If you very own a gas-powered tool – you space going to need to – eventually – adjust your weed eater carburetor. This is specifically the instance with those power tools that take an oil come gas mixture.

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It’s no a matter of the top quality of the engine – it’s much more a issue of time. Luckily for you, it’s simple adjustment. It i will not ~ take much more than a few minutes of her time, and also some devices you likely have lying about in her garage.

Tools necessary For A Weedeater Carburetor Adjustment

Phillips-head screwdriverClean workspaceA string trimmer v gasoline in the tank

How To change A Weedwacker Carb

Step 1: identify where the carburetor is on her weed eater. That usually simple to find due to the fact that of the fuel bulb that’s attached to it – you use this bulb for priming. It’s likely close to the wait filter together well.

Step 2: as soon as you locate the carb, look at on the side. There will be 2 fuel adjustment screws. They should be labeled “High” and “Low”. They job-related in tandem – the “High” adjustment screw manages the fuel right into the engine at complete throttle, when the “Low” adjustment screw regulates how much gasoline flows in ~ idle.

Step 3: begin your weed eater. It needs to it is in warmed up for the weed eater carbohydrate adjustments you are going to execute to it is in correct. The trimmer head shouldn’t be spinning.

Step 4: once the gas 2-cycle engine has actually been to run for a couple of minutes, you can begin adjusting the carburetor by transforming screws. We will begin with the “Lo” screw to readjust the engine at idle.

If your engine is idling rough, friend will require to readjust the carb by transforming the screw counterclockwise till it operation smoothly. If your Weed Eater head is running at idle – an initial TURN IT turn off – and then adjust the screw by transforming it counter-clockwise a turn.

Step 5: We will next adjust the “Hi” screw. Safely place the string trimmer so that doesn’t face anyone, and lock the accelerator at full. If the engine is sputtering or rough, readjust the screw clockwise 1/4 at a time until it smooths out. Unlock the throttle.

Step 6: you are now finished!

Step 7: Troubleshooting: If your weed eater is still exhilaration weird, girlfriend may have actually to inspect the “freshness” of your gas. Negative gas will make your engine operation poorly regardless of your carb adjustment.

This might be the situation if you retained the gas over the winter – or if water operated in native the atmosphere. The solution is pretty easy – simply run all the gas out of the tank, get brand-new fuel, and refill. If it operation better, the was the culprit.

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Bonus Tip

Check the the fuel tank has sufficient fuel. However, do not overfill it. Simply make sure the fuel does no go over the line.