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Just bought a provided 2003 Trailblazer LX and also the passenger low-beam bulb melted out (sounds choose a typical problem native this board!). Just how is that replaced... From behind or do I take the clear lens cover off and also replace indigenous the front? THX

It is replaced from behind :yes: The method that most world use is to take off the grille and also take out the entirety lighting accembly. Personally, i have actually just unbolted or removed components in the way and functioned with the grille on.If her still unsure, i would be happy to aid with pictures and also a step-by-step.

Most civilization will agree the the grill removed is fastest and also easiest on her hands. It"s my an individual recommendation.

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Well an initial off, no to be a jerk or anything however you don"t have actually a Trailblazer LX. Its one of two people a LS, LT, or LTZ maybe simply a typo. I have never heard that an concern with the TB"s headlamp bulbs burning out too often, lock do have some problems with the tail light, yet that have to be taken treatment of by the recall. Over there are different ways to get to your bulbs, yet I will certainly tell you the method I favor to carry out it. Very first you must pop the hood. Her grille and also chrome bar are hosted to your truck with I think eight clips. You can see the peak clips if girlfriend look. Very first VERY GENTLY!!! begin pulling her grille untill you begin popping those clips out. Store an eye on your chrome bar, due to the fact that it is clipped into the headlight. GENTLY traction on the chrome bar in ~ the headlight untill the clips come off, then work-related your method over come the various other headlight. The goal is to be take her time and also be gentle untill you have actually all the clips released. Set your grille aside(be carefull not to scrape it). Each head light has actually two steel tabs on peak of it, the external tabs room slightly hidden in the fender. If you traction these tabs up, it will certainly release the headlight native the structure of the truck(be carefull not to let the headlight loss out and also scratch your bumper). Once you have the headlight assembly out, pop off the circle rubber cover on the back of the unit. Your bulbs will certainly be inside there, and make sure you don"t touch the bulb as soon as removing it. Simply reverse the procedure when her done changing your bulbs. Five yea, don"t forget to placed the rubber cap ago on the headlamp unit before you re-install it, that really sucks! an excellent luck.