Popsicle rod towers space a usual engineering job to it is in assigned in school.

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<1> your assignment may have actually various criteria for height, weight, and variety of popsicles, yet this overview will provide you a general idea of just how to build a sturdy tower the end of just popsicle sticks and also wood glue. This project is fun and relatively easy to do. When you room finished through your construction, add weight on peak to see exactly how much it have the right to hold.


Making the an easy Squares

Gather the essential materials. For each basic square you will use five popsicle sticks and also wood glue. Each layer that the tower will certainly be made up of four straightforward squares, so each layer will usage 20 popsicle sticks. The number of layers you desire to make will determine exactly how many total sticks you will certainly need.<2> If you want five “floors” to her tower, girlfriend will need 100 popsicle sticks. to make her tower as sturdy as possible, use lumber glue rather of the simple white tacky glue.Arrange 4 popsicle sticks with each other in a square. Put out four popsicle pole in a square with the horizontal rod on the bottom and also the vertical sticks laying ~ above top. You desire the sticks to be same spaced apart therefore they do a perfect square. Using one popsicle stick as a measure up device, make certain each rod is one “popsicle pole width” from the edge.<3> Lay 2 sticks vertically side-by-side throughout the 2 horizontal pole to get the suitable spacing. To align the sticks together, usage a straight edge such as a block of hardwood or a brick. Adhesive each piece together. Lift one finish of a upright stick and place a dab of glue underneath. Press the two sticks together. Repeat this v the other side the the popsicle stick and then two an ext times with the other vertical stick. In ~ this point, you should have a basic four popsicle rod square glued together.<4> Take treatment to keep the accuracy of the square. This will certainly be essential when gluing the “floors” that the tower together. Make each module as square and regular as possible. Usage a heavy weight such together a brick or textbook and also lay on top of the glued joints to save them flat while the glue dries. If the square gets bumped out of alignment, just move the sticks ago into proper placement. If the sticks dry the end of alignment, you can carefully cut lock apart through a knife and re-glue lock or just make a new square. Wait because that the glue to dry. Prior to continuing on to the next step, you desire to let the adhesive dry. Follow the instructions noted on the party of adhesive you are using. The glue does not need to be fully dry, however you desire to make certain it has collection enough that the sticks will not relocate as you manage the square. Leave the square under the heavy weight because that at the very least 15 minutes prior to moving ~ above the following step.Glue a overcome brace diagonally across the square. Place a popsicle stick diagonally on the “inside” of the square. The “inside” means the brace will be in between the 2 vertical sticks and glued come the horizontal sticks. Ar a small dab of adhesive at every end and glue the brace in place. The brace is crucial stabilizing the structure and allowing it come hold much more weight.<1> put weight on optimal of the whole piece and also wait around 15 minutes for the brace come dry. shot to glue the brace in the same place on every square.Repeat this whole process to make enough braced squares to complete your tower. Starting with four brand-new sticks, put them out in a square and glue castle together. After ~ letting the glue set, add the brace to finish. Make enough squares to build your whole tower. If you want 5 floors in her tower friend will need 20 squares. You will certainly get much better and much better at building the boxes together you go along. Several of your earlier boxes may be "less precise", so if girlfriend have limitless popsicle sticks, girlfriend may think about building additional boxes and also discard few of the first attempts.

Joining the Squares into One Floor

Combine 3 squares right into three-fourths of a cube. Location one side through the overcome brace facing out level on a table. Slide a second square versus the external of the first piece so that it is sticking up. Slide the 3rd square ~ above the opposite next of the square.<2> It might be less complicated to ar the first square top top a raised platform so you can easily slide the various other sides under it. Opposite sides should have braces walking in the opposite directions. Glue these piece together. Liberally use glue at each corner to affix the sides together. Permit the adhesive sit because that at the very least 15 minutes to set before you try to glue the last side on. Place publications or weights against each next to hold whatever in ar while it dries.<2> when the glue is setting, you deserve to start assembling other squares or cubes. You might need to host the 2 pieces together, enabling the glue to collection a bit before you location the books/weights to host it in place.Attach the fourth side come the cube. Once the glue has set, girlfriend can connect the last side come the cube. Slide the side over the edge of the sticks and make certain that the brace is facing the opposite direction the the next opposite it. Use enough adhesive to certain a firm seal that the joint. Wait for everything to dry. Continue to rally other materials while waiting for adhesive to set. Again, you might need to organize the fourth wall in location to permit the glue collection so the cube will be developed properly. Repeat to kind the remaining squares into a cube. Repeat this whole procedure assembling 4 squares right into a cube till you have sufficient cubes to develop the tower as high together you want. Collection up multiple work-related stations for this reason you deserve to build much more than one cube in ~ a time. Each cube takes 4 sides, therefore if you want to construct a tower with 5 floors, you will require a total of 20 sides. if your developing the cubes, shot stacking castle on peak of each other and make certain they align properly. If they don’t, either rest the cubes apart and remake them, or start with a fresh set of squares and also make a new cube.

Assembling the Floors into a Tower

Stack two cubes on optimal of every other. Ridge a 2nd cube on height of the an initial one so that the center brace is walk in the opposite direction the the next it’s stacked on height of. The tips of the popsicle sticks have the right to overlap to offer you a better position for gluing.

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<2> The vertical sticks need to be resting directly on peak of the horizontal sticks. your cubes have to fit with each other pretty well. If you need to work them with each other a tiny bit, the tower will still work, it simply won’t be together sturdy. If you have to pressure them come fit together, the tower will lose structural integrity. Adhesive the joints the the cubes together. Using the exact same wood glue used to assemble the other pieces, glue the joints that the cube together. Be generous v the glue to do a sturdier tower. If the squares have been correctly constructed, they have to fit together nicely. If the cubes don’t sit nicely on height of each other, friend may consider making a new cube therefore they stack properly. Uneven stack cubes will not be together sturdy. Clamp the joints that the cubes in place. Use clothespins or workbench clamps and attach the clips to host the 2 cubes together. Clip them on in such a method that they organize the joints together, however are not emotional the glue. Wait for every little thing to dry before removing the clamps and including another cube come the tower. Repeat the procedure with an additional cube. Include another cube come the top of the tower making certain to alternative the direction the the diagonal cross beam because that each level. Alternating the cross braces adds one more level of structural integrity come the tower. Glue and also clip each level come ensure solid bonding in between the levels.<2> as soon as you adhesive the critical cube top top top, your tower is finished!