When ns was in middle school, crimped hair was all the rage. I was accurate obsessed through making mine hair look as popstar chic together possible. Now, with the tendency coming earlier (see: Stella McCartney"s 2015 Spring display or pan Bingbing sporting the hairstyle in ~ Paris Fashion Week), my inner pre-teen is literally screaming for joy. This triggered me to add it back into mine hairstyle rolodex, but I didn"t desire to walk out and buy a crimper again. So, fellow readers, this is what ns did: i crimped my hair without heat, and the results were no bad. Not bad at all.

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Of course, this wasn"t the an initial time I had done it. During my middle school years, ns crimped my hair as much as possible, but it to be a most heat and also over time, ns knew i was damaging mine hair. On optimal of that, that took way more time 보다 I had in the morning. Together a result, I entered survival mode and figured the end a method to crimp my hair overnight, every while not having actually to apply heat in ~ all. It was life-changing! and for an 11-year-old Britney Spears-loving pre-teen, ns felt choose I had unlocked the keys to all my wildest hairdo dreams.

In my effort to bring back the crimped hairstyle, I"ve made decision to bring earlier the technique of just how I used to perform it, sans crimper. If you"re willing to revamp the hairstyle v me, the process is super straightforward to follow. But before you start, I very recommended creating a throwback playlist to really set the mood.

1. Wash, dry and straighten her hair the night before

OK, for this reason super important: before the crimping process, it"s imperative the you wash and also dry your hair. That way when you set your hair, it won"t have all the herbal oils from your scalp. Now, i love my natural oils. Without them, mine hair wouldn"t it is in shiny. Yet for this process, we require your hair come be together clean as possible for the ideal results. Also, make certain your hair is right or straightened prior to you start. (You don"t need warmth to straighten your hair if you pick not to).

2. Prep and divide


Divide her hair right into sections and also make certain to prep your hair with hairspray. Any type of hairspray have to work, simply pick one the works ideal on her hair and holds in her style. Relying on how intense you want your crimp to be, you can divide her hair into much more sections. The an ext sections you division your hair into, the much more crimped it will certainly look. I commonly divide mine hair in two, for a easier, lighter crimp.

3. French braid every section


This is when the magic happens. While your hair is currently prepped through hairspray and divided, french braid each section. The tighter the braid, the more crimped your hair will certainly be. For the end of your hair, tie her hair about a half inch native the ends and continue come braid. Loop the overfill braid come the hair tie. This method your ends won"t look fully straight while the rest of her hair is crimped.

4. Use hairspray and set for the night

Hairspray is crucial for this hairstyle. After ~ braiding her hair, apply more hairspray to lock in and set your french braids. Sleep v your braids and also dream of all the hair joy they"re around to bring you.

5. Let loosened and mousse


When you wake up up to begin your day, her braids will have already set and will certainly be prepared to permit loose. Gently loosen every braid from the bottom all the way to the root, slowly and gently. The quicker you loosen, the more tangled her crimped hair will certainly become. Then, let her hair be sure for about five minutes after loosening. After waiting, apply a dab the mousse all approximately your hair, starting from the ends all the method to her scalp.

And this is how your hair should look:


If you want your hair come look more crimped, create more sections and braid them together tightly together possible.

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And because I"m not 11 anymore, and red lips space a staple, ns paired mine new/old crimped "do through red lipstick and also my "90s chop top.