Anyone who has actually their lip pierced will certainly be challenged with a situation at some pointwhere lock will have to knowhow come hide a lip piercing.

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You may be wondering to you yourself what is the allude in having a piercing if youare going to hide it?

Well, there space a few reasons for this actually. In particular situations human body piercings are merely not appropriate.

For example, you space attending a task interview and are unsure the the company’s see on piercings, you might not want them to see that you have piercings yourself. Perhaps you currently have a job and your boss simply isn’t a huge fan of body modification, in this situation your ideal bet would certainly be come cover up any type of piercings you need to the best of her ability.

You obtain my drift, piercings have actually their time and place, and sometimes the is finest to simply hide them. This means you perform not need to remove the jewelry and also let the hole close, an interpretation that you can still wear her awesome body jewelry in a casual setting or ~ above a night out!

There room a few ways to hide her piercings,here i will show you the most efficient ones:

Method #1 – acquire Yourself a Piercing Retainer

Of course, one of the best ways the hiding her piercing without having to leave your jewelry out is to get yourself piercing retainer.

This is only perfect for piercings which space healed – to the allude when it is okay to readjust your jewelry. This varies between different piercings but we are focusing on the lip piercing, i beg your pardon takes roughly 3 months to cure up.

buying a piercing retainer

When friend buy you yourself a lip piercing retainer, you need to make certain you pick on out that is suited to your an individual needs.


Make sure that you pick a retainerwhich one of two people matches her skin tone or is completely see-through. This decision is approximately you. For Piercings with a larger gauge size, I have tendency to find that skin tone retainers work much much better at hiding it than see-through ones.

You likewise need to consider the product your piercing retainer is do of. Usually speaking, acrylic is no an excellent for put on in any kind of piercing, so take my advice and avoid acrylic.

Instead, you must opt because that a BioPlast or BioFlex retainer. These products are much kinder to her skin, they lower your risk of infection and also will not cause any irritation.

Note: be sure that you obtain the ideal gauge size. Wearing a retainer which is too large or too small can cause a entirety host of problems. Know her gauge size!

Method #2 – use Makeup

You have the right to use it to cover up a pimple so why not use it come cover up her piercing? Guys, over there is no need to be scared, this is not a complex process!

Again, this is no a great idea for a piercing which is not totally healed yet.

What girlfriend need:

A concealer that matches your skin tone A piercing retainer (this is optional yet makes the process much safer and also will additionally stop your piercing indigenous closing up)

All you must do is use concealer to the piercing you want to cover up.

You can use your finger or a brush, it yes, really doesn’t matter. The cheat is to yes, really make sure you blend the concealer v your skin/foundation as seamlessly together possible.

Tip:Instead of using the concealer straight to your piercing hole, girlfriend should acquire yourself a piercing retainer and also put the concealer on and also around the retainer. This method you stop the potential threats of infection or her piercing closeup of the door up.

Method #3 – use a Plaster/Bandaid

For a one off occasion or in less typical situations, friend should have the ability to get away with extending up your piercing with a plaster/bandaid. Yes, people will view the plaster, yet they will more than likely assume it is a tiny cut or an the end of regulate pimple.

You deserve to either:

Take out your jewelry and use the plaster come cover increase the piercing hole.Use a self-adhesive plaster. Be aware of the reality that if you leave your jewelry the end for too long your piercing will close up! placed a labret stud in earlier to front, therefore the plate should be top top the outside of your lip. Placed the plaster over the jewelry. Carry out not use the gauze come cover your jewelry as the threads can get caught on her jewelry. Instead just usage the sticky component of the bandaid.

As ns said, this an approach is not perfect for daily use, it is only a brief term solution.


It is highly feasible to hide a lip piercing,do the right and no one will even suspect that you have your lip pierced!

Although, if you need to hide your piercing all the time, you may want to think about if it is the best time in your life to also get a piercing.You might be far better off waiting until you are a life instance whereyou can express yourself v piercings freely and also with pride!

If you have yet to acquire your lip pierced and also feel this may be an issue, you room asking for trouble. This will simply put girlfriend at threat of infection or losing your piercing v the hole closing up on you.

I expect you found this short article helpful! If you have any much more tips on extending your piercings up, leave a comment below.

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Also, if friend have any kind of piercing, you never recognize when friend will should cover that up.