A brand-new update has been released to 100 Floors, bringing us levels 71 come level 80 and I to be glad to it is in the first one come share with you the walkthrough for these brand-new levels. Ns am right here to administer you thorough explanations on exactly how to finish all the new floors levels, from floor 71 to floor 80 and also I expect you reap the walkthrough.

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So let’s check out the solutions for the 100 Floors levels 71-80 below!

100 Floors Level 71 walkthrough

Here we have to make the patters be completely opposite to the fads across. This means that we need the complying with patterns:

top left: divided line, complete line, complete linetop middle: three full linestop right: complete line, complete line, dual line

100 Floors Level 72 walkthrough

For level 72 the bespeak is by the variety of sides each thing has. Therefore a one (yellow) has actually no sides- as such it is first. Climate triangle (red) because it has 3 sides. And so, make sure they room in an order from very first place to critical Going from circle come hexagon: Yellow car, Red car, Blue car, green car. (Thanks, Maria!)

100 Floors Level 73 walkthrough

You have to calculate such that you obtain to number 73. Therefore tap the display screen in the adhering to order: Right, Right, Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right

100 Floors Level 74 walkthrough

Tap the octagon top top the ground come see how the colors must be: beginning from the top center triangle that renders the octagon, below is the correct order clockwise: Yellow, Dark Blue, light Blue, Red, Purple, Green.

100 Floors Level 75 walkthrough

Put the load from the perform on the left counter. Take it the tiny weight native the right counter and put the three weights ~ above the floor there. The door opens.

100 Floors Level 76 walkthrough

This is really difficult, the idea being the you need to move the blocks so that the present will kind a square. Basically, the idea is that every wood block in the puzzle will have actually to end in the exact opposite corner and the people in the center will have to swap positions. Over there are numerous moves involved, therefore it’s yes, really up for you to do this!

100 Floors Level 77 walkthrough

Tap and hold the green button until the pear at 7 o’clock lights up (the environment-friendly light). You need to perfectly time her release through the 7 o’clock light.

100 Floors Level 78 walkthrough

You have to “open” the cube ~ above the illustration below. Here are the colors that you have to use:top row: 2nd square native left to right is bluemiddle row: brown, green, red, whitebottom row: 2nd square from left to ideal is black

100 Floors Level 79 walkthrough

This is pretty simple, every you need to do is to readjust the tiles on the wall surface to match the road through the labyrinth that is situated below.

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100 Floors Level 80 walkthrough

Get the torch from your inventory and also touch the items on the display screen in the following order (we count torches indigenous left come right): 5th torch, 3rd, fourth and the stone in the center on the ground. First torch, 2nd torch and also the rock in the middle twice. First torch, 3rd torch, stone

And this is it! You have actually completed the recent 10 level from 100 floors and all you can do currently is to wait for much more to be released, i beg your pardon will occur pretty soon.