With every new madden that comes out in respectable we constantly get a few new features. We gain all excited we get new modes and updated rosters but what us really notification is what we have lost. Due to the fact that Madden 05 we have gained new features and we have actually lost features. In this list we will certainly be going with the 10 features we hope make a go back to Madden 16!

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 10. “Muddy play Field” in Madden 08Some of the greatest gamings in NFL background were played in damaging field conditions. In Madden 08 as soon as you played in a game in rain or snow by the finish of the game the jerseys and pants would be muddy and players would certainly be slipping almost everywhere the place. This to be super cool yet it never brought over into the brand-new maddens. It would be a function that v the realism the the next gen consoles this would be for sure unreal. Madden 16 demands to include this feature since although the weather is decently fine done in madden 15 there might be much improvement to do those cold wet problems that much an ext realistic.9. “Controllable Touchdown Celebrations” in Madden 08Touchdown celebrations room a huge component of the NFL in this day and age. Over there is the Gronk Spike the Graham goal post slam and every one of these room closely associated to ours favourite players. Now for every one of the various other players it would be quite to have a to speak in what solemn event you desire to use. Maybe have a choice like 2K my Park wherein you can pick from celebrations to use as soon as you score! have one for each button and then give you the selection once you score. Its tiny things like this the make the game just the much much better and there is nothing better than taunting a girlfriend or a online adversary after you gain a huge score! Madden 16 should lug this back its a little feature however its the tiny details that add polish come a game.8. “Adaptive Difficulty” in Madden 09This is just one of the coolest attributes that Madden has ever had and that really needs to be lugged back. This might not be an essential for the gamers who have been playing for a lengthy time however for the new gamers this is great. It is tough to uncover a an obstacle that is simply right for you however with this feature the CPU would adapt depending on your skill as the game goes on. Over there is nothing worse than playing ~ above a difficulty that is way to simple or one the is method to difficult. This is why adaptive challenge is such a cool feature and really permits you come have great games through the CPU! Madden 16 need to bring earlier this feature as it would be huge for the non online players!
7. “Team Newspapers” in Madden 05This to be a little feature however it was likewise super solve to check out your produced player or the star of her franchise on the front web page of the newspaper. They had actually the “ san Francisco Chronicle” the “Boston Globe” and also many other city papers for girlfriend to it is in on the front web page of. It would certainly be quite easy to get this ago in the game and we feel like it would be quite renowned in Madden 16. It might be way more interactive through the ability to upper and lower reversal pages and click to read an ext on the topics. Hope Madden 16 decides to bring back this tiny feature which would certainly be a great edition to CFM modes.6. “ rally A Coaching Staff” in Madden 05
This has never made a return to the Madden franchise and we are not certain why, it would be an extremely cool to have the ability to pick your entire coaching staff. You could bring in assistant or positional coaches that assist your offense or defense in a various way. Perhaps if you obtain a former spread based university coach to be your offensive Coordinator her team gets +1 Speed. Or if you acquire a old institution blitz hefty coach your defence could get +1 block shedding or fight Power. This function may be a little far fetched however is something castle could construct on and also really take it come the following level in Madden 16!
5. Cheerleaders in Madden 05
Cheerleaders have always been a important aspect of the NFL experience and you would certainly think the would typical it would analyze to madden. That however is no the instance madden hasn’t had actually cheerleaders in a lengthy time and they really need to bring this back. The really not going to make or rest Madden 16 if they have cheerleaders yet it would certainly be a really cool feature to make the madden experience simply like a real NFL broadcast!
4. “Create A Superbowl Ring” in Madden 08
Madden and Jostens partnered increase in Madden 2008 to provide gamers the alternative to create their very own customizable ring if they success the Superbowl. Therefore winning the Super key in Madden is not basic it bring away a long consistent season and some clutch to win in the playoffs. Us have had actually cool celebrations after the huge win in recent years but must say producing a ring would certainly be incredibly fun to do. Some of our favorite teams might never win a Super bowl anytime soon but doing it on Madden is a close as we will ever get. So once we execute win we want as many features together possible.
3. “ produce a Team” in Madden 12
So when we say create a team we don’t mean Madden ultimate Team. This was a setting where girlfriend could build your teams very own stadium style the logos and pick the football player you desire to have actually represent her team. This mode needs to be brought back and with the graphics following gen consoles have actually you can get really creative with the stadium design. This mode allows you the opportunity to produce the “ Next great Team” and also would yes, really be a most fun.
We tho have produce a player mode but i think we would all agree it lacks presentation In Madden 16 they could make major upgrades. After ~ creating and also customizing her player you could start the NFL draft procedure which is one that would be absolutely epos to replicate. You could run with all the integrate drills, operation the 40, and also do the specific drills depending upon what position you want to play. Now just imagine the draft interview process you could talk to every the head coaches and also owners and also give answers that would help determine that you would obtain drafted by. The draft procedure would be simply the beginning and they can have presentation because that the entirety season as you learn and also grow through your team.
1. Team play in Madden 25I don’t understand at every why they determined to take Team Play the end of the game completely. I obtain it was no the most renowned mode in the game but everyone i recognize who played it loved it. It to be a opportunity to play v your ideal online friends and each the you can play the place they space strongest at. It likewise had a compete leaderboard the you can climb with your community. This demands to return in Madden 16 and we will be absolutely ecstatic if that does!

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So execute you agree through us and think that these settings should return or space you happy few of these features were taken out of the game? permit us know in the comment what girlfriend think and be certain to check out the video above!