If you"re a pan of big slides and drifts, specifically on soft wheels at speed, then you"ll be familiar with the dreaded flatspot.

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Get a on slide a tiny bit wrong and also you can trash a set of wheels in simply a few meters!

It"s straightforward to prevent flatspost whlst sliding by holding her board slightly turn off ninety levels as you"re in the slide. However if the worst happens and also one of her wheels stop spinning, here"s a quick and easy means to carry your wheels back from the dead.

This is likewise a quick and easy method to break your wheels in there is no sliding them. Whilst you can buy stoneground wheels new, using this method will permit you to dearteassociazione.orgnvert a set of fresh or brand-new wheels right into a set for finding out to on slide on, or simply freshen up a collection of trashed wheels the you have lying roughly the place.

Once you acquire the hang of the you have the right to also include bevelled and also rounded edge to wheels, breath a new lease of life earlier into some wheels the you could otherwise dearteassociazione.orgnsign come the dustbin.

Method 1 - perform it on your board

This is the simple way. Just take a hand-held belt sander to her wheels when they"re quiet on your board! You can do this v a an easy hand-held belt sander, which is cheap to choose up if girlfriend don"t have actually one already.

Use the turn belt to run the wheel approximately speed, then hold the sander in ~ an edge to the wheel to eliminate surface material.

This functions really fine as lengthy as the wheel is spinning nice and also fast. Girlfriend should be able to feel any flatspots as the sander will be vibrating, for this reason as shortly as the vibrations stop, you"re good to go.

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Aim to keep the running surface ar of the wheel flat by hold the sander as level as feasible - try to stop dearteassociazione.orgning the wheel or sanding more off the edges of the wheel than in the middle.

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Brilliant! Really beneficial advice and also top guys. Also filmed us doing one ollie on the board ns was dearteassociazione.orgnsidering to prove it to be possible. Only downside is the their ollie was much superior to mine!

- Joe Ravenhill, in march 30, 2021

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