Abram passed through the land come the ar of Shechem, as much as the terebinth tree that Moreh. And also the Canaanites were climate in the land. Climate the Lord showed up to Abram and also said, “To her descendants i will provide this land.” and also there he constructed an altar come the Lord, that had showed up to him. And also he moved from over there to the mountain eastern of Bethel, and he pitched his tent through Bethel ~ above the west and also Ai top top the east; there he constructed an altar to the Lord and also called top top the surname of the Lord. For this reason Abram journeyed, going on still toward the South. – Genesis 12:6-9

…to the ar of the altar i m sorry he had made over there at first. And also there Abram called on the surname of the Lord… climate Abram moved his tent, and went and also dwelt through the terebinth tree of Mamre, which room in Hebron, and also built an altar there to the Lord. – Genesis 13:4, 18


Altars are a memorial the the areas where God meets us

Altars represent the occasion and also place where we have had actually a an individual encounter through God. We may not always be able to make a physics altar, however there can be one created in ours hearts. As soon as we storage communion, we space celebrating the grandest altar the all, the cross of Calvary. The son of God to be the ultimate sacrifice, and His occupational on the overcome reconciled all humanity to God, made feasible for our stays to be infused with meaning, for our guilty to be forgiven and also to offer us the promise that eternal life.

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Altars appear throughout the holy bible in numerous different forms. Few of them are:

A location of encounter –The lord met Jacob in a crisis and also the following day he constructed an altar at that location (Genesis 28).

A ar of forgiveness –The brazen altar of the tabernacle sacrifice was available as an advancement testimony the there would certainly be a once-for-all sacrifice in God’s Son.

A place of praise –The most usual altar constructed by people to acknowledge their worship to God to be the altar that incense, the divine place where clergymans would market worship come the lord on instead of of the people and themselves.

A location of covenant –An altar was built where the agreement was made between the Lord and also Abraham, and the land was sealed together a timeless promise come Abraham and also his offspring (Genesis 15).

A location of intercession –The prophet Joel referred to as for intercession by leaders on instead of of the people and also their devastated economy.

God has a location of “altaring” because that us

There is a ar of “altaring” and a price of altering. Altars have actually a price–God intends that something be “altered” in us as soon as we pertained to altars. To get the promise method we make means for the transformation.

Have you ever felt that the Lord put in your heart an expectation the promise? together aspirations come native the lord (Psalm 62:5). You sense anticipation of something God has put in her heart and also underwritten by guarantees in His Word. Girlfriend look in ~ the promise and also begin to photo in your mind what it’s going to be like. The truth is, we often visualize things that have actually nothing whatsoever to perform with what God desires to perform with us.

Abraham knew there was a ar for him, and God has a “place” because that you. There is a longing in every human being heart for where we space meant come be, but we get recorded up in our id of exactly how it’s walk to be fulfilled. Once the lord told Abraham he had actually a ar for him, Abraham probably imagined a verdant valley, flow stream, lover mountains. But the Scripture states he came to a place were Canaanites to be living in the land. The Canaanites were the most perverted, corrupt society in person history. They were the Satanists of the time.

Abraham’s structure of the altar to represent his saying: “I’m accepting a promise, understanding that this is various than what I believed it to be going to be, however it’s also something that I think God can lug to pass. Ns trust You, Lord, that You will certainly make the work.”

Be motivated to let her heart get the promise and adopt wherever you are ideal now, also if it appears much different that what you expect for. If the lord is there with you He have the right to make that work, however it will call for the building of one altar on your component to say, I’m willing and also to trust that God is greater than her preconception of how it’s supposed to be.

Abraham phone call on the surname of the Lord

When the holy bible says the Abraham called on the name of the Lord, the was more than prayer. Words “name” has the concept of character.

Our view of God is ~ above this side of the perfect of the Old and brand-new Testaments. Yet in Abraham’s time, God to be just beginning to rework His interaction with fallen humanity. Abraham answer a call due to the fact that he believed in God and sensed Him drawing Abraham’s heart to a promise of something that he can not it is in or perform in himself.

Abraham thought that there to be a true and also living God in the midst of the pagan culture around him. Now the Lord states to him, “I want to teach you about Me.” Abraham was coming to recognize the Lord and also he referred to as on the name—and character—of the Lord.

Abraham leaves and then return to where God met him

When a famine strikes, Abraham decides to take matters right into his very own hands and also moves his household to Egypt (Genesis 12:1-12). That just creates a bigger trouble than if he’d stayed and remembered the promise the Lord gave him. The lord met that in Egypt anyway, assisted him through, and also Abraham returned to altar he’d made and also called top top the name of the mr (Genesis 13:4).

We all fall for that. God’s really busy and He might not notice what I require right now. Yet if God has actually a ar for you and He’s mirroring you self in that place, provision will certainly never eventually be your problem unless you shot to figure out exactly how to do it because that yourself.

There are civilization who launch the end on their own and distanced us from the ar the Lord claims He has for them. Our dad says, “You recognize Me in different ways from the means you space acting best now.” simply as surely together He met Abraham and brought him back to the altar of promise, so He wants to meet you today. You’ve acquired to decide to come to that altar, and that altar is the cross of Jesus.

Whatever you have actually done to hurt trust v God (and that usually constitutes having actually violated trust through other world or make compromises friend knew were not right) the lord calls you to come back. Abraham want to relocate on in learning God, so he came ago to the altar he had actually built and also called ~ above the surname of the mr (Romans 10:13; Zechariah 13:9).

Redemption way fulfillment the God’s purpose in you

Following the illustration of stress in between he and Lot over territory, Abraham graciously uses Lot his selection of the land, saying he will certainly take every little thing remained past it (Genesis 13). Abraham may have actually wondered if in doing that, he’d offered away the store. Yet the Lord appears to him and says, “I still have actually the land because that you, and I want you to pace it out and see the dimensions.” as a result of that, Abraham built an altar.

Have you ever wondered if what you thought your life to be going to be will never ever be establish to the level it could have?

I think it’s a an extremely clear statement indigenous God’s heart saying that ultimately, you don’t should worry around the things that seem to encroach on the realization of God’s purpose in her life. There space some points that are irrecoverable. You can’t go ago and scrape up all the pieces of everything. But our life is not made up only of those pieces. Over there are problems over which the Lord guarantees to bring around the fulfillment that His function in you, notwithstanding the point that’s happened. That’s what redemption is around (Joel 2).

The mr is telling Abraham that the loss is no irrevocable as much as His purpose in him is concerned, and to that, Abraham built an altar.

There are some who have to come today and say, “Lord, I’m going to decide that You have not called me to command a second-rate life since I allowed second-rate points to cut in on what was her first-rate plan.” allow the Lord work-related His redemption completely and thoroughly as you concerned the altar.

The price the altering

What it takes to build an altar room rocks, broken things. The geological application is relevant, there space volcanic explosions in our lives, seismic events, the grind of life. You have the right to take difficult things and arrange them prior to the lord or you can drag the rocks around and also be burdened by them. Or as soon as you’re frustrated at lugging them around, you obtain mad and also throw castle at someone else. The method you construct an altar is to carry those hard, broken things before the Lord and also put lock there.

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The price of transforming is the you need to pour her life out over that saying, “Lord i come and present myself to You!”

At the altar, the price is paid for renewal as soon as we’ve gone to a distance, because that securing hope we may have thought was lost and also for receiving promise, also if it’s in an uncomfortable environment. Concerned the can be fried altar and also receive the can be fried promise and also provision made available in our lord Jesus Christ.