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A leg kickover is a beginning of the person gymnastics ability that deserve to be really exciting when you an initial learn how to carry out one. It’s one of the first skills a gymnast learns whereby she is upside down. It’s additionally a requirement in the level 2 floor routine. If the leg kickover is the basis of a earlier walkover, with a leg kickover you can either begin standing up and also lean backwards right into a bridge, or begin from a leg on the ground.

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In order come learn just how to do a bridge kickover, girlfriend will need to have actually the back and shoulder flexibility to do a bridge (learn more about versatility in gymnasts). In enhancement to having actually the flexibility, girlfriend will need to have actually the appropriate muscle strength. In this short article we comment on some exercises to strengthen the muscles you need, along with some drills you can do to help you find out a leg kickover.

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Bridge Kickover action by Step

Here is a leg kickover action by step.

1. Start in a Bridge: In this step you need to be pushing her body forwards toward your shoulders.


2. Absent Your leading Leg: The following step in a leg kickover is to kick your dominant leg turn off the ground. (In the picture her leg have to be straight.)


3. Separation Handstand: In the center of the bridge kickover, you should be in a handstand through your foot in a split. Throughout this step you need to be squeezing your legs tight and pushing with your shoulders.


4. Lever out that the handstand: Push v your shoulders in order to regulate your bridge kickover ending, therefore you can lever or “T” the end of your handstand.


5. Land it: floor your leg kickover in a lunge and also then end up with her arms up.


Muscles You require for a leg Kickover

Core: girlfriend need strong core stomach muscle to perform a bridge kickover due to the fact that they room what pull her legs up turn off the ground.

Arms: You require arm muscles solid enough the they deserve to hold her body up during the center of the kickover.

Legs: You require some leg strength to kick her leg off the floor in order to kickover.

Exercises You deserve to Do at Home

Crunches: Crunches room a good exercise to assist strengthen the stomach muscle you need for a leg kickover. Lied on your earlier with your knees bent and feet level on the floor. Location your hand behind your head lightly with your fingertips. Making use of your core, lift her upper-body slightly off the ground. Reduced your upper-body back to the soil to complete the repetition.

Handstand Hold: You can practice hold a handstand come strengthen your arms, for once they need to support you throughout your bridge kickover. If girlfriend can’t hold a handstand really long there is no support, you deserve to practice them versus a wall. You have the right to either execute a handstand with your stomach encountering the wall, or her stomach dealing with away indigenous the wall. Make sure to squeeze her core, butt and legs.


Lunges: Doing part lunges to strengthen your leg muscles will certainly mimic the activity of one leg pushing off the floor come kickover. To execute a lunge, stand through your legs together and also your hand on your hips (you don’t must use weights prefer the girl in the picture). Your earlier should it is in straight and also you should be looking in former of you. Step one foot forward and also bend both legs till your back leg is practically touching the floor and also your former thigh is parallel to the floor. Make certain your prior knee is above your ankle, and also that your earlier knee doesn’t touch the floor. Was standing up and repeat through the various other leg.


Bridge Kickover Drills

Bridge Kickover turn off a Mat: A helpful way to learn exactly how to carry out a leg kickover is to practice them off a mat. Lie on your back next come a urgent up dashboard mat, through your butt close come the edge. Placed your feet top top the sheet of the dashboard mat and also push up into a bridge. Then try to kickover. When you have actually learned how to kickover on the elevated surface, friend can gradually lower the panel mat through un-folding it.

Bridge Kickover down a Wedge Mat: Another method to practice doing a leg kickover before you deserve to do that on the floor, is to perform it down a wedge mat. Push up right into a bridge from lying under on a wedge mat and also kickover.

Tools for learning a leg Kickover

Here is some that the gymnastics equipment detailed above to help you learn a bridge kickover.


Panel Mat– A panel mat is valuable to perform a elevated bridge kickover.

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Wedge Mat– A good way to learn a leg kickover is by doing one under a wedge mat.


Having the stamin necessary and also then practicing the over bridge kickover drills are the vital steps to learn just how to do a leg kickover. And also after you have actually learned a bridge kickover girlfriend will have actually learned the basis of a earlier walkover and be ~ above your means to learning an ext advanced skills in the future!