i didn't know human being still go that...I haven't viewed it in a whileI'd just take she a snapshot to present her just how you desire it:-)





Your finest bet is to take the picture along with other pictures. But unless she's younger you most likely don't want to define it together scene or anything like that. And also keep in mind that also if she cuts your hair that means it is approximately you to layout it to look choose that. You don't just roll out of bed through that look since you acquired your hair reduced thatway.


lug the picture, tell she you want lots of swoopy class on top and also in the front yet you still desire to store yourlength.

^ I need to ask, what space "swoopy layers" because I'm a hairdresser and also that is a new one for me. Layers space cutting the hair through a particular elevation, I have no idea just how you might make lock "swoopy." Nooffense.

additionally keep in mental you and the girl in the picture most likely have various have hair species so if he/she cuts it exactly like that, the still won't look choose that.And Danielle. Many the time when human being want "swoopy layers" it's time to break out the razor if the hair form permits. I am likewise a hairdresser and also it took me forever to number out what most peoplemeant

simply ask because that choppy layers and also a fringe. And for the love that God think around what you're doing, getting "scene"hair.

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