The Chevy HHR supplies a modern electrical distributorless ignition system, an interpretation that the does not make use of a distributor and spark plug wires, yet instead a coil fill to deliver managed electrical strength to fire the spark plugs. This not just cuts down on components needed, but makes for a much much more efficient ignition system.

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Chevrolet recommends an altering your HHR's spark plugs every 100,000 miles. No injury will be done if you select to carry out yours sooner. This write-up covers exactly how to change your spark plugs in her Chevy HHR.

The engine cover and air box is constructed into one piece. To remove this piece, an initial start by unplugging the MAF sensor and loosening the the hose clamp screw ~ above the front intake tube. You dont need to take the water tap off simply yet, it will come off when you begin to pull out the cover.

Next, ~ above the backside that the sheathe on the passenger side is one more hose. Loosen the screw and also remove this hose.

Now grab the sheathe nearest the firewall and also pull it towards the front. The cover will pop off of its behind mounts. You should now have the ability to lift up and also easily remove the front hose (remember, friend didn't take it it off) and also then remove it entirely from the vehicle. Set aside.

With the engine cover currently off, you have the right to now check out the 4 ignition coils. Under those coils room your spark plugs.

Before you start to eliminate the plugs, clean off the surrounding area of any kind of dirt and debris by making use of an air hose or any means necessary. By cleaning the area, you will not risk having foreign objects (dirt, rocks, bugs, etc) coincidentally falling into the spark plug hole and also causing possible damage to her engine.

Remove the pigtail harness that plugs into each ignition coil load by pushing down on the height tab and also pulling backwards towards the firewall.

Using a 10mm socket (a small extension will certainly help), remove the single bolt the is located to the appropriate side of each coil pack.

With the bolts removed, very closely pull straight up ~ above the coil pack to remove it. Set off to the side.

Carefully placed the plug back into place. I choose to hand tighten at first as to ensure i am not cross-threading the plug. As soon as the plug is started, ns finished through the socket wrench and tightened until snug. You perform NOT must tighten the plugs with extreme torque!

With the new plugs in place and tightened, change your coil packs earlier into it's corresponding home. You have to feel the coil load pop under onto the plug.

If you must replace the waiting filter on her HHR, now would be a an excellent time to execute it. Read just how to change your air filter here.

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Replace the engine cover in turning back of just how it was removed. Attach the front back onto the former of the air box (do not tighten yet) and then press down top top the earlier side to popular music it earlier into that mounts.

Well, say thanks to you very much, the was specifically the actions I needed to do. It provided me the confidence the I would not run into complications, and also saved me money. It to be 100k miles company item on mine list, replace all sparkplugs. Local Sullivan tires quoted me $120 to execute it. Crazy. The plugs price $38 because that me. Ns took mine time, for an enjoyable, easy procedure. Adjusted the air filter while ns was at it. Note that wait filter housing is secured v 7 star-head screws. Be prepared with your star-head journey (torx?).