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Your medical professional fixed a damaged (fractured) bone there is no surgery. You can expect the pain from the bone to gain much much better almost ideal after the procedure. However you may have some pain for 2 to 3 weeks and also mild ache for approximately 6 weeks after ~ surgery.

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How shortly you can return come work and also your normal program depends on her job and also how long it bring away the bone come heal. If you have actually a desk job, you may be able to go ago to job-related right away. Yet if you have actually a broken leg and your job requires you come walk or stand a lot, girlfriend will should wait till your fracture has healed.

You heal best when you take great care that yourself. Eat a selection of healthy foods, and don"t smoke.

This care sheet offers you a basic idea around how long it will take for you to recover. However each human being recovers at a different pace. Follow the steps listed below to get better as easily as possible.

How deserve to you care for yourself at home?


You deserve to eat your common diet. If your stomach is upset, try bland, low-fat foods like plain rice, broiled chicken, toast, and also yogurt.


Do exercises together instructed through your physician or physiotherapist. These exercises will aid keep her muscles strong and your joints flexible while your bone is healing.Wiggle her fingers or toes top top the injured arm or foot often. This helps mitigate swelling and stiffness.

Ice and also elevation

Prop up the injured eight or foot on a pillow once you ice cream it or anytime friend sit or lie down throughout the first 1 come 2 main after your injury. Try to store it over the level of your heart. This will help reduce swelling and also pain.
Keep your cast dry.Wear a sling to assistance the fractured limb, if your physician tells you to.Do no stick objects such as pencils or coat hangers in your actors to scrape your skin.Do not put powder right into your actors to relax itchy skin.Never cut or transform your cast.

Follow-up care is a vital part of your treatment and also safety. Be sure to make and also go to all appointments, and also call your physician or nurse contact line if you are having actually problems. It"s additionally a good idea to understand your check results and also keep a perform of the medications you take.

Call 911 anytime girlfriend think you may need emergency care. Because that example, contact if:

You have actually chest pain, are short of breath, or cough up blood.

Call your medical professional or nurse call line now or seek prompt medical treatment if:

You have new or worse pain.Your fingers or toes space cool or pale or readjust colour.You have tingling, weakness, or numbness in her fingers or toes.Your actors or rail feels too tight.You have signs of a blood gerean in her leg (called a deep vein thrombosis), together as: pain in her calf, ago of the knee, thigh, or groin.Redness or swelling in her leg.

Watch very closely for any type of changes in your health, and be certain to contact your physician or nurse speak to line if:

You have a problem with her splint or cast.You execute not get much better as expected.

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