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Modding a grand Theft Auto video game alaways has actually some tradition vehicles at some point. You know, to change your boring default Kurumas, Coquettes, and Habaneros.

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Despite being released end a decade earlier in 2008, GTA4 is still a commonly appreciated video game with a huge playerbase worldwide.

The modding community hasn’t exit it either, therefore it proceeds to get new custom cars indigenous time to time.

If you’re on the industry for new wheels to boost your GTA IV experience, take it a look at these exceptional custom car gathered native all across the web.

And prior to we obtain down come business, ns recommend you acquire the EPM mod, as most of these tradition cars merely won’t operation without it.

25. BTTF Delorean


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Bringing modern cars come GTA IV as soon as GTA5 has actually been the end for almost a decade gives a certain time-travely emotion that ns can’t shake off.

To honor this unusual situation, we’re starting the ranking v a Delorean from earlier to the Future.

This one’s converted from a ahead GTA: evil City mod by creator Dragon King.

The only major drawback to installation this vehicle is that it doesn’t actually travel v time.

Maybe there’s a GTA5 mod that does?

24. Buggy Fireball


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Buggy-type vehicles have actually been amongst my favorites ever due to the fact that I witnessed one in ~ the beach for the very first time.

There’s something about feeling the wind on your face and the hyper-practical architecture of this cars that get my blood pumping.

Now Claude deserve to enjoy the same refreshing experience thanks to the Buggy Fireball mod by TheCrosswave. It functions a bad-ass exposed engine and really well-done dust mapping – a should for this off-road beast.

Just be ready to roll downhill a lot if you planning to leave the asphalt and also explore Liberty City’s frontiers.

23. Conventional Machines


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This following entry is a bit weird, yet I’m sure plenty of of girlfriend will find it quite useful.

Standard equipments isn’t yes, really a mod. But rather a load containing every one of the original vanilla vehicles, for those times as soon as you forget to earlier up your game before modding.

Believe me, that happens more often than you think.

It also includes the original Handling.dat and also Vehicles.ide files, so there’s no have to re-install the game just due to the fact that you broke the vehicle system.

22. Lada 2109


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Whenever you scouring the web for GTA mods, especially the larger ones, you’re bound to run into numerous Russian users and also modders.

In a way, we owe them respect for maintaining the GTA modding step alive.

To honor our Russian brothers and also sisters, I’ve determined to incorporate the most Russian automobile I can find.

The Lada brand and also its cost-efficient cars room a monument come Russian practicality. They deserve to be seen all over Eastern Europe, particularly in post-soviet countries.

The Lada 2109 replaces the vanilla Blista car, for this reason you’ll watch it everywhere Liberty City as well.

21. Speedometer IV


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You have the right to use any type of trainer to give yourself a basic speedometer in GTA IV.

Still, considering exactly how much effort we’re putting into updating ours cars, there’s no factor to skip over a practice speedometer.

Creator Oinkoink supplies us this nifty mod, featuring several different speedometer designs. It consists of luxurious ones, minimalist ones, and also a pair that are just plain weird.

Their placement is unintrusive, and also after a while, you’ll feel together if that were constantly there.

And reality be told, there’s nothing quite like watching the needle ~ above these points fight its way up as you walk pedal to the steel in the roadways of Liberty City.

Just store an eye on the road, too.

20. Nissan Skyline R34


Check the end This Mod

The Nissan Skyline R34 was among the first cars to carry the performance “tuning” culture from Japan come the western world.

And its figure in gamings like require for Speed, or films like 2 quick 2 Furious: Tokyo Drift, definitely helped attract mainstream attention.

This deceptively powerful vehicle is designed to change the Hakumai.

Its unassuming design looks perfect ~ above the highways of Liberty City, helping you achieve an immersive update of the city’s vehicles.

Among this mod’s ideal features are the damageable parts, and also the fact that friend don’t need a deluxe gaming rig to manage it (unlike some of our an ext hardcore entries).

19. Hummer H2


Check the end This Mod

Back when GTA IV an initial came out, the Hummer H2 was infamous as a luxurious auto people would use to flaunt their money around.

Luckily, it’ll price you precisely zero dollars to obtain it as a mode for GTA IV.

This design was convert from complete Drive 2 by creator Stiopa, pass the H2’s decisive aura come Liberty City.

The helpless NPCs you’re to run over will ultimately know why you execute it: because you’re the boss.

While I’d advise keeping it yellow for authenticity’s sake, it’ll likewise look remarkable in sober colors favor black or white.

18. Audi RS5 V1 R3


Check the end This Mod

One that the finest cars friend can acquire to do Liberty City traffic an ext interesting is this solid however not over-the-top Audi RS5.

Sure, it no the best car for mountain Andreas’ greatest badass once there are things prefer supercars and also armored vehicles.

But still, also NPCs require to obtain around!

Plus you won’t need to pilot a bad auto whenever friend steal a arbitrarily one indigenous the streets.

Modder Ghost outfitted this auto with tradition working lights, and all components of the auto will gain realistic damage when appropriate.

Of course, the handling is custom-made as well.

17. GTAV Heists Armored Kuruma


Check the end This Mod

GTA5’s Kuruma is amongst my favorite vanilla vehicles of any GTA game.

And this Armored version is just too cool to be true.

But don’t be fooled through its good looks. This modded armored device is 100% functional and will defend you from anything the doesn’t uncover its method through the peepholes you’re supposed to see through.

It looks fantastic in the default sober gray/black color.

Still, this mod gives a high degree of customization – from colors come the kind of spoiler top top the trunk.

16. The Essential auto Pack


Check the end This Mod

Most of the best San Andreas automobile mods attribute hi-poly models that most low-end pcs won’t handle, regardless of the game’s reasonably basic engine.

A great option if you’re playing on a humbler computer is the Essential car Pack by creator Jotov24.

The vehicles in this mode were hand-picked by Jotov24 to carry out the highest quality possible, without sacrificing performance.

They may not have 100,000 polygons, but they quiet look incredible.

The selection is nothing to scoff at, either.

If you liked this and you think the ol’ rig can still take part more, then think about The Extended and The Evolved car packs, the slightly an ext resource-demanding sequels to this mod.

15. Liberty F1 2010


Check out This Mod

Formula 1 has been one of the most exciting sports come watch because that decades.

Now you deserve to take part in it without leaving the comfort of Liberty City.

This Liberty F1 2010 mod by BryanLex bring 24 various cars native the 2010 season to her game, all with distinct handling, acceleration, and max speed.

All the models space intricately detailed, function working lights, and also closely resemble their real-life counterparts.

14. 2010 Chevrolet Camaro synergy Edition


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I’ve always liked the Camaro due to the fact that it manages to look fresh and powerful, when remaining suitable for urban use.

I mean, why would you drive a Bugatti Veyron with NYC?

Modders Alex189 and also KaLaC bring us this bright environment-friendly Synergy edition Camaro, i m sorry merges the contemporary Camaro watch we’ve come to love, with a first-generation Camaro design.

You can easily recolor this beast, yet the genuine Camaro synergy effect Edition is exactly this shade of green.

So I’d indicate leaving it choose that for authenticity’s sake.

13. NYC Mega car Pack


Check the end This Mod

If you want high-quality vehicles that look herbal in an urban setup like Liberty City, you require to shot the NYC Mega automobile Pack.

This substantial compilation the HQ vehicles is supposed to make Liberty City look like 2010’s NYC.

It replaces most vanilla cars v what you’d have actually seen ~ above the streets earlier then.

There space Golf Cars because that leisurely days, Harley Davidson Fatboy bikes because that the poor boys, and there’s even a Mazda 3 so you deserve to re-live the days of stealing your mother’s car.

Among mine favorite additions have to it is in the new law enforcement cars, including a Ford Crown Victoria for the FBI.

12. BMW M8 Competition


Check out This Mod

The BMW M8 Competition to be designed as a sturdy and powerful car that gives the smoothest feasible driving experience, also at breakneck speeds.

This elegant and aerodynamic model was ripped from CSR2 and also converted to san Andreas by Milcin7, that went as far as to give it working lights and also custom handling.

The perfectly-placed blue highlights on a pearl-white body perform wonders to offer this auto an virtually ethereal look.

But you deserve to also adjust them to whatever you want.

11. Pagani Zonda R


Check the end This Mod

We all understand what a supercar is.

But most people can proper tell their Lamborghinis from your Ferraris, and they more than likely think lock the just supercar manufacturers worth your salt.

Nothing more from the truth, together we check out in this astonishingly attractive an equipment from the Modenese atelier Pagani.

The Pagani Zonda R is a luxurious supercar with a unique style that favors natural-looking curves over right lines.

This is partly due to aesthetics, and also partly because that aerodynamic reasons.

The result is a stylish vehicle unlike any other cruisn’ the roadways of Liberty City. And also thanks come modder NatT96Report, friend can try it out yourself.

10. Ultimate HD auto Pack 2012


Check out This Mod

The following car pack was made by among those Russian individuals who are just as serious about cars as they are about their favorite games like GTA4.

It functions almost 200 HQ vehicles that’ll do the website traffic in Liberty City look almost out-of-place there is no a slim graphical advancement for the neighboring urban sprawl.

All that them feature custom handling and working lights, along with damageable parts.

It’s one of the best choices if her objective is to have the best-looking hyper-modded GTA IV playthrough.

9. Lamborghini Aventador TRON Edition


Check out This Mod

It’s regularly the case that, like putting 2 + 2 together, two really cool things can integrate to with a brand-new level that awesomeness.

That’s the instance with ExtremeModder191’s Lamborghini Aventador TRON edition mod, which features enticing neon highlights over a dark body of this Italian mid-engine supercar.

TRON-themed Lambos and also other supercars space nothing out of the ordinary. A fast google search will show a lot.

Still, few are as completed as this digital adversary – and also none are fairly as straightforward to get.

8. Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 at sight Trofeo


Check out This Mod

The Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 supervisor Trofeo was a one-of-a-kind race-oriented edition with an even an ext aerodynamic model, improved brake cooling, and ten positions because that the behind wing.

This design for GTA IV doesn’t actually feature a ten-position rear wing.

But that looks just as breathtaking as its actual counterpart.

It functions all the details a custom automobile needs – consisting of custom handling, realistic damage, working doors, and also functional lights.

This version was duplicated from require for Speed: Rivals by creator big Bear, and also just favor in the game, it will certainly look remarkable in virtually any color.

7. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 SS


Check the end This Mod

You can’t do a “best cars” perform of any kind of kind without stating the Bugatti Veyron.

There are numerous mods online supplying to include this top-tier supercar that the 2010s to the roads of Liberty City.

Still, couple of offer the level that detail and polygon count as this model from Forza Motorsport 4 – ported to GTA IV by modder Alex189.

The default architecture with a black color carbon fiber body and red highlights is particularly representative of the 16.4 at sight Sport, yet you have the right to recolor as required to fit her tastes.

6. Bugatti Veyron 16.4 human body Kit final Stock


Check out This Mod

If you’re anything favor me, you thrived up play the hell the end of require for Speed.

For many people, the creates a bit of an obsession v aftermarket parts and also car tuning – i m sorry is why I’m consisting of this human body Kit final Stock version of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4, an significant mod v a many detail.

Other 보다 the modified skirts and front bumper, this model has a distinctive coloring scheme that’ll let you experiment much an ext than our previous entry.

A white body v red highlights is right for the flamboyant gangster.

The original design was ported from NFS: shift 2 to GTA IV by modder Imtaj, who additionally gave the vehicle custom handling, realistic damage, and totally working lights/doors.

5. Realistic Driving and also Flying


Check the end This Mod

Here’s other you’ll desire to get also if none of our custom automobile mods have persuaded you: Killatomate’s realistic Driving and Flying mod for GTA IV.

Killatomate went one-by-one through every one of the 170 default vehicles in the game, and tweaked their taking care of for a much more realistic and just plain fun experience.

There’s no factor to play without this mod – ever.

4. Realistic auto Pack V4


Check the end This Mod

If what you’re searching for is lifelike follow to reality, then the Realistic car Pack by Ogiogi93 will provide you a hand in the motor department.

It replace instead instead 95 vanilla cars and adds one entirely new 23 vehicles, instead of the share Rockstar-brand automobiles with ones bearing their genuine insignias.

There’s even a FedEx van in there, together with the most realistic-looking ambulances I’ve watched so far.

3. Lamborghini Aventador 50th Anniversary


Check the end This Mod

If you haven’t realized yet, ns love Lamborghini supercars. And also the Aventador is easily amongst my favorites many thanks to that delicate-looking design.

This convertible 50th Anniversary edition is the one I’d choose to drive roughly town myself, if ns could. Emotion the wind on mine face and enjoying the passerby population’s envious looks… i guess GTA4 is simply as good, yeah?

This Aventador is set to change the Infernus.

And as most of our entries, this mod attributes working lights, doors, and everything you’d expect from a deluxe custom vehicle.

2. Ultimate automobile Pack v11


Check the end This Mod

As I’ve written before, I value packs that save modding time and also let united state get earlier to gaming.

In the case of cars because that GTA IV, ns can’t find a better recommendation 보다 the eleventh version of Taltigolt’s Ultimate automobile Pack.

While girlfriend take treatment of installing supercars yourself, this will certainly replace continual cars in Liberty City through the highest-quality custom equivalent available.

This helps provide the city a splash that realism, due to the fact that not everyone in LC can afford a Bugatti or a Lambo.

If all the doesn’t convince you, then shot this out just for the fully-functional armed forces jet.

1. Lamborghini Huracán Liberty Walk


Check out This Mod

Liberty Walk is one of the most recognizable and respected names in the commercial vehicle tuning industry. And their involvement is about the only means to improve the pure masterpiece the is the Lamborghini Huracán.

Its name method “hurricane” in Spanish, and that’s specifically what it’d feel choose to have actually the Gallardo’s follower drive by you in ~ high speeds.

Thanks come Team Extreme, that ported this indigenous CSR2, girlfriend can pick to be the one law the control – at the very least within Liberty City.

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