in 1998 starring lindsay Lohan as the pair girls, Dennis Quaid as the father, and also Natasha Richardson together the mother. As soon as Annie, a character in the story, comes earlier from camp, she is greeted by the family butler, Martin. Annie and Martin then proceed through a unique handshake that they produced for each other. Discover what"s associated in recreating this handshake, step by step.

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Face the opposite human at about arm"s length away. Expand your ideal hand and shake hand with partner twice.

While grasping hands, switch positions and also close hands approximately your partner"s thumb. The position around the hand have to look comparable to a master used to eight wrestle. Lift up and "throw" or drastically pull hand back.

Stick right hand the end again, fingers closed, palm flat, facing toward the ground. Eight is totally extended about chest length. Your friend will perform the same, stacking his hand on peak of yours. Repeat with left hands. The stack will consist of your best hand on the bottom and also your friend"s left hand ~ above top.

Put your best hand down and also stick her left hand out; in ~ the same time her partner should do the same. Slap the back of your hand with your partner"s hand, palms encountering away from each other. Save your hand in this position, while taking the right hand and also slapping her partner"s best hand, palms facing toward every other. The right-hand slap must be directly above the left-hand position.

Simultaneously slap your left hand with your appropriate hand together your companion does the very same with his hand. Keep your left-hand position the exact same as you move your appropriate hand directly below your left hand and slap palms again v partner.

Bring your left hand below your best hand and also slap your partner"s palm. Climate repeat, pass the best hand listed below the left hand and slapping palms again.

Draw your hands away from your partner, hop up and also simultaneously pivot your body come the side and also bump her left hip v your partner"s left hip. Hop, pivot and bump your appropriate hip through your partner"s right hip.

Face straight opposite your companion again and also bend your knees if bringing her hand up under your chin. Bend your elbows perpendicular to the floor and interlace your fingers and wiggle them while your knees are bent. Her partner have to mirror her actions together you do them.

Put your hands down, was standing up and take one lengthy step left of your companion as your partner does the same. Pivot and face each other again.

Stick your right hand the end again at arm"s length from her partner and also shake hands twice. This completes the "Parent Trap" handshake.

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Practice the handshake a couple of times to finish each step without stopping. The whole process takes roughly 10 secs or so come complete.