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My 02 is the form where the caliper is not designed come come off to replace the pads. The procedure outlined in the service manual sounds reasonably straight forward because that replacement however while having actually the shocks changed yesterday the guy noticed the wear ~ above mine and also mentioned the they were a PIA to replace.Who below with the same type has done them? What kind of concerns did you operation into and also what have to I expect?Thanks
I have replaced the pads on mine 2002 RK following the procedure set in the company manual. A little of a pain yet not complicated. I supplied two putty knives to pry the old pads from the rotors offering enough room to insert the brand-new thicker pads. Took around 1/2 hour or less.
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Sounds like doing the ones on my 07 Deluxe. It no that poor but whatever was a small harder to move than i anticipated. The pins threw me turn off for a bit since you really had actually to pull difficult to get them out. I spent a lot of time laying top top my ago trying to with in there too.

It"s no really technically difficult but needs a level of dexterity and also mechanical "feel ". Replacing rear shocks on a RK is in reality a lot easier IMO. For this reason if that task was an overwhelming for you, you have ask you yourself if friend really desire to handle the pad replacement. If girlfriend don"t have actually the factory business manual, you need it. Pad wear deserve to fool you, too. They"re not really that thick even when they"re new. Sent from mine iPhone using Tapatalk
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The shocks weren"t complex nor walk I consider them challenging. I just bought them from the shop which had the installation for this reason it to be convenient. I had planned to do the brakes awhile back and had currently bought the pads. I have actually the company manual and also referenced the procedure as created in my post. I didn"t anticipate any kind of issues until he discussed it so thought I"d ask below for extr opinions, tips and also tricks. Thanks
It help to get the bike increase on a jack to acquire it up to a good working level. I would certainly leave the old outboard pad in place and also keep it maintained by leaving the pins partly in place. Pry the inboard pad v the putty knife or gasket scraper and also install the new inboard b pad. Then hold the inboard pad in place with one of the pins while you pry on the old outboard pad. Then slip the new outboard pad in place and reinstall the pins. It might be advantageous to usage a couple of #1 Phillips screwdrivers for pin substitutes if you"re functioning this due to the fact that they do make it easier to get the pads lined up and also hold them in location while you get the irreversible pins inside wall up. It deserve to work to perform the outboard pad an initial also--the over is just what worked for me. FWIW. -- sent out from my iPhone making use of Tapatalk
"There"s no emotion to compare with thisSuspended animation, a state that bliss" --Pink Floyd** This line seems to concerned mind frequently while I"m riding."Men do not stop playing since they grow old. They flourish old since they stop playing
." --Oliver Wendell Holmes"And mile to go before I sleep...and mile to go before I sleep." -- Robert FrostIf you give up drinking, friend don"t live simply seems longer
I take my bike for state investigate at a location that doesn"t perform a lot of bikes. They constantly question the thickness the the brake pads. The owner rides and the employee calls him over and he always tells his mechanic "Yah, they start out thin and get thinner!" The hint, look in ~ the grooves in the pads. If the grooves are almost disappearing then it"s time.For a year or 2 I to be replacing pads as well early. Currently I clock them closely however let them get skinnier before I invest $45 every set.

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I started to change the pads yesterday yet had a heck of a time make the efforts to boring the inside pad. The pins weren"t coming out as well easy, seemed favor the subject were never ending. It to be my last task of the work yesterday and I ran the end of time. I didn"t want to get it apart and also run into much more issues so placed it earlier together and also saved the for sometime this winter. Ns noticed the inner pad at least has worn uneven. The pistons could probably use a good dousing through brake cleaner too.
Age is your enemy here. Aerosol brake parts cleaner is her friend. Usage the red label have the right to (chlorinated), not the environment-friendly label. You will certainly probably have to grab the heads of the pins through needle nose pliers or Vise Grips to pull them out of the calipers and clean them v emery cloth prior to reinstalling them. The uneven undertake is a certain indicator that one or both that the caliper pistons is difficult or cocked and binding. Spray them down really well with cleaner and maybe even a small penetrating lube. You deserve to clean the lube through brake cleaner before reassembly. If you still can"t depress them, shot cracking open up the bleeder to allow the fluid to escape. Girlfriend won"t obtain air in as lengthy as friend close the bleeder before you eliminate your pry tool. Girlfriend are most likely going to desire to bleed the device anyway, and also maybe replace the fluid completely if it"s much more than 2 years old. --Sent from mine iPhone utilizing Tapatalk
"There"s no sensation to compare with thisSuspended animation, a state of bliss" --Pink Floyd** This line appears to concerned mind often while I"m riding."Men do not quit playing due to the fact that they thrive old. They grow old since they battered playing
." --Oliver Wendell Holmes"And miles to go prior to I sleep...and mile to go before I sleep." -- Robert FrostIf you offer up drinking, girlfriend don"t live just seems longer