What happens as soon as there"s a couple of inches also many in between two celebrity lovers? A few sore necks andsome bruised egos, that"s what. Yet a few (dozen) inches deserve to never was standing in the means of true love. Reap our gallery of the most vertically mismatched celebrity couples. Few of these matchings are just insane!

Chris Bosh andAdrienne Williams


The 31-year-old Miami warm basketball player didn’t consider height distinction an concern when that got together with his wife, Adrienne Williams, that is just 4 feet 9 inchestall. Mental you, Chris’ height stands at 6 feet 9 inches, so over there is rather a huge gap in in between them.

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Think the was crazy? simply wait til you watch Shaq!


While Clare approve is just a shade above average height at 5’8”, it’s Seth Green’s comparatively short 5’4” that renders for a big difference between the two. Not every male is comfortable date a taller woman, yet thanks come Green's confidence and charisma, the doesn't faze the one bit.


Khloe might be considered the leggiest that the Kardashian sisters, yet she can"t hold a candle next to former boyfriend and Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom. Odom married fact star Kardashian in 2009 after ~ a whirlwind romance, castle thenstarred with each other on the E! reality display "Khloe & Lamar".

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Her: 5"11"

Him: 5"10"

Difference: 1 inch, however damn, does Nicole favor her stilettos


She might ot it is in that lot taller 보다 him, however when she"s rockin" those high heels ~ above the red carpet, it nearly looks prefer Nicole Kidman is married come a hobbit.


Reese definitely has a background of date tall men. Both ex-husband Ryan Phillippe and also ex Jake Gyllenhaal were end 6"0, together is present husband Jim Toth.

After obtaining together ~ above the set of their rally vehicle movie, job of Thunder, the pair bound the knot in 1990, prior to calling time on their romance in 2001. Perhaps he couldn"t take it that she was that lot taller 보다 him?

With that 10 customs difference, it"s no wonder Miley is in heels whenever lock go out in publicly together!

Meghan is nota quick woman. In truth - she"s a lot taller 보다 average. Yet did you know that bother is the tallest member of the British royal family? that is taller also than his brothers William and his grand Phillip. The couple"s height distinction does not seem to interfere them and they store looking perfect inevery public event.

So this one is pretty obvious. Peter Dinklage is a little person standing in ~ 4’5 and his actress mam Erica Schmidt, is 5’6 but there is no doubt, the pair together room too suturing cute. Dinklage who states that in his youth his dwarfism mad him angry no longer has anything to be angry around his elevation does no reflect the perfect life he has built for himself.

For having a nickname choose "Mountain" girlfriend would expect that Bjornsson would certainly be quite tall, which in reality is an extremely true. The actor who portrays Ser Grego on among HBO"s most well-knownshows "Game the Thrones", stand a lining 19 inch taller than his wife, that also in heels the height distinction is tho evident. It really does seem choose women, particularly Kelsey favor taller men.

Shaunie O"neal to be Shaq"s mam from 2002 come 2009 and she"s actually not that short! Well, comapred to him she look at tiny....

At 7 feet 2 inches,Shaquille O’Nealtowers over his 5 foot 2 inch previous girlfriend Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander. Yet that didn’t protect against Alexander native piggybacking she man throughout the stage on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

A great two inches of height distance separate singer Pharrell Williams, who stands at 5’9”, and also his longtime girlfriend (now wife) Helen Lasichanh who tops the end at 5’11”. But hey, nothing they look happy?

Reese have to enjoy looking approximately her men since that"s exactly what she had to perform while she to be datingJake Gyllenhaal.

Actress Christina and comedian Owen do a pretty darn cute couple, also if they are tiny & large! she’s a small 5’1”, and also looks even smaller alongside Owen’s 6’6” frame. If that hid anything the end of reach, she’d be in trouble!

Katie Holmes and also Tom Cruise

Her: 5"9"

Him: 5"7"

Difference: 2 customs (but it looks favor so much more, doesn"t it?)

Looks choose it"s difficult for Tom Cruise to uncover a woman much shorter than the in Hollywood, possibly that"s why they save running far from him? Either the or his crazy Scientology beliefs...

K-Stew and R-Patz were among the most talked about celebrity couplings ever. Lock looked therefore cute together also though he was 6’1” and also she was 5’5”. That a pity that wasn’t supposed to be because that love’s young dream.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Her: 5"3"

Him: 6"9"

Difference: 18 inches, i m sorry is one-quarter as many days together they to be married

Kim Kardashianloves she athletes, for this reason it"s no surprise that she to be married because that a flash to6"9New Jersey Nets starKris Humphries, who towers over hereven as soon as she"s rocking her highest heels. With the reality star in ~ 5"3", she didn"t even come close come his shoulders!

Despite their elevation difference, Cameron and Benji are still madden-ly in love (see what we did there?) a year on because tying the knot. Benji describes Cameron as “my beautiful wife, my ideal friend, and everything else. I’m the luckiest guy alive!”

The man known for playing Khal Drogo is, in genuine life, lot nicer than his onscreen counterpart. While the elevation difference between the couple is vast it"s never come in between them and their eight years of marriage.

One the the biggest height differences in between a pair on this list, the 6’0” writer and also model Sophie Dahl stands a great seven inches taller than husband Jamie Cullum (who tops the end at 5’5”.)

The multi-talented Keibler placed her 5’11” of height to good use throughout her run as a experienced WWE wrestler, and also is considerably taller than her CEO husband (who’d to be friends for years before ending up together. Awwww!)

The powerhouse comedian and producer Tina Fey is just 5’4.5” tall, yet still looms over she 5’0” husband Jeff Richmond (who she functioned with ~ above the hit show 30 Rock, developed by Fey.)

This couple met after ~ the black Eyed Peas had an appearance on Duhamel"s show "Las Vegas," and they married three years later. The 2 haven"t let your 13-inch height distinction come between them, and are still happy married.

If you require a throwback come the "90s, look at no further. While no much longer as lot of a power pair as they to be 15 year ago, Prinze and also Gellar space still happy married. Probably their mystery is having different points of check out on everything.

Although these two celebs were involved for six years, they didn"t marry till Fisher convert to Judaism for Cohen. Currently they live happily through their three children, the youngest that whom was born in march of 2015.

Theron is one more woman who has actually such one intimidating presence that it"s simple to overestimate how tall she really is. The kicker, though, is the she"s tho a couple inches taller than Penn, whose thin body provides him look even tinier next to his statuesque ex-fiancé.

Only newly divorced, this pair makes up for their short-lived nature by featuring a height difference of 11 inches!

Kate Middleton is 5-foot-10, i m sorry is solid short, yet her royal husband stands a good 5 inches taller. Nevertheless of any differences in physics stature, there"s no doubt that this union will stand the test of time.

While will certainly Smith cuts an impressive figure by himself, he seems even taller once towering 14 inches end his wife of 18 years.

You could get different opinions on Cutler and Cavallari"s relative fame to every other depending upon who you speak to, but you"ll hear no argument on which of these parents of 2 is taller than the other.

Shakira powerful voice makes it seem prefer she can be much taller than the 5-foot-2 she actually is, however when standing beside her 6-foot-6 longtime football player boyfriend, the absence of upright presence conveniently becomes evident.

While Scott"s 11 inch height edge over Kourtney method that he has to look under on her, he"d more than likely do so even if the distinction were reversed. When this couple isn"t married, they"ve gained three kids and a highly lucrative television regime you can have heard of to keep them together.

Although they had operated together because that years on the "70s Show, Kutcher and Kunis didn"t start dating till after Kutcher divorced Demi Moore in 2012. Currently with a boy of their own, this height-varied pair is tho going strong.

It"s not shocking that a former NFL player would be taller 보다 his wife, and that"s just the instance here, together Johnson is end a foot taller 보다 Simpson. The two have actually two children, though, and seem together happy as have the right to be.

While this couple likes to save their relationship under wraps the is hard not to an alert the height distinction when they was standing side by side. When the height distinction is correctly this pair is cuter 보다 ever and even in heels Hudgens is still much shorter than her guy Austin Butler, however, the does not look like he minds at all, in truth he seems to love the idea that bending down to location a peck on her cheek.

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Wilkinson really adores her husband and also it have the right to be seen on your reality display Kendra top top Top. Your height difference is also very apparent top top the display as Wilkinson is constantly spring up at her bigger than life man, and also the promo images are of Hank doing press ups v her sitting comfortably ~ above his back. This is additionally a large indication that just just how drastic their height distinction is.