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Do you think it would aid keep them around? :shrug: ns have had actually one group totally disappear. Ns have an additional group the we have raised indigenous keets. I have actually let one or 2 out at a time and they come ago either in the night or beforehand morning. I just have actually this feeling if i let castle all the end they will be gone. But, they space outgrowing your area and also I require them to complimentary range. Thoughts?
Haven"t you ever before heard the saying that you purchase guineas for your neighbors? castle really favor to paris away.You deserve to clip the wings if you desire to. That would store them ~ above the ground. You perform it as with you clip any type of bird"s wings. Extend the wing and clip close to the wing other than the last pair of special feathers.
We purchase our very first one"s as adults & then last year i hatched out few of their eggs. Every one of ours room all still below & they free range. I kept the adults in a pen with a peak for virtually 2 mainly before turning them loose. I throw a couple handfuls of scratch grain out when a day so they recognize they eat here.Did the very same with the keets ns hatched out & they have actually been here a year now.Do friend thrown lock out seeds to eat every day? Mine will come once we call them just for the feed.
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I did that all! retained them together in the coop because that 2 weeks. Then the next week I only released one or two at a time. Constantly fed at the same time, very same place. Once I let all of them out together it took all of 3 days for them to fly away! Those were a team I acquired as adults.So, this team is younger, however I desire to make it as challenging as possible for castle to run away.

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I would never ever buy adult Guinea"s uneven I was planning to store them close up door up and also collect their eggs to flower out. Climate re-sale the adults.

adult guineas will certainly not stay around 99.99999% of the time if friend buy castle from someone else and also move them come a brand-new home, lock will just walk away, snipping their wings will certainly not help, if friend raise them indigenous keets then you wont have actually that problem, they recognize where house is and also stay, yes they will wander much and vast but will remain home,
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