Are Skechers pair of shoes Washable?How come Clean Skechers Shoes?Common Questions around How to Clean Skechers Shoes

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As the manager of two various Skechers stores, I had to attend to many inquiries from client daily, yet the 2 most usual questions to be “how come clean Skechers shoes” and also “how to to wash Skechers shoes?”

In any job, as soon as you gain the same questions all the time, you perform your research around it and shot to formulate the ideal answer possible. I can provide you the finest solutions come those questions due to the fact that I have actually listened to numerous customer’s experiences. I know exactly what that works and also what you need to never do.

Learning exactly how to clean her Skechers shoes and if you can wash them or not is fundamental to maintain the shoes cleaned and also odor-free. After all, friend don’t earn sufficient money to change shoes every month or throw them far just because they are dirty (even if girlfriend did, why not clean her Skechers and also keep using them?).

Let me know show you exactly how to clean Skechers shoes.

Are Skechers shoes Washable?

Before you begin cleaning your Skechers sneakers, you need to know if they room washable or not. The prize is, some Skechers space washable, and others are not because it depends on the style and also material the the shoe you bought.

Skechers Shoes with the an equipment Washable Tag
Skechers Shoebox with maker Washable Written

Which Skechers are Washable?

When checking what Skechers space washable, consider three vital elements:

Product description –If the shoes is device wash, it will always say in the product description or on the shoe box. constantly check the product summary even if friend think you space 100% sure you can put the shoes on the washing machine.

Style –Some shoe styles are designed to be machine washable, like the Skechers walk Walk 5. Part others it depends due to the fact that some Skechers layouts include device and non-machine washable.

Examples of Skechers maker Washable Styles

Go to walk 5Go walk SmartOn The walk (Not all)Bobs (Not all)Street FlexUltra Flex (Not all)Max CushioningGoRun FastGlide-Step SportArch fit (Not all)BounderSummits (Not all)GoRun constant (Not all)


Material – Some products are better than others as soon as it concerns putting Skechers shoes in the washing machine. Products like mesh and also nylon will be ok, however leather or suede cloth in the washing an equipment would damage your shoes.

I have actually lost counting of how countless times customers claimed they had put Skechers pair of shoes in the washing device that they weren’t supposed to. All of them stated the shoes came like brand-new and didn’t impact their use of them. I would certainly still follow every little thing says the product summary unless her shoes are terrible and also you have nothing to lose.

How To wash Skechers Shoes?

If your pair of Skechers pair of shoes are maker washable, walk for it since it is accessible, climate you clean the sneakers yourself, right? If you have questions like:

How to to wash Skechers memory Foam Shoes?How to wash Skechers go Walk Shoes?How to wash Skechers Bobs?How to to wash Skechers Sandals?

Read this part carefully:

Step 1 –Check the product description or the shoebox to examine if lock are machine washable.

Step 2 –Remove the laces native the shoe.

Step 3– Remove any kind of excessive dirt v a brush.

Step 4 – remove the storage foam insole if you can (some layouts you can and also others you can’t).

Step 5 –Put the shoes in a vulnerable bag (If you don’t have one, you deserve to use a pillowcase or noþeles containing the shoes inside. Don’t forget to tie the height of the pillowcase.).

Step 6 –Set your machine to a cold and also gentle cycle.

Step 7– add detergent to it and let that wash.

Step 8– permit the pair of shoes air dried (outside if possible) because that as long as they need it. Do not placed Skechers pair of shoes in the dryer due to the fact that the heat could separate the class of your shoes (This taken place to a Skecher’s customer in mine London store. He has actually learned his lesson.)

Step 9– safeguard your shoes v the Skechers cleaning kit.

How come Clean Skechers Shoes?

As you know, some Skechers shoes are not an ideal to be maker washable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t clean them and also keep put on them.

Skechers treatment Kit

I have actually sold thousands of Skechers cleaning kits (most that the time, I marketed these commodities individually). Customers always asked me, “Are these really good, or space you just trying to market me something ns don’t need?” i did have actually a target come accomplish, but I uncover it easier to sell once I believe it in the product. In this case, i think the 3 of lock are wonderful (well, the strong Cleanser is the much less impressive in mine opinion).

The Skechers cleaning kit is suitable for cleaning her shoes and preventing the shoes from being dirty, wet, and smelly.


Odor Eliminator Spray –It maintains your shoes deodorized and fresh through a refresh smell. Don’t forget come spray your insoles and leave them come dry. I carry out like the scent a lot, and customers authorized it too,

Athletic Cleanser gel –It cleans your shoes to look new, an ideal for suede, leather, or towel footwear. That removes any dirt and stains. Shower the bottle prior to you use it. Then, use directly come a sponge and scrub the shoe. I have to be honest and say that occasionally this functioned well, and also others didn’t execute anything for the shoe. I find it works much better in leather cloth than mesh or suede.

Small Brush –I mean… it’s an median brush.

Check The fabric Of your Shoes

If you space here due to the fact that you desire to know:

How come clean Skechers memory Foam shoes?How come clean Skechers Goga Mat shoes?How come clean Skechers go Walk shoes?How to clean Skechers Twinkle toe shoes?How come clean White Skechers shoes?

It all depends on the towel of her shoes. Part memory foam shoes room leather, and also others space mesh, so friend clean those sneakers differently. If you are in doubt, examine the product summary

Pro Tip:Inside her Skechers shoes, you have actually a label through a number ~ SN prefer (66444) wherein you can form it top top the Skechers website and find your shoe.

The number commonly contains 5 or six digits, and it may have actually a letter on kid’s pair of shoes or extra wide shoes.


My Skechers Max Cushioning after 2 months the use

Step 3– v a new dry cloth, wipe off the surface to eliminate excess dirt and moisture.

Step 4– Repeat the action 2 and 3 till you space satisfied through the watch of the pair of shoes (Do no repeat more than two times).

Step 5– allow the shoes dry completely. You deserve to put some papers inside the the pair of shoes to do the procedure faster.

Step 6– as soon as the shoes space dried, apply the waterproofer to defend them from water and also prevent stains.

How come Clean Skechers Mesh/Nylon Shoes?

Mesh and also nylon fabrics are more than likely the most accessible materials come clean due to the fact that you can put castle on the washing machine. If friend can’t, simply follow the same measures from the performance shoes cleaning, and the shoes become like new.

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How come Clean Skechers animal leather Shoes?

Leather is one of the many asked structure when civilization buy shoes. Never an equipment wash leather. Come clean it, monitor the following steps:

Step 5– ~ above the final brush of your shoes, brush the nap in the very same direction for the most desirable look.

Step 6 –Let the shoes air dry till you can wear them again.

Step 7– usage waterproofer spray to protect the shoes and also prevent any type of stains.

How come Clean Skechers Light-Up Shoes?

So countless parents walk into my Skechers retail store to ask how they can clean the Skechers light up shoes since it’s no advised you put them on the washing machine (you can damages the lights).

Step 1 –Brush any excessive debris.

Step 2– use the strong Cleanser ~ above the brush (avoid placing it directly on the shoe) and brush the again.

Step 3– v cold water and also a cloth, wipe away all soapy residue.

Step 4– let the shoes air dried till you deserve to wear lock again.

Step 5– use waterproofer spray to defend the shoes and prevent any kind of stains.

Common Questions about How come Clean Skechers Shoes

These are few of the most usual questions about cleaning and also washing Skechers shoes.

Can Skechers be Washed?

It counts on the style and also material that the shoe. If the shoes is made of mesh or nylon, yes, you deserve to wash that in the washing machine. If the shoes are light-up or performance, you have the right to hand to wash them through a brush and also soap. If the shoes room made from animal leather or suede, you want to brush them an extremely softly v water and a certain product because that the material.

Are Skechers Shoes maker Washable?

Not every Skechers shoes are device washable. You need to read the product summary of the product and see if castle say an equipment Washable. Skechers styles like walk Walk 5, On-The-Go, Bobs, or Ultra Flex are device washable (you always have the strange pair inside of these formats that girlfriend can’t machine wash, so constantly check the product description).

Are Skechers Slippers Washable?

No, Skechers slippers are not designed come be an equipment washable as many of them have a suede upper. You deserve to use the Skechers odor Eliminator spray if the shoes stink or a brush and a suede rubber if they are dirty or have actually marks.

Are Skechers Cleo maker Washable?

Officially Skechers Cleo shoes are not designed to be machine washable (is no on the product description). The bulk of Skechers Cleo shoes room woven fabric, and also I had actually a couple of customers who stated they put them ~ above the washing device and came out as new. I always advised customers to monitor the product description instructions, but I decided to share their experience with you. It’s approximately you at the finish of the day.

Can Skechers Twinkle Toes it is in Washed?

No, Skechers twinkle toes shoes need to never be device washable because you will damage the lights. Instead, usage a brush and the Skechers athletic Cleanser to remove any type of dirt and also stains.

Does Skechers Make her Feet Smell?

No, it’s not your Skechers shoes that space making your feet smell. It can be the heat weather, her sweat, the wrong pair that socks, a an extremely active lifestyle, or poor hygiene. Sometimes, you space using the dorn shoes, however it is not a certain problem through Skechers. It can happen to any type of brand. Friend can likewise choose Skechers shoes v air-cooled memory foam the will maintain the single of her foot cool.

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Cleaning and Washing Skechers Shoes

You have learned no only exactly how to clean Skechers shoes but also how to to wash Skechers sneakers. The course, it all counts on the style and fabric the the shoe you have.

If the product summary recommends device washing, carry out it due to the fact that they will certainly come off like a brand-new pair that shoes. You deserve to still clean the shoes through a brush and also the Skechers cleaning kit if the doesn’t say machine washable.

Most Skechers shoes have actually Memory Foam insoles that you have the right to remove to puff it back to the initial shape and also kill any type of smell through the odor Eliminator spray.

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What about you? just how to clean Skechers shoes, in her opinion? exactly how do you do it? Also, re-publishing in the comments your suffer with placing Skechers shoes in the washing machine.