An abandoned space station. A absent astronaut. A signal from past the stars. Blast turn off for a dearteassociazione.orgca adventure prefer no other! acquire ready to check out the tricks of the lunar surface, and also uncover a an enig as old together the cosmos…

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Released:August 16, 2012 (for members)or September 6, 2012 (for all)Common Room:Final Frontier Gift ShopPreceded by: Wimpy Boardwalk IslandSucceeded by: Super rogue Island

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Video Walkthrough

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Walkthrough created by Cool Bite &Slanted FishSpecial many thanks toPopBuddies

Welcome come Lunar nest Island – an expensive adventure awaits.

Run every the means to the right and go come Mission Control. Get in the dearteassociazione.orgca Academy for room Exploration structure (PASE – a parody the NASA). Talk to the old guy. Then the trip director will come in and ask friend to uncover something because that the astronaut’s stomach.

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According come the research study machine, purple eye will permit you come bypass eye scans, which friend will need later, for this reason make certain to adjust your eye shade to purple.


At the height of the research Laboratory, you’ll find the speculative pressure chamber. Hop in and set the dial come High. You’ll end up looking flat like a pancake, however only for a short period of time.

Your brand-new sizeallows you come squeeze with the tiny gap on the bottom left, where you’ll must jump end the blocks. Enter through the door to the Infirmary.

You’re now in a circular maze. Click the water tap to walk approximately with it, yet be warned, girlfriend only have a minimal amount the hose prior to you operation out. The blue-purple markings can be passed through, while the gray-green is solid wall surface you can’t walk through.

Take the hose and jump up to the blue-purple on the left, then the one ~ above the height left, optimal center, walk come the garbage can and jump up, pass the orange seat and also go left, go previous the blue oval through the right, fall down previous a blue circle, and also you’ll it is in in the maintenance shaft.

Put the water tap to the exhaust pipe, and also out mr theLocator machine from the vent top top the right!Pick the up, then exit through the Bio-Waste door ~ above the left.

Now leave the structure on your rover, and also a little red dot will appear on the bottom left the the locator device, indicating the Salerno is within the Bio Dome. Walk there.

Bio Dome

Drive to the Bio Dome, and when you get there, you will be floating in zero gravity.

Float end to the emergency cork dispenser and also grab a cork. Click on the cork to carry it. Uncover the open pipe above and click it come block it v the cork. Carry out the exact same for all the open pipes. Watch the end for the wind lock blow, which deserve to send you and also your cork punch away.

Once you’ve blocked all the pipes, float come the ceiling and also climb increase the ladder. There’s a pair the feet dangling to your upper right, and also you’ll require to click on them to gain Salerno the end of hiding.

She’ll speak she can not go residence yet because she is so close to finding the last alien structure. She’ll refuse to come v you and also will escape. Pick up the Key Card in the reduced right, and also leave the Bio Dome.

Rock Laboratory

You’ll chase Salerno’s rover all the way to the rock Laboratory. In ~ the entrance, you’ll need to scan her eyes, and if they room purple, you will certainly be granted access! go into the lab.

First, collection up the movable floors to bring yourself every the method down, then go right and also continue setting up the movable floors to carry yourself every the method up.

As you walk up, feel free to examine out the plenty of experimental moon absent stations simply for funny (animated gifs courtesy that dearteassociazione.orgca artist Nasan Hardcastle):

The Purification Station…

Pulverization Station…

Incineration Station…

…and Granulization Station.

Whoa! numerous stations there. When you with the top, go right and enter v the door.

Rock Laboratory auto Bay

It transforms out Salerno offered you the on slide byattaching her locator an equipment to a robot! However, the PASE director speak you to look roughly for other of use.Climb as much as the top and uncover the masked item, i beg your pardon is a Geiger counter!

Then the rover comes for you, however you can’t push it over the edge since you don’t want to rest it. Go over come the poles and also push one down to produce a ramp. Press the Geiger respond to down to the ramp and exit with the rover.

Alien Base

Now the red dot is in your upper left (below the absent Lab) and when you drive there, there will be a purple Xpoking increase from the ground. Click to examine it, and also at this brand-new location, take the hook indigenous the ago of your rover and also attach it to the purple alien object, like you did through the meteor blocking the method to the study lab. (Note: There space two other alien structures on the lunar surface; one is yellow and also the other is green – but you need to be in ~ the purple one, which has yet to rise.)

This alien rock structure will prosper into a high monolith and shine a beam the light.

Climb ago into her rover and follow the purple beam and also you’ll soon uncover a red beam forming an X through it. Click to get in at the midpoint.

Walk end to the small mound wherein the lights cross, and also Salerno will come over. She make the efforts to dig there, and the floor starts shaking. Then it breaks and also you both fall in!

Something opens and you follow the course with Salerno behind you. You come across a snapshot and Salerno walk not understand if it’s safe or not, however it’s too late to revolve back! yes sir a switch on the right, so go over and also click to watch what it does.

The floor starts shaking and also the circle turns out to be a portal to the extraterrestrial world. Salerno insists top top going, so she leaves v the portal, yet the flight director takes friend home.

Mission Accomplished

You’ll arrive ago on earth in the PASE building, and also the girl in the ponytail will certainly tell you that Salerno never stopped exploring and also the old guy gets a transmission! the plays it on the screen, showing Salerno holding a sign that claims “Mission Accomplished”! She really did it!

Director McNabb comes in and gives you the island medallion and also credits for the dearteassociazione.orgca Store. Congratulations good astronaut, you have actually completed her mission ~ above Lunar nest Island!

Bonus quest (members only)

For dearteassociazione.orgca members only, you’ll gain to pat a bonus search where you’ll acquire to work with Alan Turing, a computer system scientist (though in actual life, he already died ago in 1954!). Anyway, PASE has actually gotten another signal indigenous Salerno, however they can’t decode the message and think the retirement Alan Turing have the right to help.You’ll receive the Alien Codes.

Go come Cape Carpenter, i m sorry is ~ above the left the Mission regulate on the map, and also when you arrive in former of the last Frontier Gift Shop (the typical room because that this island), take it the bus come Shady Pines Retirement Village. Click on the door come the right to research the names of the residents.

You won’t watch Alan Turing’s name appropriate away, therefore you’ll must decode it. That is merely an anagram, so click the name with the precise same letter as “Alan Turing” until it is rearranged to spell out his actual identity. (Spoiler: it’s “Grant Luina.”) when you discover it, click the switch next to it (3A).

Alan agrees come help, and both of you will certainly go ago to Mission Control. He tells you that the letters on the slide rule are in a pattern based on the frequency the post came in on.

First you select a letter top top the slide rule, for circumstances “A.” Then click on a room in the cipher pattern to reveal a feasible place wherein “A” is in the message. Arranging the letters on a cipher in an elementary pattern have to reveal the message.

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So locate “A” on the slide rule and also click top top the an initial section of the cipher (looks like a tic-tac-toe). Then uncover “B” top top the on slide rule and click ~ above the section beside A, and so on and so forth because that the entire alphabet. At the letter J you relocate on to the following cipher sample (looks like an X) and also continue to ar letters. As you locate what every letter should look like as soon as it is decoded, the article will start decoding. At some point you will have decoded the message.

But that’s just one! The following message will certainly then it is in printed, and you’ll should start the decoding procedure again, because that a total of fourtimes. Don’t worry, you get a break in between messages to admire the alien transmission you’ve uncovered. Spoilers listed below for the messages:

fourteen minute thirty-nine seconds / appropriate ascension / minus sixty degrees / fifty minute declinationfive hours fifty-five minute / appropriate ascension / seven degrees / twenty-four minute declinationsix minute forty-five secs / right ascension / minus sixteen degrees / forty two minutes declinationtwo minute thirty-one secs / ideal ascension / eighty-nine levels / fifteen minutes declination

Congratulations, you have actually completed the bonus quest for Lunar swarm Island. Head back to the blimp on key Street to visit various other islands and begin new adventures. Come infinity and also beyond!

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