Oh no, this isn"t just (yet) an additional bat-mobile variant or skin. This right here is much, much more.

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While driving these stylish and highly practical vehicles is every kinds the awesome, what about being the Dark Knight? Well, two proficient modders, GtaGamer222 and israelsr, asked the same inquiry - and then answer it.

Enter job Batman, which offers GTA V players the power to come to be Bruce Wayne"s brooding alter ego. Batman is amongst the many well known and popular superhero in the world, with certainly the most film adaptations of any type of DC or Marvel hero. As such, the style of his outfit and also vehicles has actually varied significantly through the years.

This mode bases the Bat-suit, Bat-pod and Bat-wing top top Christopher Nolan"s Dark article trilogy, while the takes that is Bat-mobile indigenous the video clip game Arkham Asylum. You have the right to don the Bat-suit at the press of a button, after i m sorry you can summon either automobile at any time, make use of the Bat-mobiles smokescreen feature, glide from structures with ease, and without falling to your untimely death, you finally get to eject at will from any of the vehicles. The mod"s creators highly recommend making use of it in conjuncture through JulioNIB"s grappling hook mod for maximum enjoyment.

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While this is far from turning GTA V into the crime-infested city that Gotham (there are the Arkham games for that), it surely gives it the great old Detective Comics vibe bat-fans have come to know and love.