Walkthrough Post-Game legendary Pokémon Appendices

How to capture Virizion

After you record Cobalion in Mistralton Cave, i m sorry you can reach from course 6after you get Surf, you can uncover Virizion in Pinwheel Forest.

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How to uncover Virizion

If you go north native the Nacrene City leave of Pinwheel Forest, or south from the Skyarrow bridge exit, girlfriend will find two bridges side byside. Simply north of this bridges, ~ above the east side, is a small hole in the fence. Going eastern from this hole, you uncover some dark grasspatches. You have the right to head eastern from the an initial section that dark grass to discover some stairs top up to more grass.

East of here are a couple of hollow logs the you deserve to walk through. Go north native the first hollow log in to discover the enntrance gate to RuminationField.

Rumination Field

Virizion is stand there waiting for friend in the clearing. Speak to the to start the battle.

Virizion is a Grass/Fighting pokémon, so it is super-weak to paris moves, weak come Fire, Ice, Poison, and also Psychic moves,affected generally by Normal, Fighting, Bug, Ghost, Dragon, and Steel moves, and also is solid against Water, Electric, Grass, Ground,Rock, and Dark moves.

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Since you accomplish it in ~ level 42, that knows sacred Sword (a physics Fighting move that ignores stat changes),Giga drain (a physical Grass move restores Virizion"s HP by 1/2 the the damages that the inflicted on the target), Retaliate (a typical physical move), and Helping Hand (which walk nothing because this is no a twin or triple battle).

The strategy for capturing Virizion is pretty lot the very same as for capturing Cobalion. The just complication is thatVirizion to know Giga Drain, which will make it difficult to save Virizion"s HP down.

Once you have lowered Virizion"s HP as lot as girlfriend can, you have to start cram Dusk Balls in ~ it. I"m not certain if Pinwheel Forestis thought about to it is in a cave, for this reason you could only get the Dusk sphere bonus if you begin the Virizion fight after 8PM. Dusk Ballscan it is in purchased in DriftveilCity from one of the Pokémart guys. If Virizion"s HP is down to 1, and if that is sleep or frozen, every Dusk sphere that girlfriend throwwill have around an 8% of capturing Virizion. This autumn to about 6% if you only paralyzed, burned, or poisoned Virizion. If you just loweredVirizion"s HP to 1 however didn"t inflict a standing ailment, you just have around a 4% chance of catching it with a Dusk Ball.

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If you operation out that Dusk Balls, try using Ultra Balls until you"ve gone around 30 turns in battle, in ~ which suggest you have to switch to TimerBalls if you have actually any. Hopefully you"ll record Virizion before then, though.