We an initial met nearly a year earlier but only after a couple of month we got connected and also start dating. There was something in the air if you can explain it right. The took us a while longer to date. Today we officially well-known as a couple. More than likely I to be going to propose soon.

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The problem is I have the right to not specify how lengthy we’re a couple. One year? 6 months? How countless months? I know there are details dates couples room celebrating however it is no clear. For this reason how and also when do you begin to count? first date is the beginning of a relationship or even first kiss or an initial sex?

Yesterday a great friend inquiry me just how long we’re together and also this bothered me, the I can not come tell him exactly how long.

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First date usually method the an initial time girlfriend went out (or hung out) together in a romantic way. Most civilization count from that time forward. Congrats, by the way!

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From the an initial kiss onwards, it’s never the same again. Nineteen years & counting…....shit, if this was prison i’d have actually been out on an excellent behaviour long back :¬(

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Go through the month you acquired connected and also started dating. As you said there was something in the air, I would assume the was the time you both felt together one.

augustlan on this one. The an initial date is once you first go out as a couple, therefore you have actually been ‘together’ due to the fact that then.

Yep, an initial date honey, until you marry and also then individual usually count exactly how long they room married. Together in, “oh we’ve been married 26 year now….” and also congratulations, i hope you’ll constantly be as happy together you room now, sending huggles xx

I think a basic timeline is given from the first date…

For my husband and also I, us count the from the night us met, since we both dropped pretty difficult that an initial night.

Ranimi23, that this is the best girl because that you? have actually you had actually her fertility checked to make certain that she deserve to produce children for you? every the various other things that have disqualified civilization in the previous are absent?

My wife and I dated (hung out) because that a few months, however we didn’t start “counting” till we made decision we were going steady (or every little thing you call it).

Of course, this days “dating” may have been changed with “hooking up” and “going steady” may have gone the way of the dodo.


We counted it from the first day we made decision to date, which was around a month after we met. We picked one arbitrary work on the calendar for it.

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We’ve been married for 7 yrs, have had only one wedding anniversary, but always remember ours “years together” anniversary in summer…this year it’ll be 14yrs.